Children For Rent In Shameful Migrant Tactic

Illegal immigrants searching for any way to break into the United States have started a new disturbing trend in order to better their odds of entry. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials in conjunction with Homeland Security Investigations have discovered that some people are actually renting out their children to other illegal immigrants in order to help them gain sympathy as they try to forcefully cross the U.S. border.

“at least one local case in which children are possibly being recycled and forced to undertake the treacherous journey from Central America to the United States,” the CBP revealed in El Paso, Texas.

One officer raised the alarm after inconsistencies one family had made caused him to suspect the child was not related to the alleged “parent.”

“With continued questioning Border Patrol agents, OFO officers, and HSI agents were able to gain enough evidence to determine that the child had been ‘recycled’ in at least two prior instances,” CBP said.

“Transnational criminal organizations continue to profit from individuals utilizing loopholes in our immigration system to commit fraud,” CBP explained. “These groups have no concern for the welfare or safety of the children and family groups being smuggled to the Southwest Border.”

This disgusting behavior not only puts the children at risk by forcing them to take the perilous journey of crossing the U.S. border numerous times, but it also leaves them in the hands of strangers who could harm them or decide to traffic them on their own. 

As the crisis continues to worsen it becomes apparent that a border wall would not only protect the sanctity of the United States, would also help protect the lives of migrant children used as pawns. 

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