SCANDAL Forces Democrat To Resign

After weeks of hiding and avoiding the issue, one Democrat is having to face the music. 

Catherine Pugh submitted her resignation as the Mayor of Baltimore as the scandal she orchestrated using her self-published children books goes public.

“Dear citizens of Baltimore, I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve as the 50th mayor, it has been an honor and a privilege,” reads a statement given by Pugh’s attorney Steven Silverman. “Today I am submitting my written resignation to the Baltimore City Council. I am sorry for the harm that I have caused to the image of the city of Baltimore and the credibility of the office of the mayor.”

Pugh did not appear in person during the announcement and Silverman answered no questions but the resignation was to be effective immediately. 

Pugh grossly abused her power, manipulating her position to sell 100,000 copies of her “Healthy Holly” children’s series. She went into hiding on April 1 claiming to be recovering from pneumonia. 

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