Democrats Reduced To Bratty Children

Failing to manipulate the political process to their advantage, Democrats are now acting like petulant children and hurling petty insults to protest not getting their way. 

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen is bringing toys and buckets of fried chicken to the Judiciary Committee hearing that Barr has refused to attend. Using them to mock Barr and imply he’s a coward.

“Chicken Barr should have shown up today and answered questions,” Cohen declared as he insulted the Attorney General. 

The allegedly grown man brought a chicken figurine to   place in the seat Barr would have occupied while saying “He’s here” and pointing to a bucket of KFC. 

This is the kind of behavior people should expect to find on elementary school playgrounds, not within the highest offices of government. 

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  1. Susan

    Good example of why we need to rid ourselves from these unprofessional leaders! You can’t call them leaders except the bullies like Cohen on the playground never solve anything!