Conservative Fights For Freedom Against CAIR

The Council for American Islamic Relations is now facing a lawsuit launched by a conservative activist. 

Laura Loomer has filed a lawsuit against both CAIR and Twitter in response to CAIR convincing Twitter to ban the Jewish activist. 

The lawsuit claims that Loomer was banned from Twitter in Nov. 2018 after CAIR objected to Loomer’s  factual tweets about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This led fallout led to Loomer being banned from Twitter, PayPal, Venmo, GoFundME, Medium, Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft and TeeSpring.

New York free-speech attorney Ronald Coleman will represent Loomer, who made a statement along with her court filing:

“The greatest threat to free speech today is political pressure being placed on corporate forums like Twitter. We are looking forward to a jury to hearing the bias and collusion between Twitter and the terrorist front-group, CAIR in their efforts to silence me and prevent me from fully operating my media company, Illoominate Media.

No one loves the free market more than I do, but shutting down dissenting voices by labeling them ‘hate speech’ has nothing to do with freedom. We’re aiming to restore liberty to the market of ideas and inquiry, and are eager for all the support we can get.

I am gratified to be able to begin this filing, which I hope will be the beginning of my redemption and liberation from big tech tyrants and terrorists, on the eve of Passover.”

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  1. Sandra

    Good, Good, Good. CAIR should be dismantled and the members need to be told
    to leave the country. This is America and we do not want a bunch of terrorist sympathizers
    and even terrorists in our country. Go back where you came from and corrupt those people
    and leave us alone. Sorry, but I do not want a terrorist or sympathizers in my country.

  2. lzib

    Good for Laura, the only way these big tech companies and fake news outlets will stop their biased censorship of anyone who does not tow the leftwing line. I hope she wins big. I feel it is time for Trump to look into breaking up the monopolies these big tech companies have. I would love to see Twitter, Google and such go the way of Ma Bell – even though bell never used their monopoly to do anything other than making money, these companies use their power to bully and ruin peoples lives while taking a pickax to our first amendment rights to free speech. They better be careful because one day the pendulum will swing the other way, and it may be their far left liberal ideas that are being censored and treated with the same bias they now inflict on conservative voices.

  3. david

    time to name cair a terrorist group demon-crats kkk isis antifa radical terror muslims communist party taking money from them TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!


    to Hell with cair a racist discriminatory organization that has gained more power with the outspoken and terrorist organization ‘cair” that is should be banned along with aoc, talib and omar

  5. RobertC

    She makes a good point, so far. Now, let’s see how she feels about anti-Semitic postings on the internet. If she’s among the large vocal group of Zionists who demand censorship of such postings, then she’s just another hypocrite rather than a champion of free speech. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander…