Barr’s PERFECT Replies Shut Down Haters

Attorney General William Barr expertly handled questions following a press conference that preceded the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to the public. 

Many reporters at the press conference attacked Barr with questions that favored the narrative used by Democrats that Barr in giving a press conference, Barr has somehow overstepped himself. But these accusations fell flat to Barr unwavering adherence to the facts and speaking plainly.

Like how they whined about Mueller absence from the conference with one reporter asking, “There’s a lot of public interest in the absence of the special counsel and members of his team. Was he invited to join you up on the podium? Why is he not here? This is his report, obviously, that you’re talking about today.” 

“No it’s not,” Barr wasted no time clarifying. “It’s a report he did for me, as the Attorney General. He is required under the regulation to provide me with a confidential report.”

But the best moment was saved for last when a reporter posed the question, “Is it an impropriety for you to come out and sort of, what appears to be, sort of, spinning the report before the public gets a chance to read it?”

In a perfect and powerful response, Barr simply answered “No,” and concluded the conference.

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  1. Dennis Davis

    Gotta love that A/G Barr it appears he take no guff from no one and tells them just how it is. COOL I say. Time the Press and stinky rear end demo’s are put in their places. Fantastic I say. Finally! now to wait for the flood of tears to flow from poor demo’s and the press. Get out the sane bags. Better call out FEMA and Environmental Control to stop the pollution heading our way..

  2. C.Meredith

    I saw the conference of Barr explaining the report and the facts of its release to the congress, the public and anyone who is interested. Personally I think the man did a pretty good job. Unlike a news reporter or politician would have done, Barr presented the facts as they were in the report without leaning one way or the other like many others do when they stress what they want to get across and downplay the bad parts. This guy was very professional in delivering the essential hi-lights and only examining in detail what the reporters would obviously twist to make something it is not out of certain parts of the report.
    Barr did, several times, stress that according to the report Pres. Trump and those associated with the Trump 2016 campaign did not violate any law, nor did they interfere or obstruct the investigation in any way.
    So, this part is over, legally speaking. You know that many people will whine and blubber about how it was all rigged and unfair and bitch, bitch, bitch. The only thing that really needs to be done now is to expose and bring to justice all those who conspired to create this whole scam to start with and all the people that broke all the laws that would have gotten you or me thrown in prison for life. All the people who turned a blind eye or encouraged lawlessness must pay for what they have done or this nation will self distruct.

  3. James

    IF Jesus Christ was our Attorney General, the democraps would NOT believe a word He said! Just because President Trump appointed the Attorney General. They prefer to spend another $35 MILLION on dirt digging and witch hunts before spending even a second doing the work that they were elected to do for the American people. Even when that turns up NOTHING, they still won’t be happy because they HATE Donald Trump. Democraps have made Americans feel like they are living in Caracas Venezuela with all the crap they are pulling. Too bad we can’t fire all DEMOCRAPS since they haven’t done a thing for 2 years. They refuse to check out the border crisis and they all became LIARS like Adam Schiff.

  4. JC

    The fake media is as crappy as it appears. They are licking the butts of the Democrats trying to cover their ass before the SHTF! They are going to be shafted when the rest of all the facts come out and the list of Dem candidates is going to be greatly reduced.

  5. RH

    Difficult to post the truth about things like facts anymore because as I’ve noticed the facts do not seem to matter to the mainstream media: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and sadly PBS. Soo- quietly I go about my life, thinking that many Americans feel as I do and when our future election happens, lets be sure to protect the ballot boxes, and then let America speak. An acquaintance I know recently said he’d bet $100 with anyone; that Trump will win the 2020 election. Early call? or common sense from the undertow that middle America is feeling. Who knows, maybe this summer we’ll find out how Bill and Loretta met on that airplane in Phoenix. Maybe we’ll see how Susan Rice could unmask people for spying. For that matter maybe Samantha Power too. What about Brennan, with his high position and stating openly Trump was guilty of Treason. The reruns of the talking heads says it all the past couple of years. Yet not one liberal is saying they are wrong. Hypocrites! Who knows, maybe someone is going to jail after this gets straitened out.
    My plea to America is to throw the liberal socialist democrats out of power and stop watching the liberal news, except to check on them like children in a playpen/crib. Let them cry and crap their diapers until they behave! 🙂 Buy a roll of toilet paper and send it to the media outlets and to the liberal democrats. No more message is needed.
    Oh, and please Republicans: behave yourselves!

  6. James Q. Citizen

    “Many reporters at the press conference attacked Barr with questions that favored the narrative used by Democrats that Barr in giving a press conference, Barr has somehow overstepped himself.”. These hacks are going to continue attacking anything connected to President Trump except the fact that they are receiving larger paychecks because of The Trump Tax Cuts. What hypocrites! Attorney General William Barr has them outclassed by far! Vote for The Swamp Fox in 2020, Vote President Trump in once again!

  7. Joyce Tavel

    The Libs would have been satisfied only with Barr presenting the Mueller report that said that Trump was guilty and impeachable right NOW! They will accept nothing less.