Scandal Undoes Media ‘Police’

Who watches the watchmen? The question has been asked as early as the 1st century, but finding an answer frequently runs into problems.

This predicament has been exposed yet again in the social media world as Twitter severs ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The partnership was formed so that SPLC could help Twitter monitor and police hate speech on its platform. 

But recently the SPLC has been hit with scandalous accusations of bias and hateful practices that forced Twitter to trash the partnership.

Some of the allegations facing the SPLC is that they have been labeling Christian organizations as hate groups, forcing them to receive treatment reserved for neo-Nazis or white supremacist hate groups.

Furthermore the inner workings of SPLC have been described by both current and former employees as being mired in harassment, racial bias and hostile work conditions. 

This is the latest blow to the left-wing nonprofit. Just last month the company fired co-founder Morris Dees, a move that was quickly followed by the resignation of company President Richard Cohen who claimed to take responsibility for “problems” facing the company. It looks like those “problems” haven’t gone anywhere.

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    It’s about time media’s feet are put to the fire!They are NOT GOD!They are sinfully so wrong so often with so much that either they change and become “OBJECTIVE” instead of “BIASED”!OR they’re GONE!