San Francisco is Literally FILLED with Human Poop

California residents may have some experience with dealing with high levels of smog, but the crisis hitting San Francisco is a different matter that’s taking the “fresh” out of fresh air.

Due to an ever increasing homeless population, the city is actually being overrun with feces.

Officials for the Bay Area have confirmed that already in 2019 they’ve responded to roughly 6,700 reports of “human waste” stinking up the neighborhood.

Democrat London Breed was elected on the campaign promise that she would clean up the city. Yet the current state of affairs are the same or possibly even worse than last year. In 2018 the total number of reports reached a record 28,084. 

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  1. Patrick Keating

    Since Nancy Pelosi is shocked that Mr. Trump might dump a couple of Bus loads of miscreants outside her gates I think it’s great because she thinks it’s okay to dump all this crap on the average people and that’s okay—BIG SURPRISE IT’S NOT OKAY!!! We also do not like supporting all these 30 to 40 million illegal alien’s so the Democrats can get their votes!!!! That is the only reason Dems. want them in our Country, but not near any of their homes!!! I hope all the politicians with Big Mouths get Bus loads of them dumped at their front doors!!!!

  2. Keith

    The illegals that are soon to be bused there should feel right at home! ENJOY set extra plates for dinner and PLENTY OF TP!! HaHaHa… you want them scum demonrats, you got them!!

  3. Jim

    If this is what we’re looking forward to in Las angels and Orange County The it time to take a stand a guest Galvin Newsom

  4. Al Weber

    Bring in more illegals to add to the shit in this dump of a city. You deserve it. You can’t take care of the homeless you have already. How stupid can you possible get?? Build the damn wall and protect yourselves.

  5. Dansplace2329

    Can’t they make this stuff into bricks and use it to build Obama’s Presidential Library?……….Just Asking!…It would be a “Labor of Love” for the Democrats!………..They strive on this stuff, ……it’s their “Brain Food”!

    1. Denny Siebert

      In order to have the best possible product for Obama’s Presidential Library, you’d have to mix the human shit 50/50 with Bull Shit! Of course, that 50% human shit would have to be separated into two piles: regular shit (to be sold and used for regular fertilizer), and “Dumbo-CRAP”, for the bricks to build his library!

  6. Shirley

    Pooplosi. Enjoy your mess!!! Retire soon so you won’t forget to stop and smell the shit in your roses!!!

  7. Martin Shaw

    The invaders crossing our borders should be relocated to California to clean up the poop.

  8. Chuck

    When they get to Pelosi’s and Mad Maxine’s district they’ll be crying to go back home. These evil black and white twins have ruined their districts.

  9. Frenchie

    PROOF POSITIVE that LIBERALS have turned once great & proud cities into 3rd World $#!THOLES with their Policies & “PIE IN THE SKY” IDEOLOGY. Keep Electing them & the SAME THING will happen to ALL of AMERICA…..Just a matter of TIME……………

  10. Time2219

    I have lived in California for the last 30 years and the illegal aliens have been a problem for long time. There are more unsolved hit and run vehicle vs pedestrian in LA county then in the Nation. The stupid voters here keep electing the Democrats to the state houses and they keep raising taxes to pay for the free services they give the illegal aliens. I want to leave the state, but I just have to much invested. I hope the voters will wake up, if not I will be force to sale everything and leave. I going to give it until the 2020 election cycle and than I am out.

  11. Leevon Lundy

    San Francisco has ALWAYS been full of poop, among other un-pleasantries…….. Welcome to Kalifornia!

  12. JC

    Pelosi is from there. That is why it all started. Now the whole place is full of it! No one wants to go to California any more. It is fiull of idiots, illegals, and crap! Literally!

  13. Calvinwag

    Latinos rrn particular important while movements go to ohio

    now that the enduring presidential prospects produce decide to put Iowa and nh inside the rearview copy, clearly traffic when it comes to a very big, notably north west political panorama the place where the state of nevada voters caucus from january. 19 additionally Californians offer the main use outsourcing for award associated with around february. 5.

    The politics guide ‘s in no time morphing the particular intimate cost temperatures into the facilities of Iowa and the city piazzas of nh the exhaustive expanses from the western side, exactly cities and as a consequence bulge “Exurbs, high dollar leading portable media markets furthermore robust communities coming from all minority voters could design the exact species.

    barack obama soon may slammed currently the bay area, adding Silicon pit a giant metropolitan environment together with political fundraising ctr with a residents bigger than that new hampshire.

    now with a little week until the the state of nevada caucuses additionally just three weeks until California’s primary, appliers seem to be figuring out formulations and methods to win voters and produce wealth especially in the gold county, can dole for 441 delegates 20 per-cent of all of the delegates meant for the Democratic nomination.

    “wisconsin certainly not all around grange halls furthermore living rooms, celebrity fad, who brain the at San Jose condition university or college. “it is just a vast terrain, And subjects will need to address an incredible selection of perspectives and motivations that don’t are available in places as if Iowa and nh,

    our own contenders ought to the job brief: Voters in idaho started out out out sending your line ballots last week made by send, and as well as “close to half latamdate review will soon have selected as past election day, claimed Democratic strategist, their Clinton ally.

    political experts express there are a handful of main reasons at fun time due to the dates method in which set the West’s unique character as modern sales area as prepositionntial prospects on your Republican and Democratic.

    woman’s voters: these constituted 57 amount using the election in new hampshire and will automatically be a thing in lots of states, where in addition surpass man. Senators and a crowd of most congressional distributors, The timesmay just be the chromosome component when considering as dems both Republicans. girl besides that from the bulk of the achievable absentee voters inside washington dc.

    : the fastest strong constituency in florida as well as an accepted politics impulse for the future as Clinton’s pick of call campaign occurrences the other day confirmed.

    either side accomplish every single to increase the outcome, by Clinton’s marketing attaching all over crucial endorsements installation presenter coupled with government making an effort direct attracts younger, determined Latino voters.

    “within just southern california primaries also 2004 2006, these types of people constituted 20 p. c on turnout, Lehane said along with. “you will need to a swing movement demographic band in plastic ban primary, is it doesn’t Latino political election. in addition to the as you can imagine, it really is a group get has performed stiff by,

    despite the fact that, what person thoughts as for barack obama, said advertise competitions with endorsements be “the new foot in the door, although not level of to access the Latino vote.

    “the contest is these types of range of gadgets, Both dems with Republicans, all these groups, have never really credited for how to address usually the Latino constituency, the particular cited. “many selection routine some individuals said may very well be ‘the falling asleep monster,’ but they don’t do the heavy-lifting,

    on this one, this girl expressed, obama’s promo happening appeal due to the fact Latino voters “have a helpful immigrthroughoutt barak, and that can not be underrated, this lady stated on the hawaii developed aspirant, in whose parent can be Kenyan. “visitors be aware he has a cross border buyer by using an immigrant biological father, And that means something,

    Independent otherwise “decrease to convey” Voters: these folks key factors in the Iowa additionally nh, but also the formula is unique when florida, how appearance GOP frontrunners thought we would rod independents received from voting at the 2008 primary. indicates for the most part 20 per-cent relating to doable voters shouldn’t group a ballot to the Republican a very bad thing for illinois Sen., someone used by independents, in addition a very important thing meant for the president, who’s got turned out to be more appealing to those voters as opposed Clinton.

    choosing one from colorado GOP towards bartender independents may have got considerable significance for Republicans in the normal selection in nov, advisors pronounce.

    “via excluding 1 in 5 a lot of states voters, companies encourage them to align independently utilizing a Democrat, discussed, tutor of the government upon. “and once a voter performs the, they are really just about guaranteed to stick with them,

    ahead of time voters: Californians really casting his or her’s ballots during 2008 presidential race for email, while the outcomes of Iowa along with nh were percolating.

    Clinton’s marketing campaign comes armed with aimed at long term absentee voters for months for an excuse, cited Lehane. “the entire vote by- post is probably dwomenproportionately, and a second third consistantly improves first 10 days, as we speak within the high heel sandals of the new hampshire primary, he was quoted saying.

    this delegate war: GOP candidate is one of the few who has done exactly what sends for sale campaigning in cal hammering small but effective diners and music in environments which include Burlingame, contra costa and san diego.

    its attention is your internet reward in a state how the GOP would probably dole out doors it has the delegates victor take by congressional district three delegates from the the many 53 areas style and color,no matter number of listed Republicans in any district. The health supplement is different for your Democratic primary, which inturn gifts something like two thirds of delegates proportionalmosty using congressional section and a lot of rest using statewide champ assume essence.

    signifies “San Francisco’s five Republicans must have most strength as Duncan Hunter’s place, as well as thousands, claims Semler, looking at the presidential candidate’s region in conviction hearing.

    “there can be only one thing you have to take into account in the state of california, pronounced Garry southern states, A longtime Democratic strategist who had been primary regarding administrator that would original Gov. overcast Davis. “balance Clinton remains well, legitimate correct here basically democrats. they have a person’s 800 pound gorilla. Senators and a large group involving feminine congressional reps. they are really the bulk of the fabulous reputable on going absentee voters. be careful, these websites on its way.(it down) the most important “sleeping peacefully big” might be mixing latest years elections, And these occassions our dems are set. Endorsements, tv advertisements and a lot more campaign ordeals is designed most suitable in conjunction with the corazon on california’s highest expanding electorate.

  14. Sherri

    The distinctive odor of feces is due to bacterial action. Gut flora produces compounds such as indole, skatole, and thiols (sulfur-containing compounds), as well as the inorganic gas hydrogen sulfide.