Clueless Cher Proves Republican Point

When you take away the scripted words it turns out the people of Hollywood actually CAN say something sensible every once in a while.

After President Trump tweeted that he had been considering placing detained illegal immigrants solely in sanctuary cities he was met with massive backlash.

However most of that backlash stemmed from sanctuary city residents concerned about having to actually OWN the claims they made to be willing to accept migrants constantly pouring into the United States. 

One celebrity is evening beginning to sound like a Republican after making a case to keep illegal out of their city. 

Cher debated on her twitter how her home town of Los Angeles would deal with an influx of migrants when it can’t provide for the many Americans that are homeless in the city. 

Twitter was quick to inform her that this was the entire point while sarcastically welcoming her to the GOP.

This begs the question of how many other Democrats are sitting in the dark on the issue?

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  1. harry johnson

    for “ONCE”, someone can add, add to that intelligently reasoning, and a hell of a lot of common sense goes along with CHER’s statement. Always liked her and Sonny, and now I respect her for speaking truthfully, and knowing about AMERICANS that are homeless, with many of them being VETERANS. Proud of you SHER!!

  2. david h gerlach

    CHER – welcome to my party… you’re gorgeous and we can use you… it’s exactly what we’ve all been saying… let’s take care of our own right now…

  3. Dennis

    You know, if she would have moved out of Our U.S.A. when Our President Trump was elected, she wouldn’t need to worry or Finally seeing the Light & coming to the
    RIGHT SIDE. 👍🇺🇸
    Thanks Cher.

  4. Elizabeth Westra

    It’s about time the leftists woke up to the reality of that many immigrants coming into our country when there are soooo many Americans who aren’t taken care of already. Let’s take care of our citizens first.

  5. Diane Flenner

    Thank you Cher for waking up and speaking up. Charity starts at home. How can we help others when we fail our own so miserably.

  6. Diane

    Thank you Cher for waking up and speaking up. Charity starts at home. Our politicians have failed Americans miserably. Especially in Democratic controlled cities. Los Angels is a perfect example. Then Seattle and Chicago come to mind both controlled by Democrats and Sanctuary Cites.