Lawyer Stole From Helpless Paraplegic

It appears one lawyer is looking to embody every aspect of the stereotypical scumbag lawyer after some of his shady practices were revealed. 

Michael Avenatti, who once represented adult film actress Stormy Daniels, has recently been hit with an incredible 36-count grand jury indictment. 

“Michael Avenatti allegedly stole from his clients, and he stole from the IRS,” the head of Los Angeles’ Internal Revenue Service criminal investigations unit, Ryan L. Korner, told the Los Angeles Times. “The money was used to fuel a lavish lifestyle that had no limits, including making mortgage payments on a multimillion-dollar home in Laguna Beach and purchasing a private plane.” 

One of the unfortunate victims of Avenatti was a mentally ill, paraplegic client on disability. In a settlement that awarded the victim $4 million, Avenatti told his client that a limo sum payout would not be possible, dolling out a meager $125,000 to the client over the next four years. Meanwhile Avenatti took the remaining $3,875,000 and used it to fuel his decadent indulgences. 

Avenatti also faces charges of bank fraud, perjury and failure to pay taxes. He could potentially receive 335 years in prison.

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  1. William

    Put that nogood sonofabitch in prison for life or better yet get rid of the piece of shit anyway we can. Let the big cons make a sweet little boy out of him. He looks the type.