VIDEO: This Arrest Was A long Time Coming

The effort may have taken years but in the end the United States always gets their man. A major arrest has been made in London and it has big implications for America as well.

Julian Assange, founder and publisher of WikiLeaks has been placed under arrest after Ecuadorian diplomatic officials invited the British police to come make the arrest at the country’s embassy.

Assange has been sought by the United States for leaking sensitive government information, but began taking refuge in the embassy of Ecuador in London under diplomatic asylum since 2012. 

You can see footage of his arrest in the video provided by Ruptly journalist Barnaby Nerberka.

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  1. David

    Yeah well we also had Bradley Manning in prison as well but when he became Chelsea Manning Obama released him!!

  2. Jose Morin

    Yes, Barack Hussein took compassion on Chelsea and commuted his sentence. What a sweet deal! He/She should have been executed for treason but being a transgender since the American taxpayer paid for her conversion. Don’t forget the media was fascinated with her and she even posed in a bikini and wanted to run for the Senate as a convicted felon. She will be a good companion to Ocasión Cortes and some of the other loonies in Congress

  3. Gwyllm

    Assange is a journalist and a whistleblower and shouldn’t face ANY jail time. What he exposed was a travesty and NEEDED exposing.

  4. susan

    I believe that Seth Rich was giving J.A. information and that why he was murdered and I think J.A. is afraid of being murdered.

  5. CJ Barnhart

    Julian is a good guy and helped us all who are true Americans helped many of us see the incredible evil in our country. We were warned by him and helped our country and is a hero to most of us who know how much he helped America with unselfish pursuit of the truth we are indebted to him and hope and believe our the new great DOJ Honorable Bar will see how necessary and beneficial Julian Assange has been to bring out the truth to real Americans and our great President Trump. . He needs to be given a medal and appreciated for the right usage of all of his skills are used for good to show know how bad Hillary Clinton is along with evil Obama and all their traitor followers trying to take over and destroy our beautiful country. God Bless Julian Assange and his family,
    God Bless DOJ Bar for his good job, and God Bless President Trump and Make America Great Again!

  6. Angel

    Hey You Guys At The News Room You Guys Say You Are Conservatives But I Doubt That Because If You Were Conservatives You Would Not Be Talking Like The About Julian Assange You Jerks Over There Are Making Him To Be The Bad Guy Well Let Me Tell You Something He Is Not The Bad Guy Assange Is A Good Guy He Is A Hero For What He Did And I Think You Are Just A Bunch Of Assholes From The Democratic Party Dressing Your Selves Up As Conservatives To Paint The Man In A Negative Light Which Is Not Right