How Increased Wages Are Hurting Americans

Be careful what you wish for as they say. After constantly complaining about minimum wages, retail giant Walmart has finally complied. But that hasn’t been the only consequence. 

Effects were immediately felt in January of 2018 when Walmart agreed to increase employee wages, while simultaneously issuing numerous layoffs. 

That however, isn’t the only change Walmart is making in order to stabilize its operating costs.

Now the chain has begun implementing robots that will automate mundane tasks that would usually require another employee salary.

4,000 such robots are expected to be put into action. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect 4,000 more layoffs might not be far down the pipeline.

Walmart’s blog delivered the announcement that they will deploy 1,500 floor-cleaning robots, 300 shelf-scanners, 1,200 truck unloaders, and 900 pickup towers for online orders.

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  1. Jeffrey A. La Faver

    Yes, I work at Walmart and see where they are targeting people. Heard about this back in December, even spoke with a Regional Manager in charge of this calling in or on-line ordering your groceries and other products, not knowing who this guy was and I told him almost exactly what this article is saying, he of course denied my claims. However, the private sector isn’t the only ones, the Public Sector, is and has been downsizing just take New York State, years ago, when the Late Gov. Mario Cuomo decided he needed to build more prisons to end over crowding, he instead, closed Psychiatric Centers, and Developmental Centers ( Where mentally Retarded, and Developmentally Delayed patients lived) Mario Closed these facilities, putting many out on the streets to fend for themselves. So it isn’t Just Walmart and other businesses, it is everyone and we all will suffer.

  2. Elisabetbh Crowell

    Yes Robots are being employed instead of humans worldwide. WHAT ARE WE TO DO WITH ALL THES SURPLUS HUMANS.

  3. Lisa

    Walmart Can Stuff It!! I’ll Shop, Dollar Stores ,Kroger,And Mom And Pop Store In My Hometown First,Get My Scripts Elsewhere Too! BOYCOTT THE GREEDY BASTURDS!!😡😡

  4. Rebecca Dewhirst

    Don’t blame Walmart blame those who voted for a $15 minimum wage Walmart just wants to make money like most companies and there’s nothing wrong with that so they’re going to do whatever it takes to make money and not lose it and thank you for that Walmart makes me want to by Walmart stock because they are smart

  5. ConanTheRepublican

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. This kind of thing is the result of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. Google it, and be horrified. Especially Herbert Marcuse, who taught at UCSD. The Frankfurt School came from Germany during Hitler’s reign, and their CORE belief was: “In order to build a NEW society, you MUST completely and utterly destroy every single vestige of the old one”. This is what animated Karl Marx, and this animated the Frankfurt School. These rat bastards now live on thru our university system.