Teacher BANS Trump from Student Projects

The parents of an 11-year-old 6th grade student are expressing their outrage after learning their daughter was not allowed to choose President Trump as her hero for an assignment. However picking Obama was allowed.

Bella Moscato attends Samoset Middle School and was told to write a report on a figure they found heroic or worthy of admiration. However, when she revealed her choice as America’s current commander-in-cheif she was told to select someone else.

“She said that I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women,” Moscato shared with News 12. “The thing I didn’t get is she was okay with someone doing Barack Obama, but not okay with doing Donald Trump. That’s what got me angry and I didn’t like that.”

This didn’t sit well with her parents either. Her father, Arthur Moscato slammed the school board during a meeting saying, “My daughter’s hero is the president of our country. I can’t believe that anybody in the school would tell my daughter that something — that that guy can’t be her hero. I’m incensed by this.”

Moscato’s mother, Valarie had similar feelings saying, “This was really frustrating to me because, you know, my daughter has every right to pick a hero of her choice. It’s first amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. So it was really upsetting to me that she [the teacher] was trying to shut her down.”

Valerie says the moment she really became upset is when she found that the teacher had her full bias on display, allowing students to choose former President Barack Obama. 

“That’s what got me angry — I didn’t like that,” she admitted.

When pressed the schools superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Graham, tried to make the girl out to be a liar saying her story was “not accurate.”

Something Moscato’s father also contested, “My story is not inaccurate. My daughter didn’t lie,” adding, “No one should make a child feel that way.”

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  1. Ethel

    Any teacher that disrespects our President and his office should be fired. Our children are so brain washed by these radicals. We have a country now of idiots who can not think for themselves.

  2. Bob Harris

    I was censored in the 7th grade for wanting to do a book report on “Lady Chatterly’s Lover”.
    In retaliation, I chose to do a report on “Winnie the Pooh”. Saved me from having to read anything.

    Bella ought to offer up an alternative of her own, such as Wonder Woman. Her teacher is already in fantasy world.

    1. mike

      If it was my child i would tell them to write it about superman that is in the oval office as of this date that should really flip the teacher out.

  3. alicia cervera

    I would be ANGRY as hell also! Who is she to tell my child who should be her hero and not?? As a former teacher you should allow ALL opinions to be heard and written about. This is RIDICULOUS. This is why this country is turning SOCIALIST! Teachers like this demented moron are not role models they are INDOCTRINATION ROBOTS! And their license should be REVOKED! PERIOD!

      1. Craig Swanson

        For sure. Imagine how I felt on election night to see the flag stored in a cardboard box on the steps of entry to my kids elementary school with trash thrown in the box on top of the flag,! What are we teaching in the Schools ? Please tell me ,.!

  4. David Dana-Bashian

    If Bella thinks that Trump is her hero, then she should continue to say Trump, indefinitely, regardless of what her teacher or anyone else says or thinks, no matter what the possible consequences might be.

  5. Sparkychair

    Even though I think the clown in the White House is a 100% moron,cheat,liar, self centered creep, I do not think anyone should be banned from having a hero, no matter how disgusting others may think he is.

    1. Mike

      A creep does not work for free to help his country stay that way in first place in tge second these teachers would jump down the throats of any one speaking about christianity in school and take your child to a mosque to be indoctrinated at same time it is not a teachers job to teach my children about their personal biases and hatred

    2. D

      Had to get that liberal barb in didn’t you Sparky. I bet you’re more disgusting that how you are protraying the president. Crawl back into your hole for another 4 years while licking your wounds.

    3. John Piesyk

      Sounds like sparky is the moron and clown. He can not think on his own he needs to learn that this country was founded on getting away from evil.

  6. Horace F Field III

    That teacher should be fired forthwith. Our education system is to full of radical liberals.

  7. James Drechsel

    Parents should sue teacher and district. They run scared when threatened with legal action. Teacher should be made to a O ilogize in front of whole class. She won’t do this again.

  8. Fred Schroeder

    Parents need to communicate with their children about what transpires in the classroom. If the parents can find out early enough, they put a stop to all this liberal c**p. The school boards are elected, and need to be aware of how the parents feel. It should be either teach the three R’s or get out of the profession. I stood up against my sons’ school and got a lot of support from other parents. Things changed, in a hurry. Ask your children about their classroom, about their homework and about their projects. You will probably be surprised about what you don’t know.

  9. john hayes

    This is the reason parents should be issued vouchers, to send there children to private school to get an education not an indoctrination. Most things run by the government are failures, including our public school system.

  10. Bill Stokes

    It’s just status iquo for the demented liberal agenda! Sue the school make a Statement!

  11. Jolene

    I totally agree with Cervera! These teachers that think they can act like that, I would not want them teaching my child and their license should be revoked! I am so sick of these people that think they can say what they want, but because I am republican and voted for Trump, I cannot say what I feel. Get over it people he is our president and not matter what you need to show some respect, oh but you can say what you want all of the time, new generation and old stupid people that want to be socialists. Well, won’t you be surprised someday. Teacher – fire her.

  12. Michael T. Gangemi

    That so called teacher is a communist socialist anti American peace of Garbage and needs to be removed from ever being around children ! Enough of this Bull Shit ! Obama is and was a Traitor to our country, an Imposter ! A Ass kissing Socialist bastard ! That will be Going to prison in Short order.

  13. Bevie

    Apparently she hates PRESIDENT TRUMP, and loved Obama , I wonder what else she is teaching in her class, I think parents need to know .

    1. Roman Hochhalter

      I’ll bet money that teacher is still on the payroll. Things are really getting out of control in this nation and we seem only to sit back and let it happen. These people won’t stop. We either have to put a stop to it or we will lose all our rights as Americans.

  14. Norman Upson

    The teacher should be removed from her position and a thorough investigation should immediately be forthcoming and she should be prosecuted.

  15. David V Lofton

    Typical Left Wing Radical Socialist Progressive Democrats hypocrisy at its finest! She is and they are biased by hanging onto an untrue platform filled with innuendo and not a fact among them. How may women does it take to negate the falsehood promulgated by those liars, how many, more than a dozen, two dozen, a thousand, no, there is no number because they cannot and will not ever acquiesce to the truth. President Donald trump does not hate women, he does not speak ill of them and that is fact proven time again by his hiring practices both politically and in the private sector not to mention how many women have made public statements to the contrary on his behalf. He does not spread negativity, he defends himself against same. It is time for that teacher to be dealt with by her school board, oh wait, this is public education we are talking about, oops, they won’t do a thing as most are of the very, very same liberal mind set. The bottom line is stand your ground, let the community know what is going on and hopefully you still have some heritage based/thinking Americans in that community that will join you in your anger about biased, unfair and unjust treatment of you child and her freedom to choose her own heroes.

  16. samurai_larry

    This needs to be investigated by an outside authority. If it is true, the teacher should be reprimanded for allowing her political views to influence what, or who, students can write their report on. School administrators need to take a stronger hand concerning politics in the classroom. It is one thing to teach assigned or pertinent subject matter and another thing to teach your personal political views or allow them to influence how you feel about a political figure, it is wrong and needs to be address by the school administrators. We are seeing far to many educational institutions (i.e., colleges, high schools, and middle schools) allowing their professors and teachers to do what this teacher apparently did, it needs to stop or be stopped! Whether we are liberals or conservatives, teachers need to be neutral on their political views when it comes to their classroom. They do not need to “indoctrinate” their students, or deny them their “heroes”, they need to encourage them and “teach” them. A teacher that does what this teacher apparently did, receives a “failing” grade in their teaching methodology!! Written by a teacher for teachers!

  17. Martha

    THIS IS SOOOO SAD. I agree These teachers SHOULD have their license revoked. They 4 brain washing kids to think like them!!!! ROBOTS. That what the BO, CLINTONS, and the rest of these evil haters want. This is just the beginning, but this won’t be the yrue story. Trump has been around for a very l9ng time. Hopefully these kids will be able to c the evilness and hatred and dividing of coyntry they will c and have the brains to stop them. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US.

  18. Catskills

    So it is all right to pick an illegal who made his way into being a president, aligning itself with terrorist organizations and condemning our rights. This is what is wrong and we THE PEOPLE need to speak up once and for all that even though there may be people who do NOT like the leader of the country, like when Nixon was President or Carter, we still need to respect the office of the President! In the case of the last administration, it was a scandal waiting to be exposed! I pray that the enemies of humanity will be found out to be behind the election of Obama (soreto) along with the contamination of the Democratic Party!

  19. Kathleen

    She should be fired. Our children are not enriched by small minded warped “ teachers”. I hope the child who experienced this outrageous behavior is not permanently harmed in some way.

  20. Nick

    That’s what wrong with society today what’s good for them is not good for the rest of Americans who believe in the constitutional rights of others they’re part of the herd of sheeples that trying to turn our country into socialist followers

  21. Mo

    That is unacceptable. She is pushing her own beliefs onto the kids. If she was telling the girl to write about Jesus or Allah then there would be an uproar because people hate religion. I’m sure liberals are loving her actions. If it was the other way around and she wanted to write about Obama and was told no. Write about Trump instead, you can bet they would be yelling “ Off with her head!!!!!”

  22. Daniel Wright

    I think maybe our schools are getting so liberal that they are almost COMMUNIST acting, that teacher should be fired for being a dictator.

  23. Robert

    I am a retired teacher and students have a mind of their own. Let them write about what they think and do not try to change that. The teacher in this case should be fired. That is not what becoming of a teacher is. Is this teacher teaching the curriculum or did she create here own for her own be leaves. FIRE HER!!!!!!!!!

  24. tom bates

    What evidence do the parents have the story is true? if the teacher refused to accept that name than there has to some be evidence of that. Did the child turn in a paper with Trumps name in it? Did the teacher reject that paper? anything in writing? Some other witness? Did the parents meet with the teacher? All we have is a claim which is what the board was saying.

  25. Fred

    My grandaughter’s teacher openly cried in front of his class when he learned that Trump had won. I cried when I learned that the school did not throw him out upon learning of this, but the CORE agenda apparently had sympathy for him but not for either my grandaughter or the first amendment.

  26. Debi

    We must stop this weaponizing of our youth by public schools. They are indoctrinating our young children into liberalism. The child wanted to do her paper on Trump…yet the traitor obama was available for her to write about. We are losing control of our public schools. They are being inundated by this leftist hate..our children are the ones who will suffer. The Department of Education is becoming a liberal tool to be used by the Democrats…this is unacceptable. It is time to bring some realism into our schools…we have had enough obstruction by liberal teachers. This teacher should be dismissed or fired. She is imposing her delusion unto children!!!

  27. mike baumgartner

    Now the Dem’s want 16 year old’s to vote. While the brainwashing is still fresh.

  28. Buddy Gibbs

    Is this another case of Black racism? Is the teacher a socialist, black, or both. The question nobody wants to ask because of political correctness. What’s the answer?

  29. Tony

    Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

    Mm, mmm, mmm!
    Barrack Hussein Obama!
    Is the cheer they were taught to sing
    In Burlington Township, New Jersey.
    Yes eighteen second graders
    Were paraded on YouTube
    Singing songs of praise
    Just like communist youth.*
    Although the Superintendent’s rebuttal
    Claimed it was for Black History Month,
    The video aired in September not February*
    As one would expect it should.
    But the bottom line is simple,
    And it’s as biased as we thought.
    Indoctrination of our young by the left
    On video was caught
    Despite their denials that there
    Was anything sordid going on.
    Because it continues to this day
    Still ten years later on;
    Right next door in old New York, imagine that?!
    A sixth grade teacher in Samosat Middle
    Refused to allow her student to write about
    Her hero, President Trump, so prejudicial.
    The teacher suggested she write instead
    About Trump’s predecessor, Obama*
    Whom in her opinion, was a hero,
    Despite his record all covered in guano*
    As he tried to drag us down
    For eight, long years with his betrayal
    Unlike Trump in one fourth of that time
    Has earned America’s highest appraisal
    Despite his uncouth approach
    In just about everything he does
    He actually is far and away better for America*
    Than his predecessor ever was.

    *Black History Month is in February, not September.

  30. Former teacher

    Not only was the teacher wrong, but the School Board appeared to side with her. Politics in the classroom is a no no. As a former teacher I remember the same topic being given to students on the Mastery test. Some of the choices my students made for their “hero” were very questionable, but I did not even think to bring that to their attention. What has this country come too, when the office of President is smeared? This teacher and the School Board should be held accountable.