Trump Identifies New Terrorist Organization

The administration of President Donald Trump has made a new announcement that a dominant Iranian military force is now being designated as a terrorist organization. 

After being under numerous U.S. sanctions for an extended period, the United Staes is advancing it’s position against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) by declaring it a terrorist group.

There are those pithing the Pentagon and other smaller departments that oppose the move, claiming it could be foster retaliation against American troops stationed in the Middle East.

Iran itself spoke harshly of the move and warned that there would be “consequences.”

Labeling the official military force of another country as a terrorist group is a first for the U.S., which has previously only labeled nonstate entities. 

But the Trump administration has asserted that the IRGC is responsible for major destabilization in the Middle East and this is the next progressive step in a campaign of “maximum pressure” against Iran’s Islamist regime. 

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  1. Phil in TX

    About dadgum time. Iran itself, or at the very least it’s government< has been a destabilizing force in the middle east for several decades. It is long past time for calling the IRGC what it really is.

    Phil in TX

  2. george beres

    Trump is the leading terrorist in our country. He must be pulled out of office before he destroys what is left of our democracy. He should resign to save his life from patriot extremists who suggest he be killed. Do not kill him, but GET RID of him! – G Beres

    1. Donna d’Alelio

      If you want to talk terrorist and you’re pointing the finger at President Trump, then you have either been listening to the mainstream media to get your information or you have been asleep since President Trump has been in office. I would suggest the quickest form of a little bit of education would be to go to and try looking at or listening to the alternative media. Or listen to Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham or Sean Hannity. It has been proven that Obama tried to take our country down with the help of his administration and the dirty dossier was supposed to help Hillary win the election so they could finish the job. Hillary lost a rigged election. In just over two years President Trump has cleaned up Obama’s mess. You may not believe me now, but ask yourself why the democrats are trying so hard to impeach President Trump when he’s been cleared of collusion with Russia by Mueller and two different Congressional committees. Remember that President Trump said that he was going to drain the swamp, well the democrats in Congress are part of the swamp and they are in a panic. All that President Trump has achieved has been done while he’s had to fight the democrats to get it done. They don’t support him and won’t work with him. They’re changing their platform to get more votes from illegals. They want to allow 16 year olds to vote. What does a 16 year old know about politics, policy, what’s good for our country, etc.? They want to allow the illegal aliens to vote. They want to do away with the electoral college, but there’s a very good reason for the electoral college. Look at this Green New Deal Bill they want to pass. There isn’t a chance in hell that the average or middle class American could afford it. They talk about Medicare for everybody, but they don’t tell you that you will be taxed so high to pay for Medicare for all that your paycheck won’t cover your bills. Think about all that. President Trump doesn’t collect a paycheck. He’s doing this job because he loves this country and he wants our country to be what our forefathers set it up to be. He’s a very successful business man, do you think he needs this headache? Do you think he likes being called all of the nasty things he gets called? He’s trying to save us from the new world order and the European Union. He’s making sure that other countries start paying their fair share now instead of the United States always doling out the most money for everybody that is in need. Everybody comes to us with their hand out, but who helps us? Nobody! We’ve been taken advantage of for too long and President Trump is putting a stop to it. No other president has been able to get North Korea to agree to come to the table, but President Trump has, more than once. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture now.

    2. Chris Conklin

      How dare you, YOUshould be reMOVED TO IRAN. Then you will know the difference between IRAN ( TERROIST STATE and their FULL support for JIHAD on America and what’s left of Europe. Unless you are a practicing Muslim who practices sharia. YOU will be running scared. Better join them or support the President of United States. Turncoat.

  3. David

    George will said I only have a question to ask u. What have u done to help America vote the democrats into office so they can run this country into the ground because they don’t like Trump instead sticking together making this country great again

  4. Earl

    George Beres,
    Respectfully, you would not know a terrorist if they were standing in front of you telling you. You must be related to George Soros the real terrorist.
    Please do some research on the history of the middle east. The Muslims have been terrorists for centuries.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

  5. Michael Myles

    George you are clueless and brainwashed like all the left leaning people. You live in a candy coated world. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you don’t love this country then the door is open and you can leave anytime. If you are into socialism then please move to Venezuela. It doesn’t seem to be working for them. It is ironic that they were bragging about the change to Socialism not that long ago. Have you ever put your life on the line to defend your country to preserve the rights guaranteed under the constitution? I bet not. I will keep my God, Guns, and Gold and you and the big O can keep the change. He tried to destroy our country and it sounds like you want it destroyed also.

  6. John B. Cameron

    It is past time that we get a good businessman as President instead of a
    bunch of Actors who use Lawyers, CPA’s and others to run or help them run their businesses.
    Obama, like most of the Presidents that have ran, is still collecting funds
    from the Treasury.
    When the S^@# hits the fan, wonder what they are all going to do with
    that worthless debt notes most people call money?
    In Germany when inflation hit it didn’t matter as to the value of the paper it was the weight that counted in buying food.