Democrat Ignores Issues To Campaign

Running for president is an extremely intensive undertaking. Being on the campaign trail can take a lot out of candidates both mentally and physically. But it’s still not an excuse to ignore important duties. 

Apparently this isn’t a memo that Sen. Kamala Harris received as she would rather try and bolster her campaign than address the problem of how to deal with wildfires in her state of California.

Harris was too busy courting labor unions in Sacramento to be present to vote on proposed disaster aid packages meant to help California rebuild in the wake of wildfires that devastated the state.

However sometimes those missed votes can work in favor of Republicans. Harris was also absent for votes to speed up the confirmation of President Trump’s judicial and executive branch nominees, something Harris would have likely opposed. Too bad she was in Nevada trying to earn more support. 

Another boon for Republicans is that they are keeping tabs of the votes that Democratic candidates are missing, failure to do your job sounds like a pretty good argument to bring up in a debate.

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  1. Rawn bender

    Kamala Harris is a failure in not only California but also in Washington look at California the sewer state ! Another failed democrat controlled state

  2. Flame

    Especially since she was born to immigrant parents who were not here long enough to achieve naturalized citizenship, which means she is NOT a natural born Citizen as required by Article II and therefore not eligible to run.

  3. The Dude

    She was too busy conspiring with Jussie Smollett and his hate hoax in Chicago to push through a “no lynching” bill that MIGHT keep her from getting executed after she is found guilty of TREASON.