VIDEO: Migrants Shocking Abuse Of Children

It is utterly despicable how some migrants are using children as a means of gaining sympathy while trying to illegally enter the country. 

Now ABC has obtained video that shows just how callous and cruel some of these smugglers can be as they drag children under water and through dangerous concertina wire in order to bypass barriers.  Meanwhile U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents can be heard in the background pleading with the migrants to consider the well being of the children. 

“You’re going to traumatize this poor child,” a border agent can be heard in the second half of the video. “She’s crying, if she crosses the child can drown.”

Despite this abhorrent behavior that is taking place on a daily basis, Democrats would still prefer to paint the picture that smugglers are “Humanitarians” instead of cartel-controlled traffickers only interested in profiting from the pain of others. 

Donald Trump Jr. pointed out the absurdity in a this tweet. 

Events involving children like this are frequently used as a ploy to distract agents that are concerned for the safety of the children. Meanwhile numerous adults scurry into the country illegally. Footage released by the CBP just last month shows such an incident.

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  1. Barbara

    That’s disgusting these parents don’t care what they put their kids through and for what a country the democrats want to destroy .

  2. Laughing atyou

    The Democrats and george soros are paying these smugglers to bring these people into the country. It makes me feel so proud of the Democrats after all of the children die they are just post delivery abortions right. All Democrats and Democrat voters are bigoted racist rapist murderous lying scum.

    1. ART

      I’m glad I am not a Democrap, it is a shame that they are destroying America like they are. The American people have to pay for everyone of these mishaps and/or Flash Flooding of South Americas, and others seeking to illegal entering America today.
      All of this mass exodus into America now is not by accident, it is a paid attempt to distract the American here to be confused and feel sorry for these illegal immigrants seeing help.
      We could stop all of these B.S. if we would ALL stand behind OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP and stop all the fighting and trying to “Impeach” him for doing nothing wrong. Get smart America! Kids nothing is for nothing, not College, not Medical. Tale from the Hard Working Students and give all your credits to share with the people not trying and give all your money to cover the medical expenses from those who don’t work or pay into the system or don’t want to work.

  3. Ernest

    Easy, put the military in charge of border security for the first ten miles. Law enforcement like ICE and Border Patrol should be concentrated at legal ports of entry and inland more than ten miles. When invaders are captured by the military crossing our border ,they should be detained at self contained prison work camps along the border working on the wall. Any children rescued from these child trafficking invaders should be returned at once to representatives of their countries. Their countries representatives are be responsible for the children’s care and safe return to their countries and their reuniting with loving family there. Child should never be trafficked by invaders. Detained invaders should be kept until their countries can insure they will be tried and imprisoned for a reasonable time for their crimes. These countries must prove they can control their citizens and provide a safe environment. Invaders should lose any chance for entering the USA legally if they first invade it. Come legally or not at all!

  4. Roger

    Children being brought to the United States by smugglers are likely being used for sex slaves and sold to rich white people!

  5. Brenda

    Walls are immoral? If we had a solid border wall this wouldn’t be happening. Way to go Democrats! On the other hand, if there wasn’t any wire they could just walk right in and our kids would be suffering in our streets.

  6. Ken

    Set up a motion-activated machine gun, install warning signs in both Mexican and American, and the problem is solved.