Democrat Mayor Exposed As Con-Author

A Democratic mayor is being exposed after arranging shady book deals that pushed thousands of her self-published books and saw her paid for it.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh authored a series of children’s books titled “Healthy Holly.” The books promote healthy habits among children, not a terrible thing itself. But Pugh used her position on the University of Maryland Medical System’s (UMMS) board of directors to arrange for the sale of 100,000 thousand of her books to the medical system for a payout of $500,000. 

The deal took place in 2001 and faced absolutely no competition. However, the Sun has recently reported that Kaiser Permanente had paid Pugh $114,000 for her books from 2015 to 2108. The city spending board also awarded Kaiser a $48 million contract for city employee insurance, the board that Pugh as mayor has control over.

Now Pugh is being investigated and that includes her deal with the UMMS. She claims that the investigation is a “witch hunt” yet refunded $100,000 to the medical system. 

“In hindsight, this arrangement with the University of Maryland Medical System was a regrettable mistake,” Pugh explained at a press conference.

That mistake is apparently putting stress on Pugh, who’s office issued the statement that health issues would be forcing her to take time off.

“Mayor Catherine Pugh has been battling pneumonia for the past few weeks. She has been advised by her physicians that she needs to take time to recover and focus on her health. At this time, with the Mayor’s health deteriorating, she feels as though she is unable to fulfill her obligations as Mayor of Baltimore City. To that end, Mayor Pugh will be taking an indefinite leave of absence to recuperate from this serious illness,” the statement claimed.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan isn’t allowing that to derail the growing suspicion surrounding Pugh and formal requested an investigation from State Prosecutor Emmet Davitt.

“I am writing to you to request that you investigate the matters and facts surrounding Mayor Catherine Pugh’s sales of thousands of books to the University of Maryland Medical System while she was a board member,” Hogan wrote. “These are deeply disturbing allegations. I am particularly concerned about the UMMS sale because it has significant continuing ties with the state and receives very substantial public funding.”

Despite her attempt to go into hiding it looks like the past is catching up to this Democrat.

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  1. Womba, Son of Witless

    The culprit, Mayor Pugh, had a predecessor (Stephanie Rawlings-Blake) who advised cops to give Freddie Gray rioters “some space”. Her predecessor (Sheila Dixon) resigned after being caught stealing gift cards earmarked for the poor. Will Baltimore ever get it right? I’m not optimistic!

    1. RobertC

      Sounds like their focus is on race and gender, and not much else. Maybe try electing someone honest for a change, even if that someone doesn’t fit the usual criteria. Of course, there’s also the possibility that there are NO honest people in Baltimore, which means the population gets exactly what it deserves.

  2. Michael Smullen

    There is a couple of common traits that all 3 possess.
    No, Baltimore and the citizens of this State will never get it right.

  3. Tom Atoes

    “Mayor Catherine Pugh has been battling pneumonia for the past few weeks….”

    The crooked mayor chose the same excuse as crooked hillary chose during the ’16 campaign…crat crooks have no imagination…

  4. Patricia Hundley

    Apparently Baltimore doesn’t know how to elect an honest Mayor .
    Democraps have failed them , how about voting for a republican & see how that work for them