Democrats Think We’re Suckers – But PAYBACK is Coming

It has been hard to view a single news story that doesn’t seem to feature some form of Democrat getting away with the absolutely outrageous. 

But for the sake of clarity here is a little review.

The mainstream media has been constantly misinforming or consciously misleading the American public for the last two years. Hammering out accusations of collusion against President Trump chief among their trespasses. Yet there is no accounting coming, no penalty for blatantly leading viewers astray. The media just continues to propagate its “fake news.”

How about the recent, and certainly more public, dismissal of charges against Jussie Smollett. The unhinged actor paid two associates to help him stage a faux hate crime just for attention. After the henchmen were exposed both on video and in testimony, Smollett should be due for some severe justice. However he managed to make friends with former first lady Michelle Obama and presidential candidate Kamala Harris. So instead of the lengthy sentence that he deserves, the actor got a $10,000 fine and enough publicity to make up for it.

High society is pushing their unqualified children through the most prestigious educational programs all based on lies and bribes. Meanwhile, students who have had to spend all nighters studying, who have worked their minds and bodies to nearly breaking completely on their own are denied because some celebrities kid needed educational babysitting. 

All of these are recent events that prove the American dream has become a monumental scam that takes average citizens for everything they have.

The “elites” of the country have declared themselves above the law and alter or ignore laws and regulations as they see fit. 

This is what has led to the election of Donald Trump. Someone who is calling out the injustice of the system at every step in plain words instead of hiding under layers of bureaucracy. 

More importantly it shows that the average American is taking notice of the rampant inequality that has griped the nation. That we are willing to fight back by voting for individuals that will oppose the injustice. It shows that Americans have had enough.

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  1. Never Again

    Not so fast…suckers actually HAVE something that others like. Repugs don’t what it would take to make things any better…or anuthing to covet. If fact, IF a group…any group had the real and fundamental stuff that is great and beneficial then that statement would be somewhere in the ballpark of being true, and yet to some extent only. You elected Bush, and look what he tried to do. The only thing that saved American was the Obama (the antidote) and NOW look at the Republican Mess you overbearing folks have elected and NOW you wish you hadn’t…Phewww…that was a mouthful!

  2. Paul Mckinnie

    Smollett has got what he wanted, face known and an award from the big NCAAP. It cost him both money and respect.

  3. Marilyn Malone

    The Joke is on them ,they may get by for their crimes and unethical doings for a while on the Earth ,But the only Judge that matters will Judge them soon ! I laugh at them all because they actually believe they are above being Judged by God! Silly people!

    1. Dnav

      Right on. The true and righteous Judge will rectify all things. True justice will be done for all.

  4. Dnav

    It’s NOT PAYBACK — it’s the JUSTICE that should have been done in the first pace.

    It doesn’t matter whether they went after the President with hoax or not, they committed crimes for which they should be held accountable and have gotten away with filthy, corrupt impunity for far too long and it is about damn time that someone is going to be charged and true justice will be done.

  5. Andre C Stephenson

    The author of this story confuses the “elites” of society who broke college-admission rules with the Democrats. He just assumes they are all Dems to complete his narrative. What cynicism!

  6. Jay

    Go Pres. Trump. Smash them all! Especially Crooked Hillary and Obummer!! Whats next, asassination? OOPS shouldn’t have said that because some Demoasses take things litterally!!


    I totally support our president he is doing a good job and I just wish they would all leave him alone even the late night shows bash him it is so sad and good or bad no matter what you think he is STILL our president

    1. Jim

      Your an ass! All the lying dems and the millions they’ve spent on their bs lies can’t get trump convicted and your stupid if you don’t think Obama was the instigator of this mess to get hillary elected! When it’s done the truth will come out and Obama and Hillary should get the justice they deserve