FBI Reviewing Suspicious Smollett Case

The dismissal of charges against television actor Jussie Smollett has left many Americans scratching their heads in confusion. This includes members of the FBI, who are now looking into the case and its sudden closure.

Two Chicago law enforcement officers have confirmed to ABC-7 that the FBI is getting involved. However, reporter Rob Elgas was thorough in specifying that this was a “review” and not an “investigation”.

It’s good to hear that there will be some oversight on the case, as the facts that have come to light only raise more questions. 

Like how a former Obama aide spoke on behalf of the Smollett family to State Attorney Kim Foxx about how the investigation was being undertaken by Chicago police.

This interaction later led Foxx to recuse herself from the case, yet her office was still in charge of the prosecution and were the ones to drop the charges against Smollett.

Even President Trump chimed in on the issue, tweeting that the results of the case were “an embarrassment to our Nation!”

It will be interesting to see both what the FBI uncovers and what they release to the public. 

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  1. Edward Finley

    This guy Smolleto some time in prison! What is happening in our nation, when criminals are turned loose, just because they curry favor with certain groups?

  2. Richard C Shaw

    What ever they find they need to be totally transparent, no redacking, no cover up, and full facts with names of everyone involved. People forget this was a HATE CRIME, it may be a #4 felony, but that matters not. If Mr Smollett was either attacked by the brothers after receiveing money from him is not joke, it was either the Brothers action with no involment by Smollett, or it was contrived.

    The real question is the silence of the Brothers, the resignation of their lawyer, becasue as it stands now they could be in big trouble. And the BS about his community service and $10k contribution to the city is a white was if there ever was one. The only reason for doubt was a comment made by Smollett’s lawyer about going after the two brothers and his being able to make statements he did nothing wrong.

    One thing is for sure, the FBI can use this to improve their standing with the people if they are transparent and through.

  3. Pat

    We do not have a justice system in this country. We have one system for Hollywood, liberals and other backscratchers and money people. Then there are the others they want to nail. Two, or three tiered justice is no justice at all.

  4. Dennis Capshaw

    One just has to remember. The FBI still works for the lintons and the Obamas evn though they are not in office anymore. They have proven that with their tretment of both,

  5. Ziva's Mom

    The Chicago prosecutor – FOXX – who was bought and paid for by George Soros, is doing the bidding of the Obamas. This, like the debacle of the dirty, filthy, phoney dossier, is going to lead directly to the totally corrupt and despicable Hillary Clinton and then Barack Obama – the worst, most corrupt president, with the most corrupt administration in the history of this contry. Everything Clinton and Obama touch turns to crap! Every place run by Democrats is a corrupt cesspool. They have turned parts of California into a shithole and won’t be happy until they do it to every city/state run by the Dems. the Democrats and their proposed policies are the enemy of the American people. We have to bury them in 2020 and make sure they stay burried.

  6. Dave Veselenak

    So do something about it you PUNK-A$$ NWO-FBI stooges! We’ve become a third world banana republic as is evidenced by yet another Houdini impersonation of the bereft Left; this one in particular escaped the SHORT hands of the law because he/she was 1) black. 2) FA&&OT 3) friends in high places; those being the former Dick-taker-N-Thief, Muslim-Marxist jihadist Insane Hussein “Fairy” Sotoro and his faux wife gargantuan Drag Queen of Welfare “Michael” and all of the other reprobates of the Left! Sheeple, we’ve lost the country and in my very humble opinion: REVOLUTION will be the needed SOLUTION for restoring “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA” back to America that once was! WTFU!