Schumer Against The Wall Using This Tactic

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is just trying to keep his rhetoric against President Trump afloat now that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report has cleared him of collusion. 

While at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual convention, Schumer unearthed the tired argument that Trump’s comments on riots in Charlottesville are still worth addressing.

“When someone looks at a neo-Nazi rally and sees some ‘very fine people’ among its company, we must call it out,” Schumer said with an uncalled for conviction.

These worn out attacks on President Trump show just how little Democrats have to work with now that Mueller’s investigation is concluded. 

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  1. Laurel Johnson

    Nothing but a pack of rabid dogs here and there is nothing more dangerous than those who are desperate. Really when it it time to stop even enertaining ALL these wild desperate rabid dog notions? Hint: NOW!

  2. Zeek

    I have it on reliable authority that the leading cause of anti-Semitism in the US is Chuck Schumer.

  3. Craig Gallop

    Schumer is a total loser. All these democrats are acting like 5 year old kids who couldn’t get their way. The only argument they had to win in 2020 has been abolished. I hope Trump returns the favor and starts an investigation against some of these big name demos and see what dirt can be turned up on them. It would only be deserved justice.

  4. Tom

    We really need Chuck the DUCK to go away. He is a worn out old man that needs to spend the rest of his stinking life in a rocking chair. Between him and Nancy they do not have three functional brain cells. He still has NO IDEA how to work at governing.

  5. Dave Veselenak

    SHEEPLE, SHEEPLE SHEEPLE… REVOLUTION against these Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO elitist ghouls posing as Democ-rats will be the only SOLUTION – guaranteed! They will not relent in giving up their TOTALITARIAN WET-DREAM of making life a LIVING NIGHTMARE unless they are physically made to do so!

    1. Thomas Gibb

      You are entirely right, Dave.. They have there story and they are Stickin’ To It… Sad they have drug so many people with them… I just can’t understand WHY, unless they have been brainwashed in our “Universities” by the professors dabbling in Saul Alinsky’s sosials works…

  6. Bob W.

    Schumer in Biblical context… Hey Chuck! Go make bricks without straw….. ! I don’t think he’s going to succeed, do you folks?

    1. Chris Hugar

      Bricks without straws,what a great reference to the bully Pharoh making things even tougher for his captives who complained about the brick quota being too high. Sort of an Old Testament pound sand.

  7. Susan

    Chuck Schumer you are a soulless Satanist!! You and Nacy and the rest of your disgusting minions are so dam Jealous of Trump his wife and their beautiful family you just can’t stand it!! And it shown every time you open your big mouths!! Why don’t you Deranged Democrats try doing your job that Taxpayers Pay you a great deal to do!! We the People put him in the White House for a reason and he is doing a hell of a job and that scares you Liberal Lunatics to death doesn’t it!?!? Quit with the dam investigations on the Taxpayers money and do your freakin jobs! More and more people are walking away daily from your party because you people are so dam full of corruption and HATE!!! You are hurting and dividing the Country!!!
    And BTW you Democrats owe the President a Great Big Apology! We have been telling you for two years that Trump was innocent! But of course you already knew this because you Disgusting Democrats are the ones who TRIED to Frame him!! And I hope that every one of you Politicians who were in on this FAKE Dossier are hauled into court charged and sent to prison!!!!

  8. GymS

    Hey chuckie? You should be more worried about the HUGE sex scandal rearing it’s ugly head amongst your colleagues. The phony investigation is over. No crimes, no collusion, NO OBSTRUCTION. You need to get over it. Hilldahag lost in a landslide. And the wall IS going up.

  9. Thomas Gibb

    You are entirely right, Dave.. They have there story and they are Stickin’ To It… Sad they have drug so many people with them… I just can’t understand WHY, unless they have been brainwashed in our “Universities” by the professors dabbling in Saul Alinsky’s sosials works…

  10. Claude Fenworthy

    The only “neo-Nazi” Chuck Schumer knows is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is the only person he knows who belongs to a neo-Nazi hate group whose website says that “Jewish people worship Satan”. She is the only person he knows whose great-grandfather fought for Hitler during WWII, escaped to South America when the war ended, and wound up in Puerto Rico, because it was the only place that was under the protection of America. AOC is the only Congresswoman who floated a “Green New Deal” that was an almost a spot-on clone of Adolph Hitler’s Green New Deal from before WWII. And AOC is the only anti-Semitic socialist who wants to render America’s currency worthless; which is another thing Adolph Hitler did before WWII.

    Q: Is President Trump a Nazi?
    A: President Trump cannot be a Nazi. He just gave a speech saying that America will never be a socialist country. Since the Nazis were socialists, President Trump cannot be a Nazi.

    OK, here is something you can do yourself. Go to Wikipedia, Yahoo. or Google. Enter “National Socialist Party” in the “Search” field. Hit “Enter”.

  11. Bill Cash

    Schumer and Pelosi are like cats in a litter box. Keep moving “stuff” around trying to cover up the mess they’ve made. But at some point this litter box will be cleaned and new “sand” put in it’s place.

  12. rabbit

    Chuck Nancy you had a bad day yesterday, President has been pardoned without your hearings, the green dael is going to get blasted out of the country. federal judge sides with President on the wall, you can’t overide his veto, wall gets built or at least another 57 miles worth. Kids you are dealing with a Pro as President not Barack

  13. Jean Evans


    Get a real job….like you never have in your life. Or act like a professional…..all you ever do is criticize….never compliment… are far from perfect. You need to go back to school and learn how to be a real professional and not just a crybaby…..and soooo offensive… and Nancy should go to another country…if they would have you!!!!!! Shut you mouth and say something positive for a change.