How Democrats Deny Kids A Proper Education

Democratic state Assembly members in New Jersey are looking to take control of what children in the state learn, and some of that involves removing lessons America has been teaching children for generations.

Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Jamel Holley have filed a resolution to remove Mark Twain’s 1884 novel, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” from all of the state’s schools. 

The two cite “the novel’s use of a racial slur and its depictions of racist attitudes can cause students to feel upset, marginalized or humiliated and can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the classroom.” as reasoning to remove the literary classic from schools. 

However many argue that it’s that same discomfort that affords the opportunity to learn from the past and have intelligent discussions on racial equality in the present. 

The National Coalition Against Censorship said on the matter, “While it is understandable that a novel that repeatedly uses a highly offensive racial slur would generate discomfort among some parents and students, the problems of living in a society where racial tensions persist will not be resolved by banishing literary classics from the classroom.”

So far school in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, and Mississippi have all removed the book from their curriculum. 

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  1. Rosalinda Radcliff

    I think it’s time to hire real and patriotic educators. I have really lost my respect to most teachers. They have continually exhibit their liberalism and that is bad for the children and all students on that matter. Universities must carefully choose who teaches in these universities. Schools are so full of liberals and communistic and socialist teachers. AND THAT IS VERY BAD FOR THESE YOUNG MINDS

  2. Mr. Magoo

    Bullshit! This was the work of RETHUGLIKANS. A lawsuit would be appropriate right now to to force you jerkwads into admitting that this nothing but ‘pivoting’ on the GOPs part. Blame others for which YOU’RE guity!

    1. Dave Veselenak

      Your name couldn’t be anymore appropriate! You leftist stooges are suicidal, useful idiots!

  3. Richard C Shaw

    The book are not the only thing being denied, it more like the “3 Rs”, History and discipline has been replaced by Sex Education. Believe me students graduating from grade school,Middle school, high school and the majority from College know a help of a lot more about sex then they do the 3rs, or history.

  4. Myrtis

    We don’t learn from others; Hitler decided to burn books he didn’t like. These liberals will take away every freedom we have if they take the Presidency in 2020!
    Within 3 years of Socialism, open borders, free college to all, medicare for all, taking away freedom of religion, telling us what we can read & not read, banning police from doing their jobs, our country will destitute. All of the US will look like the worst of California!

    1. kandi

      You Nailed It! Removing the lessons of history from being known Leaves Citizens Ignorant to what they’re trying to do to them.

  5. M J Heise

    They are trying to change history. It cannot be done! History is History, it cannot be changed, the Democratic party is trying to pull us backwards, we MUST stop them. We are in for a lot of trouble if they ever get a hold on every branch of government. If that ever happens, I hope I am no longer around.

  6. Andrew Elias Stradis

    First things First. It is the divine right of every child, even before birth, that it has a Mother and a Father.
    Therefore, every child, has the same Right, to be nursed and educated by the Parents.
    Therefore, it is the parents Divine Right and Duty Of Care to ensure the Child is enabled to receive the society’s system of education to enable that child to grow into a competitive adult, in our competitive world.
    Therefore, the society has to act on that Mandate “and no other mandate” which can be installed merely by the whims of unelected people with their own agenda which detracts from, or conflicts with, the Divinity of the Child’s Rights. Once this is installed and instilled, any act to detract from the foregoing is a violation of the child’s Right To Life and a such has to be a punishable event by the laws of the land.

  7. William Bryan

    According to The Milton and Rose Foundation (for Educational Excellence) via The US Military:
    “The Average American 8th Grade Graduate from the YR1900 Had Better Math Skills, Better Verbal Spatial
    Skills and Better Overall Thinking Skills Than The Average American 12th Grade Graduate from YR2000.”
    (The US Military has been conducting tests of volunteer recruits since before the Spanish American War
    based somewhat on the 1886 Federal Civil Service Exams.)

    Most Government Public Schools ARE REWARDED FOR FAILURE! WHY? More Money.
    The ‘School to Prison Pipeline’ is pushed by the American Chambers of Commerce, NEA, AFT, NAACP,

    We need Taxpayer Funded Vouchers where parents can send their children to The Private, Parochial,
    Technical, or Gov Public School that best fits their needs.

    Taxpayer Funded Vouchers: Empower Parents, Educate Kids, Save $$$ and SAVE AMERICA!
    ‘We Can Have Lexus Quality American Education at LOW, Low, low Wal-Mart Prices.”