Guess Who Wants To Rig Voting For 2020?

Democrats seem to think that as soon as the political climate ceases to favor them, they can change the rules to better suit them.

At least that’s what Sen. Elizabeth Warren is demonstrating as she calls for an end to the Electoral College.

Warren was at a CNN town hall at Jackson State University when she decided to share her new plan for a 2020 victory.

“My view is that every vote matters,” Warren began, “and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the Electoral College — and every vote counts.”

“I think everybody ought to have to come and ask for your vote,” she continued.

While Warren has made this declaration before, notably when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in 2016, she has injected even more urgency into the call this time around as it pertains to her own bid for president. 

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  1. Earl

    Sen. Warren and any one else who suggest the dissolution of the Electoral College needs to relearn why the electoral college is used to elect the President. If I recall, somewhere in the federalist papers and documents from that period it explains why fully. The founding fathers were forward thinking intelligent men who totally understood the reason why the electoral college is used verses the popular vote.

      1. David

        She was probably out smoking marijuana in her peace pipe before butchering babies (mostly of the poor and minorities).

    1. Sam

      The democrats offer a sorry platform that they know already they cant win . Thats the only reason they want to change the Electroal process . But we the people can control that in the courts and better make them understand they are not changing it . This way California can not out vote Rode Island because they have more democrats voting . The founders knew this was coming and knew the party losing would change things if they could even when people did not want it . Large states would always elect our Presidents , and the smaller less populate states would have no say in the matter . Democrats have not only moved ,far left they have gotten a hell of a lot greedier and communist in their rehetic .

    1. Sam

      You cant buy a gun until you are 21 , you should not be able to vote until your brain has matured too ! Young kids pay no attention to politics , it just sounds great , especially when the key word out of the democrats is FREE. These kids dont know yet , nothing in life is free , you are the ones paying for it .

  2. WILLIAM Ramsburg


  3. Charles A

    I wish I quite quote it , but I believe you are right on this. I also believe it was to help in reducing splinter parties as in France.

  4. David Chesler

    There is nothing magic about the Electoral College. The “Connecticut Compromise” that gave the number of Electors per state as 2 more than that state got in the lower house of Congress, was a carrot to the smaller states to induce them to join with the larger states. All states except Maine and Nebraska give all their Electors to the candidate who gets the most votes in that state, “winner-take-all” and that has a greater skewing effect compared to the popular vote than the multiple more Electors per person in the smallest states; although it is also skewed when a candidate does not waste resources to get more votes in a state he is sure to lose.

    I see no reason to change it — it’s one of the few remnants we have of state sovereignty. But Warren’s adding her voice to many that call for change is no more spitting on the founders than any Constitutional amendment.

  5. L2a3

    You keep forgetting as Stalin stayed: It is not important who votes, but who counts the votes.
    And we all know how the Democrats count votes, they keep “finding” “new” votes until they win.

  6. Lynne Garmon

    Leave the electoral college alone, the founding fathers knew what they were doing when it was set up that way. The Democrats always want to change the Constitution. Sour grapes!!
    16 is too young to vote!

  7. Angie

    Allowing children to influence our votes and/or non legit US citizens, would lead only to a world government. But, at least our big, blue marble would be green. 🤨

  8. Doug O

    If the Electoral College was eliminated, how could you trust votes from California- the state who wants illegals to vote. Of course, I auppose that’s exactly what she wants. Next she would say, eliminate the Senate, because that gives small states equal power. There would have to be a revolt. I for one don’t wish to be ruled by the inner city poor. Then they’ll really just vote for those who give them more until our country is bankrupt. . It will be even less time till we become the next Venezuela.
    The real problem with a true democracy is that half the electorate is stupid.

  9. Jaime N Salomon Jr

    What is so incredibly frustrating to a great number of Americans especially those who once upon a time came here legally from a foreign country is that precisely one of the myriads of reasons for wanting to emigrate to America, the land of opportunity in the first place is to get away from the ever pervasive yoke of rampant graft and corruption that
    has been like a fact of life in the country of origin going on conceivably for decades and which feels suffocating and truly burdensome like a dead weight bearing down on, and sucking the joy in people’s lives and hence affecting people’s way of life in more ways than one, literally and figuratively!
    Being able to wriggle free from such foreign domination and tyranny and finally being able to join with the rest of family ( and oftentimes with some friends and neighbors from abroad ) here in these United States is liberating to say the least.
    Unbeknownst to Americans who were once foreign nationals, what is so incredulously disturbing is the realization that such graft and corruption that so many tried to get away from
    in/from practically the rest of the world, turns out to permeate American society as well if not worse , in a manner of speaking . Dirty American politics in all its divisiveness and rancor has ruined and all but destroyed so many American people’s lives ! As if it is not enough, the added burden of illegal immigration and all its accouterments especially narcotic drugs and crime syndicates
    being smuggled across a porous southern border has turned so many people’s lives upside down, literally and figuratively!

  10. patricia wright

    the democraps wanted a murder of 4 american plus all the stuff that she should have had on a protected surver and not let other countrys get what they shouldnt have had. the american ppl do not need to loose the electorial collage to keep the american ppl safe. we dont need only the way our four fathers fought for and gave us we dont need social crap or letting kids vote. that are the most stupid things to do for the dumb ppl who are the democraps . we need to american safe vote them communism democraps out and keep our laws and every thing americans. we dont need traders for the american ppl

  11. Bob Wa

    We need God, the Electoral College, the Constitution, all back in Government, and no Democratic Socialism!!

  12. Bob

    We need God, the Electoral College, the Constitution, all back in Government, and no Democratic Socialism!!

  13. Karen Moore

    All the dead people in the USA vote Democrat we don’t have a chance along withappl the elleagles and then them changing our votes and helping the ones who mail them in.