SHOCKING: McCain Major Player In Russia Investigation!

It has now been revealed to the public of how far, now deceased, Sen. John McCain went to bring down President Trump.

McCain was involved in pushing the discredited dossier that began the Russia investigation.

It shows that Sen. McCain and an aide not only shared the dossier with the FBI but also gave the dossier to a variety of media companies, Fox News reported.

McCain had denied being the source for BuzzFeed after it published the dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but had acknowledged giving it to the FBI.

In a newly unsealed declaration from September, former senior counterintelligence FBI agent Bill Priestap confirmed that the FBI received a copy of the first 33 pages of the dossier in December 2016 from McCain.

In another filing, David Kramer — a former State Department official and McCain associate — said in a Dec. 13, 2017, deposition that the dossier was given to him by author and former British spy Christopher Steele, which he then provided to more than a dozen journalists at outlets including CNN, BuzzFeed and The Washington Post. The details were first reported by The Daily Caller.

The report was also shared with State Department official Victoria Nuland, Obama National Security Council official Celeste Wallander and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.

The filings were unsealed as part of an ongoing libel case against BuzzFeed by a Russian businessman.

In his deposition, Kramer said that McCain gave a copy of the dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey on Dec. 9. Kramer told investigators that it was the sense from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson that “having Senator McCain provide it to the FBI would give it a little more oomph than it had had up until that point.”

“I think they felt a senior Republican was better to be the recipient of this rather than a Democrat because if it were a Democrat, I think that the view was that it would have been dismissed as a political attack,” Simpson said.

Kramer said that he left Bensinger by himself to read the dossier but during that time Bensinger took photos of the dossier and published it.

When he found that BuzzFeed published the entire dossier on January 10 he panicked and asked for it to be removed.

“I called Mr. Bensinger, and my first words out of my mouth were ‘you are gonna get people killed,’” Kramer told him.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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    1. Womba, Son of Witless

      I confess that I voted for McCain in 2008. (Consider the alternative.)
      But he died a bitter old man…and frankly deserved to.

      1. tom

        Sorry Megan your daddy was a RINO and a serious problem for this Nation. He spent more time voting Democrap than he did with the GOP if at all.
        He was a bitter old man who burnt his bridges as a RINO.

    2. Robert Donaldson

      Yes he died then was he a believer in Jesus
      It would be hard for us to say he was a Christ fearing man from what he revealed

    3. Mark A. Hahn

      Unseal his Vietnam records so the American people will see that he was and always will be labeled what he truly is

      1. olga

        absolutely correct. He did not deserve the honor to be berried between true patriots. Take him away! Let him rest on other cemetery. He was and he is disgrace!!!

      2. Helga Renfro

        Mark he was responsible for about 147 solders death. His grand father and father were admirals and all of his bad deeds were covered up. He was a snake. They didn’t call him SONGBIRD for nothing. There are many that doubt that he was a hero.

    1. William J Vital

      It’s already been proven that he was a traitor while he was in uniform on active duty.

    2. ginger3333

      exactly I believe he had a choice take the red pill and die a heros death, or go to prison for child trafficking and treason and more!!! Total Traitor like Shillary, the Bushes, and O’buttBoy


    I always mccain was a jerk. l can appreciate his military service and being a POW, but anyone could see how much he hated our PRESIDENT, probably jealousy of not being able to become pres himself.

    1. CHARLIE


    2. Barbara

      He was hero because he was POW. There were 590 other POWs who came home who are equally heros. The 2,500 POWs who were left behind alive, what are they? Those men never came home. Because McCain refused to release all information concerning them. The families have never been allowed any information.

    3. Flame

      David, I don’t even “appreciate” his military service or his years as a POW now that I know a lot of the truth about same.

      McCain always seemed to me to have been a spoiled brat. His career was fostered by dad and grandad, both admirals, but he graduated 5th from bottom of Naval Academy class. He was a hot-dog pilot who managed to crash two planes by careless flying, to snag power lines by hot-dog flying in Spain, and there’s a lot of evidence to indicate he had a big hand in the explosion aboard the USS Forrestal, which killed something like 143 Americans and injured many more. I see no heroics in that.

      If he hadn’t been such a smart-aleck pilot, he would not have been shot down over Vietnam to begin with and thus never been a POW. So don’t tell me this wisea** is a “hero.” And how come his nickname in ‘Nam was “Songbird”?

      He’s been a traitor to the GOP for a long time. This SOB is NO hero in my book.

      1. Linda Fails Rice

        My dad was a tank Sgt in the Army for 27 years before he retired, and always said the exact same about McCain. I also agree with you 100%, being I’ve heard the same stories all of my 61 years. McCain and Hanoi Jane both were traitors to our Country and Military.

    4. Womba, Son of Witless

      “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” — Shakespeare

    1. Daniel Nuzzo

      John Mccain was a traitor way back when he was a prisoner! He quickly sign the letter his captors had the prisoner do to claim that America was the fault for the war.
      His daughter is following in his footsteps by claiming he is a hero. One does not become a hero by being capture.

  2. Janet Trepanier

    I just want to know how we can get HILLARY CLINTON and THE DNC to reimburse the American taxpayers for the Mueller fiasco that this fake dossier caused!! I have never in my life seen the level of insanity that we have seen from the socialist democrats since November of 2016!! They are making the United States the laughingstock of the world!!!😡😡😡😡

      1. Linda Fails Rice

        Mike… The blowjob was a fact, along with all his others. In fact, everything that has gone wrong in this country for the last 25+ years seems to be because of a Clinton or a Clinton behind it.

  3. Henry Daniels

    John McCain was an evil jealous man to try to pin a lie on the Presdent I started thinking this a few 3-4 yrs ago as he just seemed distracted to The Prez being I the positive spotlights unlike McCain not able to be vip hate to talk about deceased but he was a low life jealous man, Romney has become a low life he is jealous and to think I voted for rom he is a snake also, I just hope more Fools don’t join to overide the veto Trump will will a 100 million to 0!!! Lol stark us a damn fool banging. Page crooked I always thought the bosses controlled their subs in this case the boss was doing his boss orders o bumer!!!!😡😡😡

    1. Linda Schumacher

      Most of our government is so corrupt and they never seem to have to pay for it! I couldn’t stand watching all the hoopla over McCain when he passed. Never trusted that man and we have known why now for quite some time! I also can’t understand why any true American would vote democrat anymore! The Bush’s, Clinton’a and Oblamas along with all their kronies need to be locked up! And Janet, I agree they are making us the laughingstock, sick, sick people in my opinion, it’s all greed!






    1. Christopher Roche

      Yes 100 o/o no spit from the pitchfork
      A line from 2and a half men Charlie does not want to go to hell cause at nite you get stabed in your ass No I think McCain is just a sought off a little runt my dad was a veteran he would never of done anything like this no other veterans would want to trader

  5. Philip Hatfield

    Certainly the general public doesn’t really know what goes on in the political arena. However if this McCain issue of evil & dark occurred, it reflects what’s going on under the table in politics. The US Congress has enough legitimate causes to address to give consideration for bettering democracy. If theses negative ego issues are suspect or found the individual should be sencured in the congregational record & by the press or removed from their post in Congress.

  6. richard lopez

    He was more democrat than Pelosi herself. Traitor all the way and a son of a bitc…. The party without him and without the latest 12 also traitors could do better and more. MaCain trade our country in exchange to hate Trump.

    1. GomeznSA

      Don – I won’t disagree with your overall sentiment since I as most responsible folks were taught as kids to not speak ill of the dead. That being said, we do deserve to know the true facts of what his dealings were that contributed to attempted underhanded coup against our sitting president.

  7. James Clooney

    Yes–McCain was a traitor–he betrayed his oath of office–his country and himself —I doubted the stories of him being a song bird when he was a POW but know I believe them now —his behavior and actions with the phony dossier that was created and paid for by Hillary Clinton have convinced me of his treason

  8. Missy

    McCain was a traitor militarily and politically. In bed w ISIS.. sat on board of Monsanto. Not a chirp out of him when Obama was ripping the US to shreds. Voted against everything Trump has tried to do. He was a mole. And traitor. Garden-variety self-serving pos.

  9. Betty Vreede

    I wondered about McCain after the Pres. said he wasn’t a hero. He was
    the cause of a lot of veto’s that the Pres. could have passed for the good
    of the country. Too bad.

  10. O.Lawton

    Song bird McClain . I haven’t forgotten. That was long before he continued to betray the people with a life in the fat lane. Ask wife # 1 if he’s a traitor. Ask the families of pows in Vietnam. Ask the republicans he was supposed to represent.The truth is only beginning to come out.

  11. je annie

    I am thankful for the service he gave. I am sorry he was a POW. My definition of a hero is someone who chooses goes into the face danger to help someone else. If one has no choice but to endure torture it does not fit my definition of a hero. I have great compassion for that person but he did not choose to be a POW

  12. Ken Hissner

    I believe McCain was injured in the plane he was flying too low and got shot down. He flew a plane off a boat into the water. He and Jane Fonda would have been a good pair. His wife had a car accident and one of her legs had gotten shortened and they did make the other one short to even them and she was “too short” for him when he came home so he divorced her. Nice guy.

  13. John Soroka

    Todays so called progressive socialist democrat is nothing more than a bold faced lying Communist.

  14. USMC12

    As a former Marine Officer who served in RVN, two Purple Hearts for combat wounds, I always believed and still do that Hanoi Jon was a traitor!!!

  15. Dan Miller

    He die a traitor to the American people ,when he to promise to do some things on Obama’s Care but failed to do so also he is up set at the American people because did not elected him for president in 2008 but they voted for Trump in 2016.Also some his story about his stay at the”Hanoi Hilton ” is come out and it is not pretty

  16. Sharon Bartley

    I always liked him The beatings he took as a prisoner of war not many people could have survived I like Trump but he should have never said macain wasn’t a hero My husband Michael Bartley flew 850 missions in Vietnam Nam He received 43air medals and 2distinguished flying crosses He flew a Huey helicopter in chu Lai but he has such respect for John McCain

  17. Jesse

    Given how McCain LIED to the people to get elected his last time he was and is a TRAITOR to Republicans and Conservatives and America. He betrayed his party and all things Conservative. His trying to take down a duly elected President fits the definition of a TRAITOR. It is the crime Mueller, Comey and all the others incolved in this Mess that is called the Collusion Investigation should be in cells at GITMO awaiting nooses. That is what TRAITORS get and this bunch sure deserves it. Obozo should be the first to swing for his freeing of 5 TERRORISTS which we are at War with to free a deserter and TERRORIST named Bergdahl who should swing second in fact he and Gitlery should share a rope. To die with her staring him square in the eye would be justice for what they both did.



  19. Sergio Pastor

    Let the poor baster rest in peace. He said one time…is free to vote against the wishes of his constituents now because he will never have to face them again. My question is “Isn’t that what he’s always done?”..a song singer in Viet Nam to protect his ass???

  20. Ray Yacovelli

    Why is it that everyone waits till a person dies before they bring up all the trash and garbage about what they claim they did ? I’m not saying I like the guy they are talking about or not but why do they always wait till their dead and can’t defend themselves about what was said ?

  21. stew allison

    there is a reason mc cain was given the nickname ‘canary’ by his
    Hanoi Hilton fellow pow captives — he ‘sang’ in spite of his oath
    to provide nothing to his captors except, ‘name, rank, service
    number and date of birth’. another dubious distinction was being
    responsible for the catastrophic fire on the uss forrestal in the tonkin
    gulf during the viet nam air war — when a rocket (mysteriously)
    fired from his aircraft while he was sitting in it. then watch as he
    hops out and runs away while brave sailors remain on deck to
    fight the raging fire, and roll bombs off the hot flight deck before
    they might explode and cause much more damage (all hands were
    involved in the valiant effort to save the ship, except coward mc cain).
    no punishment handed down for his culpability; do you think the fact
    that his admiral father was involved in protecting his ‘near bottom of
    the class’ naval academy graduate son?
    while on the subject of traitors, mc cain is of the same ilk as another
    of his navy comrades, john Kerry, who self-awarded three purple hearts
    for nothing more than a scratch on his arm during his grand total of
    three plus months in viet nam, after which he consorted with the enemy
    in paris. and we know of his accomplishments as a secretary of state —
    does the iran nuclear accord ring a bell? worthless, traitorous scum, both.

    1. Dexter Barnes

      I was still on active duty when the 134 sailors died on board the U. S. S. Forestall. The first report we heard was that McCain was hot-dogging and did what they called a wet start, which causes a fireball to come out of the engine, and that fireball caused a rocket on the plane behind him to fire and that started a chain of explosions and fires. That story was hushed up and we wondered if it was because McCain’s dad and grandad were Admirals.

  22. George M Houchens

    John McCain had a reputation for egotism, arrogance, and a temper. He showed that he could hold a grudge far beyond normal beings, could curse opponents with the best. John McCain was a nasty, self-centered man.

  23. Barbara

    He was hero because he was POW. There were 590 other POWs who came home who are equally heros. The 2,500 POWs who were left behind alive, what are they? Those men never came home. Because McCain refused to release all information concerning them. The families have never been allowed any information.

  24. Paul B

    goes to show you what a scum bag “great old John was”. all those friends at his funeral ceremony. Just shows you what goes on behind the scenes. a bitter old man who took his hatred to his grave. And you wonder why he died of brain cancer.

  25. Robert Pescatore

    McCain was a traitor not only was he a traitor he was the traitor-in-chief the traitor of all traitors as the Democrats are liars from the party of lies McCain only voted for himself instead of the American people (voters) and McCain should’ve been a Democrat instead of a Republican simply because McCain always voted with Democrats. McCain couldn’t even vote with Republicans to repeal Obamacare. McCain is no hero he is a traitor.

  26. Tom Dooley

    His daughter can whine and complain all she wants. The facts are clear – John McCain was a liar and a traitor. What a shocker!

  27. Vicky

    Songbird McCain died a TRAITOR & RHINO. He hated President Trump & his supporters more than he loved the USA. He spewed hatered till his dying day instead of asking for forgiveness for all his wicked & evil actions.

  28. Conrad

    He was a traitor in vietnam and continued to be a traitor for the rest of his life while in senate. Everyone who knows anything at all about his behavior knows he was a traitor. his family and anyone else who defends him is just as big a traitor as he was.

  29. Sue

    I’m not sure why McCain had so much hatred and vitriol for Pres. Trump, but no matter what the reason, his actions before he died did much to permanently tarnish the legacy that he (and his family) wanted to leave. If McCain knew his days were numbered, he should have had the guts to reach out to Trump and give his support to him. What was more important to him? To leave a legacy for the American people & his constituents? or to take revenge on Trump for winning the presidency? It’s a shame that he chose the latter.

    1. Gustave

      I agree with you Sue. I want to see the good in people however I couldn’t understand why McCain disliked the president so much. I decided that he believed the dossier that the Dems gave him was true and became the Pawn in there game. It’s sad that he ended up passing before it all comes out.

  30. Harvey Taylor

    McCain had two serious problems. His father, Admiral McCain covered up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, a deliberate attempt to sink her with all hands. 34 killed and 174 wounded. Senator McCain refused to support the surviving crew members and knew that his old man had been part of the coverup. I believe that during his POW time he was compromised by his captors and damaged psychologically. He dumped his wife, mother of his children for the young and rich female he ended up with. McCain was a lowlife.

    Harvey Taylor

  31. Derek

    Well he was a thorn in the side of Trump and he was supposed to be a Republican but in actual fact he was a two timing TRAITOR to both America and the American people. Now his daughter is against Trump, a bit like her bloody corrupt father and his fellow men in the Vietnam war don’t have a good word to say about him. Megan McCAIN is just using the media and FAKE NEWS to try to discredit Trump but it won’t work, he has done more on two years than what the DEMORATS didn’t do in the decades they ran the country, all they did was bring about the demise of a great country whilst lining their pockets with people’s hard earned taxes.

  32. Sharon Morgan Clark

    I do believe he was a traitor and so jealous that President Trump won the election and he couldn’t win when he ran for President. McCain blamed his loss on Sarah Pailen, his running mate, He always blamed someone elsr and was unable to put the blame on his self!!

  33. Sick and Tired

    When McCain voted thumbs down on the Obama Health Care issue, that showed he didn’t care about us the citizens of the USA. He hurt everyone just to satisfy his own ego. The songbird SOB should have died in Vietnam. We would all be better off today.

  34. Jim Robinett

    finally the truth about the traitor mccain finally comes out. no hero just a plain old traitor!