Ben Sasse Finally Votes Like A Republican

It’s been a hard week for Republican Senator Ben Sasse. While usually a harsh critic and opponent of President Trump, Sasse shocked nearly everyone when he decided to support Trump’s national emergency declaration.

Sasse released a statement following the vote on the resolution to block Trump’s emergency.  In it he admitted that he thought the National Emergencies Act of 1976 (NEA) was too broad and in need of review. However, he also states that Pelosi was NOT seeking to reform the act and instead was only acting out of political spite.

CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly shared segments of the statement via Twitter. 

Even though Sasse claims he was motivated to make a statement about the NEA with his vote, many are claiming that he was only trying to boost his outlook for re-election.

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  1. Pete

    All of the members of congress that voted AGAINST border security and the national emergency, I pray lose their seat.

  2. Sue

    I applaud Sen. Sasse for doing the right thing FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Other Republican senators who voted against Trump, did so for purely political reasons! Aren’t the lives and safety of the American people worth anything to them??

  3. Gail

    The 12 traitors to America and the American people are now out in the open for all to see . We all know what communist traitors every democrat is . But to have a party of people who totally go against the sovereignty of America. And the safety of the American people they are suppose to work for . It leaves little room as to why they have a name like the do nothing spineless party that democrats manipulate with their pocketbooks . That in reality is our money . People need to give these bums no rest . Hold their feet to the fire and put them out the next go around . The president has had nothing but their destruction while he works with no pay for America . The hate these people spew is conjured up by the media’s and the vilest people in America . Usually when you have hate to that level of magnitude. The person has personally done something to you . Not so in the case of Trump . Apparently Americans can’t only not work but have quit using their brains as well !

  4. OB

    To many republicans Trump remains an outsider and will not be viewed as a member of the GOP elite. It is truly amazing what he has accomplished as President with the forces working against him. As we have seen, the 12 rineos who voted against his effort to protect our boarder is not a surprise. Even the new AG backs Trump actions to resolve this boarder crises. We at least know now who the 12 are and where they stand! Vote them out!!!

  5. Marie Nugent

    let us know which conservatives will be running against them and we can all support them with our money and help them get elected and say goodbye to the RINOs..

  6. Edward Finley

    The twelve gutless Republicans are the ones who should be concerned about their future as true conservatives! These people are a joke. They are selling this nation down the Swamp!

  7. DonRS

    A blind hog finds an acorn, occasionally! Sen. Ben “Sanctimony Itself” Sasse, the ULTIMATE NeverTrump, RINO/Establishment HYPOCRITE MUST BE Primaried OUT OF OFFICE!