ICE Puts Heat On Trump

The National ICE Council is the union that stands for the thousands of ICE agents working for America’s interests. Now they’re laying into President Donald Trump.

The union sent a letter to President Trump blasting him for failing to enact policy reform that many Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers believe is the main problem with immigration.

“[I]n the midst of an immigration crisis on the southern border, your administration is squandering scarce ICE resources and playing political games with our officers, their mission, and the safety of the American public,” the union wrote. “You frequently speak publicly of the great public safety work ICE is doing under your leadership. To be direct, Mr. President — the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.”

The union singled out the Obama-era policy of “catch and release” as a primary culprit. 

“‘Catch and release’ isn’t just happening, it’s in overdrive. Catch and release must continue as ICE doesn’t have sufficient custody space to hold the massive number of family units illegally entering the United States every day. DHS resources on the border are overwhelmed,” the letter read. “Political games in Washington, D.C., have rendered the United States completely incapable of controlling its southern border.”

“You don’t like ‘fake news’ and neither do our officers, so instead let’s provide transparency, tell Americans the truth, and stop this nonsense and these wasteful and dangerous policies now,” the letter concluded.

The Department of Homeland Security replied to the letter by saying, “We have repeatedly sounded the alarm with Congress as resources are being stretched across DHS as agencies work to contain this historic surge. ICE and CBP are fully engaged on a coordinated response and continue to update Congress on the challenges faced by our agents and officers at the border.”

President Trump himself has not directly addressed the letter, but he has tweeted how Democrats continue to block him as “Border Deniers.”

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  1. Brad Lillmars

    The ICE agents who wrote to President Trump must be Obama holdover fools. Only fools believe that the President has the power to enact the changes they mentioned. If they spent their time and effort focusing on Congress to get off their asses and do something, perhaps some changes would occur.

    Letters like this only work to reduce my respect and admiration for the men and women who have to fight the illegal immigration battle every day.

    Wise up and go after the government branch that controls and funds ICE.

    1. Michael

      Brad, you are absolutely correct. Everybody wants to blame our President when in fact he is doing everything he can to make the job of ICE members easier. ICE needs to go after the democrats and the 15 Republicans who voted against the President on the just failed bill to allow him to proceed with the wall. Direct your concerns to Pelosi and her ilk.

  2. DrBillLemoine

    My suspicious mind tells me that one of two things is happening with ICE. Either they are 4-square behind the president and think his 100% wall building will stop border immigration; or, they are against the president and want him to drop the wall concept and direct additional funds to people and processes–families crossing the border for whom they have no detention space and need money there, and/or more judges to tackle the influx of court cases that are backed up 10 ways from Sunday. Catch and release at which ICE sucks via separating families, deporting parents without their children and losing children in half-way houses they haven’t bothered to enumerate–all are far from border wall spending. But they still don’t address the real problem of entry port infiltration of drugs and trafficked people due to inadequate spending for electronic screening and detection devices, hardly wall related. I think ICE has opined on the matter to get more money but doesn’t want it to seem like they oppose the ever-present wall mantra and negotiating. So where’s the real priority: breachable wall, screening border entry point traffic or properly adjudicating all who cross our borders — and turn themselves in for asylum processing. I submit we drop the wall pretenses and related campaign promising already defunct with Mexico’s refusal to spend anything and spend all appropriated monies from congress to my 3 priorities.

  3. John Cuciak

    The US immigration policies have been out of country since the 1980s with President Reagon dropping the ball on enforcement and Ted Kennedy pushing for open boarders and amnesty. It is now 2019 and the US is hardly doing anything about stopping illegal entries and settlements, sanctuary cities, illegals in the US without any trail as to who and where most of them are-millions and millions.

    We can be compassionate about the people trying to get into the US but it cannot continue without enforcement and stopping it. And the Democrats want the illegals to be able to vote???

  4. Crazy Elf

    Sorry to inform y’all. It’s not President Trump’s fault. It’s members of both houses of Congress not doing their jobs, ie: By enacting immigration legislation/laws they were hired for!

  5. Edouard D'Orange

    I’m sure the President would love to accommodate ICE & CBP and provide all the resources needed. He has previously partially shut down the gov’t for many weeks in exchange for a small part of the border wall funding. He cares very deeply about fixing the immigration emergency. It is an emergency! Will any demorat directly respond to ICE & CBP’s letter and concerns? NO, they wanna play politics and the obstruction game. Demorats don’t give a damn about crime or legal citizens. Dems love illegal alien criminals, love illegal alien welfare cheats, love illegal alien criminals like MS-13. Remember, Pelousy say they “have a spark of divinity”? Most of all demotards love illegal alien votes.

  6. Larry Gaines

    Unions are a big problem and this union for ICE is stupid. The Democrats are the ones blocking immigration refom

  7. John Zoe

    Union Bosses think the little people are their flunkies and they know better because they provide protection for the criminal element in the business world and pay to elect socialist politicians that the due’s payers pay for.

  8. Dave Veselenak

    Way past time to put land mines on the border with signs signifying that this land is mined – ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK; that will stop this obvious ploy by the Communist Party USA, aka the Democ-rats of undermining our nation for future votes to keep them in ABSOLUTE POWER, WTFU! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  9. DON

    maybe the sesame ICE AGENTS should put the blame where it belongs …Obama for HIS CArch and release\and the DEMORATS AND RHINOS that keep protecting ILLEGALS AND THE INVADING CARAVANS
    instead of the AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO PAY THIER SALARIES For GODS SAKE Stop voting for and ALPHABET and vote for the PERSON who will put AMERICANS FIRST

  10. Roberto Silva

    So when do they (ice) lose patience with the Democrats and the likes of chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi? What about the loser repubs that have sided with the Democrats. Nothing to see here folks.I agree, those opposed are Obama hold overs. Those need to go as well, as they are part of the swamp.I SWEAR TO DEFEND AND TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, AND TO OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. These ICE agents didn’t take that oath!!!

  11. Mo Better

    Nothing intended to deter ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS at the border will be effective u-n-t-i-l the progressive/leftist/radical “Catch-And-Release” policy is ended. Illegals, coyotes and cartels will always find a way to go over, under, around and through physical barriers meant to stop them, unless the military is lined up shoulder-to-shoulder from the Gulf to the Pacific, and that is not likely to occur. However, if Border Patrol and ICE have the ability to immediately deport anyone found in the country illegally, the dire need for a wall becomes less significant. It is the Congresscrooks who need to be moved off the dime of resistance, who need to start acting in the interests of our Constitutional Republic and the American people!