WHAT? ‘Testicular Bill Of Rights’ Pushed By DNC

Democrat lawmakers in Georgia are preparing to introduce a bill that would essentially take control of men’s sex lives.

Called the “testicular bill of rights” the outrageous statues of the legislation would require men to notify authorities whenever they ejaculate and would classify unprotected sex as “aggravated assault,” but only on the men’s part.

The bill is being introduced by state Representatives Dar’shun Kendrick of Lithonia and Park Cannon of Atlanta. It has been drafted in protest of Georgia’s House voting to prevent abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

The bill dictates that “men who are age 55 and older to ‘immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency’ when he ‘releases sperm from his testicles,’” according to reporting from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“This bill helps men who are well past reproductive age to self report when they willfully engage in conception,” Cannon explained.

Kendrick shared more of the ridiculous proposal via tweet at the start of the week.

This bill is a petty mockery of legislation and only seeks to deride men, unlike the bill that was passed that actually serves to save the lives of unborn children. 

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  1. John Williams

    Let’s counter this “bill” with what I have been saying for decades. Before a woman can have an abortion, she has to get the permission of the father, whether or not she is married to him. This way, if HE wants keep the child, he will be responsible for the welfare of the child. He will pay for the mother’s support until the child is born and the mother has been released from the hospital The mother will pay child support after the child is born.

  2. Myrtis

    MOST ridiculous thing ever. You saying that men “only” are responsible for babies. Take responsibility for your own action. The correct BILL would be making women pay for their own abortion! That would take care of 75% of abortions. Democrats are responsible! All of us are responsible for our decisions.
    I don’t want my money going to the abortion group or the transgender group. You want to use abortion to kill your baby or you decide you want transgender surgery….YOU PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jerry Young

    Myrtis, I have only one thing to say. Right On! I agree with you on your starement about this ludicrous new bill in Georgia. I guess I need to warn my brother who lives there. If a woman wants to kill her baby or have a sex change that’s between her and God. But just as a woman has a right to do that, a man should have the right not to pay for it. If a woman has sex with a man knowing that he didn’t use a condom that should void the issue. If the man is a real man he should offer to pay child support if she gets pregnant if they are not married. But this bill is just to get back at men because women can’t have an abortion is silly. But who am I? I’m just a man.

  4. John Walton

    Democrat, I thought you could not get any dummer. Iwas wrong. Wont be long before we realize there is only one way to take care of a mad dog. You have shown just how bad you want total power. I will fight it to my last breath. Do democrats think they have the man power to stop us from taking them down when they come for our gun, our rights. I will not be a slave to Democrats,

  5. Dianna Aquino

    Why is abortion framed as women’s choice over their bodies? The heartbeat is a logical indicator that a separate life is involved, the heartbeat of an individual separate from that of the woman bearing it, and therefore should not form part of her choice over her body. Don’t want to conceive? That’s simple. Keep your knees together.

  6. Galeton Liberty

    The Democommunist Party has lost their ever loving (collective) mind. Notice the word collective, seems to fit these radical leftist treasonous culls. The voting public in this nation need to wake the flock up. The Left is pushing the desire for rebellion upon all of us that relish our Liberty and Freedoms. We the America Loving God Fearing Constitutionalists need to be ready, when they initiate the end game, we need to be ready. God Bless those that believe in the foundations that this nation was created upon.

  7. Gregory KARAS

    Its not the Men, it is the young Girls, that cant keep there leg’s closed, just go to some of these young drinking parties, why do think guys go to these parties, because they know girls will be putting out, and most will not have protected sex, most are to drunk or high to care, just sex on there mind, then when these Young girls get pregnant, they don’t know what to do, the first thing they think of is abortion, or if they have the baby on there own,. then they don’t want the baby, that’s when most of these young girls, make the bad choice, they turn to killing the poor help less baby, in unspeakable ways, the only way to stop these young girls, and boys from impregnating, or getting pregnant, is to have them at the age of 12 years old, be sterilize, and keep that way until they can prove that they are mature enough, and in good finical position to bring a baby in to this world, then they can get un sterilize, and if they are not ready, then they need to remain sterilize, that’s in all 50 states, we need to make this a law, for all 50 states to follow, then there will not be any need for abortions, and babies wont have to be murdered,that is the solution.

  8. Doreen A Mateicka

    This is by far the stupidest piece of “legislation” I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen some beauties). Government needs to get completely OUT of human reproduction, just like they need to get OUT of medicine, science, education, and the economy. They do nothing but screw up everything they touch–no matter which party seems to be in charge at the time. They collectively need to remember that they are the employees of the people, not the bosses. Stick with the things that the Constitution says you can do, and leave everything else alone!

  9. Larry Luckjohn

    Sterilization is not the answer. God tells us very plainly what is right and what is wrong. We just don’t want to listen to Him. He also makes it very plain that He is the Creator of all things and the giver of life to all things.
    Since we have thrown God out we don’t know what is right anymore. Abortion is murder. “Choice” is putting our will over God’s. A very dangerous thing to even consider. Diana Aquino, above, has it right. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!