Democrats Decide To Bolster Illegal Voting

In a disgustingly unethical display, the House of Representatives has voted in favor of backwards practices like allowing illegal immigrants to vote.

Democrats within the House were responsible for the 228-197 vote that shut down a Republican motion that condemned voting by illegals.

Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis stated that, “We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in.”

This is painfully evident in Democrat’s propositions for HR 1, the “For the People Act.” 

One such change would restore the voting rights of convicted felons if they had “served their time.” Just another instance of Democrats trying to bolster their numbers with votes from people that would largely be considered ineligible. 

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  1. Carl Jensen

    Typical BS from the Dems. They have no plan, except socialism. I can’t stand them for what they have done to our country.

  2. Elisabeth Crowell

    Again the democrats in congress are trying to destroy our country as we know it. Why should we have illegal immigrants ( criminals) voting for office holders and PROP[OSED LAWS.

  3. shane Patrick Mahan

    That figures… Hey can I go vote in Canada or Germany or England or France?
    I deserve it ! I demand that they let me vote on their national agendas,,, How dare they not let me vote !..
    Im a illegal alien in France,, Im from America!..but so what!!!
    That means I can sneak into any country and vote! And I demand free health care from Canada! Why not?
    I landed and I will be staying in Toronto as a visitor.. Let me vote!.. I demand that I be able to vote in ROME ..
    I don’t live in ROME but I want to VOTE in ROME!! you terrible terrible people from other countries ,, How dare you not let me vote in your countries!!

  4. robert cottrell

    We must thank the democrats for all the madness they are doing most level headed people will be running to the polls to vote again for Predident Trump. Most of us do not want to kill babies or live in a socialist country or allow illegal immigrants to vote

  5. Eileen Perahia

    Are these Dems even thinking. I mean China will send people, Russia, Iran, etc. You get the picture. It’s not just that illegals who are not spies would be voting. And how come a vote such as this which is a huge thing against our Constitution is voted in by just a majority. Probably because it is supposedly at the local levels only. But then IDs are issued and in CA as in the last midterms, the same ballot was used for local and federal election.

  6. shane Patrick Mahan

    Int Day:
    Chuck S
    Hey Nancy how do we get more voters to vote for our idiotic ideas that damage
    the national fiber of America,, Gee Trump is really doing what none of us could do
    I mean ,, black unemployment historically low.. hispanic popularity.. way up Job creation..

    Oh ,, uhhh. hmm uhhh hehe hehe ummmuhhh lets uhhh get the migrants in the 100,000 strong Caravan some voting privileges,,, uhh heh uuu let them in and they can vote on our stupid ideas,, uuuooohh
    I gave one dollar for the wall to Trump,,, hahd uueeee ooo that showed him,,,, uhh ehh

  7. Phil in TX

    Any Congressman or woman that voted FOR this should be voted out in their next election. They have no business giving the right to vote to illegal immigrants or any other non-citizen or to convicted felons.

    Phil in TX

  8. Nino D'Iorio

    Illegal is just that illegal! Letting illegals vote will cancel out AMERICAN CITIZENS VOTES! Why be a citizen if you are getting everything that a citizen is getting, you just are not on the hook for taxes! Illegals do not pay taxes unless they are committing another crime of identity theft!! I do not want to hear that they pay taxes when they by stuff I am taking about the other taxes! Need an SS# to do that! Again illegals fundamentally undercut American citizens votes and rights that paying taxes gives you!

  9. William M.

    if this doesn’t convince people about the liberals aka ‘dimocraps’ have for America, they need to get their heads out of the clouds or out of their asses. This is treason, pure and simple. Ask anyone you know that’s a naturalized US citizen that became an American citizen the right way and they’d be outraged. Why is being allowed much less being discussed No other nations allow non citizens to vote in their elections, no nation, Why is this allowed here?

  10. Gene

    I want Democrats to keep showing Americans how socialist-communist they are becoming! It will destroy The Democratic Party! Welcome all Democrats to the Republican Party to fight against stupidity of the far left. They want to destroy our country!

  11. Linda

    I would like to know when these so called demorats became non- Americans??? Do they think for a minute that you can go into another country, not being a citizen and telling them you want to vote in their elections? They would not allow that for a minute, and probably laugh in your face for suggesting such a thing. Any and all elections in this country have always and should always be by citizens of this country!! The demorats are only playing to illegal voters for votes! They do not have the ability to win elections without them so they are trying to get votes otherwise. The demorats are totally out of control and are not doing their job that they were sent to Washington to do, representing the American people, what is best for this country and working towards that end. Since President Trump has been in office they have done nothing but oppose everything our President proposes and that should not be their main goal. We are all citizens of the USA and it is time all in Washington realize that! I say Shame, Shame, Shame on the demorat party! Demorat used to mean what is best for all of our citizens not just for your votes!!!

  12. Linda

    Isn’t there something in the Constitution that states only citizens of the America are eligible to vote in all elections? No foreigners have that right to vote on what goes on in our country!!