Trump ‘Godsend’ For This Community

In the aftermath of devastating tornadoes wreaking havoc on Alabama, President Trump has arrived in what some are calling a “Godsend.”

“I enjoyed him coming. I think it’s a godsend,” Ada Ingram shared with reporters adding, “I’m sorry. The situation is bad. And there are going to be people who will say why did he come to my town. I don’t know why. I don’t why the hurricane happened. But there is a reason.”

Trump came to comfort survivors and bolster volunteers while surveying the damage with first responders. The president also signed hats and bibles while accompanied by FLOTUS Melania and their son Barron. 

Trump’s compassion also encouraged Ingram to state, “I’d vote for him again.”

Trump said, “I’ve never seen anything like it,” when referring to the “unbelievable” damage that’s a result of the worst tornado to hit Alabama since 2013.

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