Transgender Male Gives Birth To Gay Partner’s Son

A San Antonio couple has started their family with the birth of a baby boy, however the details of this story are far more uncommon.

The parents are Wyley Simpson and Stephan Gaeth, who appear to be a bohemian, bearded, gay couple. However Simpson was born a female a transitioned to male. Using the gay dating app Grindr, Simpson and Gaeth met and formed a relationship. However neither of them expected to become parents. 

Citing Simpson’s testosterone treatments the couple didn’t expect to be capable of having children. It was a big surprise when Simpson learned he was 11 weeks pregnant. He shared that it was “definitely was not planned,” adding his disbelief saying, “I am a man, and I am actually pregnant.”

Despite the surprise the couple welcomed the child who now goes by Rowan Fox.

I’ve always wanted to be a father,” Simpson told KENS-TV. “And even though it happened this way, and wasn’t planned, I was just like, ‘Let’s do it.'”

For his part, Gaeth sounded like most surprised parents. “I was really unsure. And then … it felt right, and it felt better as we talked about it,” Gaeth admitted. “We did a lot of talking, a lot of preparing. We went to prenatal yoga together, we watched a lot of videos online, and figured out our birth plan together.”

The couple intends to visit family before going on the road to travel the country. 

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  1. Michael Starr

    All I can say is…WOW!!! For the first time in my 53 years of life I am truly speechless. What is this world coming to??