FEC After AOC’s Chief Of Staff For $1M Manipulation

The Federal Elections Commission has filed a complaint against Saikat Chakrabarti, the Chief of Staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Washington Examiner reported that Chakrabati was using personal businesses to funnel over $1 million from campaign donations. What’s more is the businesses were being used as shell companies specifically to hide were the funds went. 

Joining in the FEC fling was also the National Legal and Policy Center. They claim Chakrabarti was using the private companies to avoid required reporting to the FEC and described their use as “an elaborate scheme to avoid proper disclosure of campaign expenditures.”

The group’s Integrity Project director, Tom Anderson, shared with the Wahington Examiner that, “it appears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her associates ran an off-the-books operation to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, thus violating the foundation of all campaign finance laws: transparency.”

Another incriminating circumstance for Chakrabarti is his pay. Ocasio-Cortez has often flouted that she pays her entry-level staffers a higher wage. But this is because she substantially reduces the pay of her top tier staff, like Chakrabarti. It turns out that because Chakrabarti’s pay was under the $126,000 threshold, he never had to make certain financial disclosures. 

Looks like a lot of planning and forethought went into this scheme and time will tell how much the young congresswoman had to do with it. 

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  1. Tony

    Time will tell, well if this were Republicans, the dems wouldn’t wait for “time will tell” they would already have convicted and they would have the media broadcasting this 24-7. Republicans need to play like the dems, jump on it and constantly broadcast what OAC’s been doing!

  2. Terry

    Barkeeps don’t belong in Congress. She may have a degree but as little as being taught to the young people in this country, it means nothing. Today if you don’t make an effort to study & be willing to go out on a limb to teach yourself you have a worthless piece of paper. A degree used to mean something, that you had prepared for a career after college but today that isn’t the case. I worked in the testing center of our community college and most were unprepared. The young people today cannot work a math problem without a calculator. Most were unable to write an essay. As for being able to read a paragraph & understand what was written. They have seen the words but do not know how to use them because our schools do not require the students to use proper grammar. Many have never owned a dictionary. Since the government has taken over our education system we are falling behind other countries.
    AOC is a product of that system. She is definitely under educated but somewhere in her mind she seems to think she has all the answers when truthfully she doesn’t understand the question. She obviously has been placed in a position she is unqualified to hold. She also has never been taught right from wrong. She doesn’t understand campaign funds are not her personal property or she is a thief. Makes you wonder if she took things at the bar where she was employed. I predict she will be back in the bar in no time at all.
    She is a good example of why the government should not be in control of our educational system.

  3. Tait

    All four of these pictuered above this & those two the article is about on this page, are traitors trying to overthrow the USA’s top Government official the President of the Uniuted States, Donald Trump. Every one should be held accountable for Treasonus Acts, embezzlement I’d think, and what ever else that is illegal.

  4. Former Dem

    Excellent. The truth hurts and seeing her as the product of our educational system is scary. Also she was rightfully elected. Are people so stupid? How can anyone vote for a Dem today. The are not JFK democrats. He would be a Republican today.

  5. Richard Bowers

    I continue to think it is too soon to pass judgment on her. The media for some reason, slow day, have given her the same kind of build up that they gave Angela Davis about forty years ago, she may disappear into the back halls of history as did Angela, she may go on to do something, But she is not in the Leadership of the congress or her party, she if a first year, very junior congresswoman. What she said is a combination of facts and wishes. She must know some things, you can not run a campaign even with help if you do not. Her questions to Cohen were on point and she did not grandstand but that is only one days w
    ork product.

  6. Don Zweifel

    Well… to continue on that vein… she in addition and in actuality refuses to denounce Madero, the miscreant “President” of Venezuela….
    Plus AOC indicated that she wants to: ‘Take from those that have & give to those that want it….’

  7. Marlopi

    She really has learned the primary function of a Democrat. Corruption and deception!!!!! She needs to go if she is starting out so corrupt.

  8. Cindy Steele

    If this is true this woman needs to be investigated right NOW and see where this money is being funneled. I sure hope it isn’t going to a middle East Country!!!!! I do not trust this woman at all!!!

  9. easy4u

    Oh now I know what has been going on. I always wonder how was AOC’s election funded, when she was just a bar tender. Obviously, some Hocus-pocus was going on behind our back. I would like to extend the same question to Ms. Tlaib and Ms. Omar, the other two radical newcomers to congress.