Greenpeace Throws AOC Under The Bus

The former president of Greenpeace Canada, Patrick Moore, just unleashed a devastating tweet that takes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to task over her “completely crazy” Green New Deal.

As a co-founder of Greenpeace, Moore was unrelenting in his scathing tweet. He claimed the “pompous little twit” would be responsible for “mass death.”

Nowhere near finished with speaking his mind on the subject, Moore posted again the following day, blasting AOC for trying to reference WWII.

Moore then tweeted his reasoning for AOC getting the publicity she has been receiving lately. 

It looks like Ocasio-Cortez has her work cut out for her just finding one reputable source to endorse her proposal.

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  1. richard

    I completely agree with Mr Moore. AOC is a total train wreck, she has the intelegence of a box of rocks.

  2. Kevin

    Did anyone pick up on AOC’s latest dream for the future? She’s going to do away with airlines and have a “railroad across the oceans”. Good luck with this one. Apparently she’s never been on a boat or shop before. I think she had too many “green” cigs in college!

    1. Jan Sheen

      I’ve ask this before…HOW did she get elected? Are her constituents that stupid or did the whole part of Brooklyn not vote? Someone ask the people there who voted for her.

      1. Ron

        I’ve wondered that myself. But the Dems want open borders because they give away free stuff that taxpayers are stuck with. So Im sure that’s who did most of the voting in the Bronx.

  3. Stephen Weiss

    AOC is a certain ‘one termer”…loud mouth, and stupid ideas, with no concept of how to pay for anything. Her comment ” I’m the Boss” was the final nail…she’s not the boss, she works for the American people, we are her boss……..unfortunately her ego is too big to understand that, as well as costing NY a fortune in taxes and jobs….stupid, stupid, stupid….The Democrat party, behind the scenes is already plotting to rid themselves of this embarrassment.

  4. Burt

    AOC may be a twit and a stupendous moron…..but what about the people that voted her in ? Talk about elevators not going to the top………………

  5. Lawanna

    They better get rid of a lot of nut cases they have in Congress. They want to destroy America

  6. Laughing atyou

    Good for him. It sounds like the co founder of Greenpeace grew up and realized everything has a cost and a benefit.. something most environmentalist dont get

  7. Andrew Elias Stradis

    This person (AOC) is daily in contempt of the every decent person legally living in the USA and were she taken to task in the highest Court she surely would be sectioned to protect her from herself and all of her kind, as well as cutting off the damage her loud mouth is doing by confusing her fantasies with the realities of this world WE ALL LIVE IN TOGETHER. She already commits crimes by diverting tacky little sums of hard cash into her private life and I find it hard to accept that she has not been summonsed to a Court for Trial. My message to her is “Ms AOC, you are a nobody who believes she is somebody, and nobody will even remember your face or name well before 2020, so why don’t you go and get a job like cleaning windows or potato packing to help the world population to see and eat – please do that; it will help the world.” Thanks.

  8. David Anderson

    Mr. Moore is totally correct and Pompous TWIT is indeed the correct name for AOC. What she dose not know could fill a library. She is all about AOC and ares nothing about those she represents. She needs to know she is only one member of one half of one of the three branches of government, but I am suer she went to the Chuckie Schumer who’s said the the three branches of Govt. are the House, Senate and President. AOC has proved herself to be the TWIT she is in losing Billions in revenue and thousand of jobs to the City and State of New York and those jobs were not even in her district. Let us not forget she is only one representative of one district in one state out of fifty states and dose not represent the entire United States. She also works for the constitutes who elected her not the the voters working for her. Her two year stint in the House is going to be a long two years of listening to her nonsense on a daily basis. She needs to learn the old Adage ” it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak out and prove it” Mr. Moore has been a Greenpeace advocate and while I a not a Greenpeace supporter I respect that he has done much more in reality than she, all she is, is talk and a hypocrite at that, living in a manor she dose not wish others to have, as well as corrupt campaign practices to her boy friends financial benefit. It can not come to soon for her to be voted out of arrested out of office.

  9. BwaHa

    This was one helluva great review by the former president of Greenpeace Canada, Patrick Moore. I love his blunt, to the point logic and downright common sense! It’s refreshing to see there’s still folks like Patrick Moore who aren’t afraid to call folks out publicly on their idiotic “claims” and tell it like it is. Thank you Mr. Moore.

  10. FAD

    Mr. Moore is absolutely correct I say that AOC is simply another product of many radical, left wing universities, staffed with approximately 92% Socialist, Marxist professors. Their salaries are heavily subsidized by the government using tax payer’s funds. All of these colleges should be investigated and made to level the playing field when it comes to teaching politics in their classrooms. These professors should be made to keep their extreme political views to themselves. Graduates should leaves school equipped with adequate political knowledge and views enabling them to decide on their own as to which political party best serves their needs…and not brain-washed by some radical, liberal professor whose agenda is his Socialist way or the highway. The government should give subject colleges guilty of biased teachings a period of a six months to correct the problem or be subjected to loss of government funds until such time that corrective action is verified.

  11. Paul

    I believe we should realize she not only is a Socialist
    Radical, and Illogical, but has diarrhea of the mouth,,
    and lack of common sense. Too, consider that she is only
    one screwball and think for a moment WHO elected her and
    must be supportive of her ill mannered, disruptive behavior.
    She is completely out of context in the office she holds. I
    Would like to see her removed from office some way, some how.