US Socialist Slammed By Their Idol

Sweden is a country that has managed to thrive under it’s socialist doctrine. As such it’s a go to example for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. But the admiration doesn’t go both ways. 

Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt gave made a biting tweet aimed directly at Sanders. It called the senator out for heaping praise on the communist Soviet Union while visiting in 1988.

Bildt even posted the incriminating video:

Sanders can be witnessed practically gushing over his new communist friends. 

It seems like this affiliation grates on Bildt’s nerves as Sanders constantly uses Sweden as a reference. Well this was pretty good way to get some distance from the senator while sending a clear message to stop making comparisons. 

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  1. Joseph

    So I thought over the years Sweden has moved away from socialism and more to a Capitalistic form of Government because socialism was destroying their economy and Country. They are also getting away from their once liberal agenda now that they have allowed so many moslems in that they are now known as the rape capital of the world. As I hear it they are now deporting large numbers of moslems and trying to re-claim their Country.

    1. Mike Dar

      Entirely true. 1960 Sweden was one of the most successful countries.. in the world, then went into a death spiral of Socialism… by 1979 almost a tenth of the population abandoned Sweden for other countries, taking everything not nailed down. By 1979, the largest remaining corporations left in Sweden was ABBA a music group and Bjorn Borg.. the tennis player. Ever since then the country has been struggling back towards Capitalistic policies.. but it is doubted to ever become the success Sweden was before 1960.
      Weakened by Socialist endeavors and the shrinking population problems where those who were successful, those that endeavored…. those that worked and produced.. were leaving the country.. the ever assumed and ill informed solution was tried… bringing into the country immigrants that were even more poor, destitute, ignorant than the remaining natural citizens…..
      Sweden lost its identity in many respects.
      Sadly some will use Sweden as a example of how Sweden is a successful example of Socialist endevors, never wishing to face historical facts, these people create fiction… where in reality, Sweden is recovering from Socialism and we hope, abandons as much as possible the fiction of Socialism…. but that will require at some point admitting they must stop entirely what led from recovering from Socialism, immigration leeches.

    2. Sam

      This is what happens when people listen to the like of Obama , Hillary , Bernie and the Democrats in general . They are the Russian collusion party , not Trump and the GOP !

  2. Greg

    I cannot even envision how the United States could survive the transition to socialism. And I refuse to envision the natural descent to communism here. Why is it, that an economic system that has failed miserably and violently EVERY SINGLE TIME it has been tried throughout human history still remains a panacea goal for the blind, the stupid, the arrogant, and the rich. Idiots all….and anyone who thinks this is a good idea.

  3. Gail

    Those who give Sanders an ear are the dumbed down . Sanders and the many hippie professors who have brainwashed America’s young Especially in America have never known one day of living in a communist country . Sanders lives off of the money he cons people into believing his destructive ideas with . He used the funds that were donated to his campaign to build himself 2 new homes with and he has millions in off shore accounts . Go ahead and give him your money . It will be you that stands in a breadline . Not him!

    1. Sadie

      So very true, but many Americans are too stupid to see what this vile, old man is doing! Bernie Sanders only wants power and control due to his greed! He is a wicked, disgusting traitor to all Americans! And this lowlife only cares about himself and his tacky family!

    2. Don

      Good answer. AND while I do understand Sweden has moved away from it, I also understand they’re having just as much difficulty with muslims they’ve allowed in as the rest of Europe, so they haven’t moved far enough.

    3. Richard C Shaw

      You skimmed over the true reason Sanders has supporters and do not kid yourself these people are not dumb or brain washed as you state. Actually there are two groups of Millennial that support Sanders. First those who are in the early 40’s who are highly educated but have had to live with their parents because of lack of jobs etc, but there is a sign that these young people are wavering as we speak. The Second group is more dangerous because they are young, educated, spoiled, self centered, but clueless any purpose to support or have any reason to defend democracy. They care less of History, they have no ideas as to what their elders suffered or contributed too to keep their freedoms, nor have they had to suffer or have to make decisions other then their “choice of false equality”, everyone deserves what they have even the poor illegals. However, they know it is not easy to become extremely rich, but two people with good jobs can live well without a lot of demands on them.

      We have spoiled our young people trying to make it easy for them and they have never had to sacrifice anything, and as long as it does not effect them, everything for those in need should be free at government expense, again as long as it does not effect them. Abortion is great for those who are not married, free insurance gives them more for their free time, and most importantly it is all about what they get or can get. Being gay, black, yellow, an atheist nothing matters as long as it does not effect them.

      If you want to see the true culprit for this surge of Socialism look in the mirror, our families are deteriorating, our morals are deteriorating, we have allowed our government to cheat us and worse get away with it. Add to that we are now allowing hoards illegals into the country as well as legal immigrants who only what to change our Culture. As a country we have a bigger problem then Swish have because ours is a coup from within our Republic. Individual states are working to destroy our Constitution.

  4. Lotte Johnson

    Americans have no clue what Socialism is about. They are too
    stupid to understand, especially
    Bernie that doesn’t want to give up
    his wealth but the people that believes in him will be the victim.

    Please America wake up and toss
    Bernie and all the others under the bus.

  5. Robert Higginbotham

    Sanders pretends to be a socialist but flies on his private plane to one of his three homes. What a guy!

  6. Posercom

    It isn’t art if the artists have no artistic freedom. It is, instead, propaganda. Just ask Michael Baryshnikov the famous ballet dancer. He defected form the USSR and came to the United States. Baryshnikov was interviewed by Travis Smiley during the Obama presidency. Baryshnikov warned Smiley and his viewers that America was headed in a wrong and dangerous direction and that Obama’s embrace of socialist ideas would be very bad for our nation. Bernie Sanders and his wife could have and would have gone to live and work in the USSR if things had really been so great there, just as people form all over the world come to the U.S to live and work. But none of the “socialist” in theory folks ever practice what they preach. What they do practice is crony capitalism. And I am wondering why Jane Sanders is not is prison for mortgage fraud.

  7. teo

    See the movie on DVD: “Reds” to get a picture of an American socialist who tried living in the USSR. back in the ’20’s For me, young dreamy-eyed idealists rave about it in the US because they’ve never tried living under it. Far from spreading around the wealth, it spreads around the poverty, and only the upper class, the “nomenclature” really lives well..

  8. Rick

    Anyone who thinks democratic socialism…PC for communism is utopia needs to look at Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and now Nicaragua again. The narcissistic leaders needing a fascist form of power are dangerous. Visit a communist or shariah country and look at the people, very depressing.
    It’s coming to a neighborhood near you. Be ready…

  9. Michael Santarsiero

    First off none of the Scandinavian countries would rank higher than 48th based on GDP when compared to the fifty states here so to say any of them are successful is an understatement. West Virginia ranks higher than any of them. But then truth is not a strong point of our political machine.

  10. james agee

    Sweden is a small 5-10 million population appx. socialism in that small of a country might work however how did it work in the Soviet Union, Venezuela or China for that matter. China had to go to a storefront capitalist system for their economy. I hate to see the young people buy into all of this FREE business because when this country goes down it will probably never get back up. Argentina was one of the world best economies in the late 1800’s but once they went to socialism and they are now irrelevant.