Overpowering Transgender Athletes Claim Disadvantage

Transgender athletes are dominating women’s sports. In a girls’ 55-meter sprint for Bloomfield Highscool, the top two spots were taken by transgender competitors. 

The second place winner was Andraya Yearwood. Yearwood is a 17-year-old biological male who identifies as female. 

The first place position was taken by Terry Miller, who is also a transgender student at the school. 

For comparison the third place competitor was not transgender, she was .22 seconds behind Yearwood and .28 seconds behind Miller.

However Yearwood, who has admitted to having a strength advantage over fellow competitors, claims biological females can have many advantages themselves.

“One high jumper could be taller and have longer legs than another, but the other could have perfect form, and then do better,” Yearwood explained. “One sprinter could have parents who spend so much money on personal training for their child, which in turn, would cause that child to run faster.”

Yearwood seems to miss that a transgender student could also have such advantages. 

It’s all part of the commentary as officials try to find a balance between inclusiveness and fair play.

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  1. Patrick Henry

    There is NO such ANIMAL as a so called Transgender!!! You were BORN as a MAN or WOMAN. There is NO in between. ONLY DUMBA$$ES$, MORONS, IDIOTS and stupid people believe that they exist.
    Get over it and take a biology class in High School!!!

    1. Lori

      I totally agree with how God determined male or female 🙏. All the rest of those that want to change, do so to gain notoriety ‼️



  3. joan Patterson


  4. Frankie Cornell

    If these biological boys were to try to compete against other biological boys they would get their asses handed to them. They cheat because society allows them to. This is wrong on so many levels.

  5. Brian

    There is a fundamental difference in the bone structure and muscle size between male and females. A transgender individual is exploiting this difference and should only be competing against other transgender individuals.

  6. Ronald H Medlock DC

    This is such a total farce! We are believing a lie and being told a total false narrative to support someone’s emotional inability to grasp reality. Transgender is a HORRIBLE thing to try to instil on our youth. Grow up and be transgender all on your own. DO NOT FORCE FEED US YOUR NARRATIVE! HORRIBLE! ABSOKUTELY HORRIBLE!

  7. Ronald H Medlock DC

    This is such a total farce! We are believing a lie and being told a total false narrative to support someone’s emotional inability to grasp reality. Transgender is a HORRIBLE thing to try to instil on our youth. Grow up and be transgender all on your own. DO NOT FORCE FEED US YOUR NARRATIVE! HORRIBLE! ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!

  8. edinance muwonge

    I agree with Patric, there no in between, you are either a girl or a boy. It is written in the Bible, there is away which seems rihgt to a man, but the endvof it is death. I believe we should stop supporting wrong behaviors and call a cup a cup. It will never be a plate.

  9. Tony

    Amen pat, wake these selfmade humans up!!! Let them Ask the creator what he created when he gave them life !!! Let them argue with Him,lets see how THAT turns out,lol !!!

  10. Laughing atyou

    This is why it is stupid to ever let liberals have a place at the discussion of anything. Liberals do not understand facts and are not capable of separating facts from emotions. The result is always failed ideas and failed results. Whether social security, affirmative action, no qualification home loans, or this transgender shit.

  11. Bonnie

    I agree, Patrick. It was difficult enough for me having to accept gay marriage. Not for me, but I know a number of gays. According to the old testament it is an abomination. Why can’t gays/lesbians accept being this way, without going through an expensive surgery? The body doesn’t go to Heaven anyway, only the soul. Cost of living is high enough. Why go through expensive surgery that isn’t necessary?

  12. Truth Teller

    Political correctness simply means pretending lies are the truth. If you are one sex but think you are the other, you are not transgender. You are mentally ill.

  13. Elder M Jane

    Amen to that! If trans folks want to compete , let them compete against other trans. No men against women. Or vice versus. PERIOD!

  14. donna

    men who think their women should not compete against real women they have advantage in muscle mass their not the true winner

  15. jeff

    Let’s start an un deceided class. No men or women’s class. Athletes will compete against each other not based on gender. It will all be be better when we are one sex, color and religion, think the same and there will be other unforseen problems.

  16. Alexander

    Those boys are running against FEMALES because they could not COMPETE with the guys and win. If they ran against guys they had no chance in getting in the top three places or even going to the finals in any race they tries to enter. You guys are losers and will not get TRACK SCHOLORSHIPS anywhere in Track.

  17. Steve Coon

    What ever gender you are below the waist, is the gender sports teams you have to play on!!!! Want to be recognized as a 3rd gender? move to tyland where they are recognized as such!!!!

  18. Rick Z

    You can change your genitalia…you can’t change your chromosomes and therefore you can identify yourself as anything you want, but whatever the birth certificate says is your sex! Unfair to compete as the opposite sex for advantage!

  19. Terry Hunt

    Patrick Henry is absolutely Correct!

    If you were born with a penis, you are a male, if not your a female!

    Only sissy, mentaly, screwed up pampered little boys think they are a girl!!!

  20. Angelo De Panphilis

    What is going on here? Stop the madness….there’s a clear advantage being male at birth,these girls are being discriminated against and no one has the Fucking balls to tell these he-she’s its not all right to compete in female sports….What’s miffs me is what you can possibly gain by telling others you won in a girls event….Really?? Maybe I don’t get it.

  21. Donald Pearline

    It is possible that the brain thinks the body it is in is not correct. How often this actually happens is not known. The body, however, is governed by hormones and developmental factor, so a born male is a male body and should not compete with born females. Yes, this can mean that true transgendered (brain misconfigured) will be stigmatized possibly by not being able to compete but they can also be educated that it is not fair to those true born females who have worked to compete at the highest possible level for their abilities.


    Still waiting for the girls high school or college basketball tournament when 5 transgender men identifying as women are the starting 5 and dominate the entire tournament.

  23. Bruce Boldenow

    I taught in the classroom for 45 years, have coached for over 40, and this whole ‘transgender’ in sports is a complete crock! They can make all the excuses they want, but boys, whatever they might imagine themselves, should only compete against biological boys. Many of us fought for girls sports beginning many years ago, we CANNOT allow them to be destroyed now!!

  24. Joseph

    There is only one simple solution: Trannies should compete against other trannies and women against women and men against men and this would end the problem. As an extra incentive to be the best give the winners a First Place Trophy and then a second place trophy then a third place trophy and so on. Stop with the participation BS. When they lose they just might work harder the next time to win. The leftists have taken the need to work hard to be the first and have made a generation of wimps who must try and change their gender to get an advantage over someone of a different gender. This is not sportsmanship this is just down right cheating and anyone condoning it is as big a cheat as the perpetrators.

  25. ARJAY

    As soon as a “transgender” joins the girls team, ALL the girls should quit!! Then the “transgender” will ONLY COMPETE against itself!!

    Eventually they will get the message to compete with the people with the same sex organs!!

  26. Shelba Herring

    Transgenders enter girls events because they are not good enough to win in their biological events, their ego demands a trophy even tho they cheated to get it, as I have said before girls should drop out and let the little pricks compete all by themselves, maybe they would get the message but actually am afraid they are too stupid to read the writing on the wall

  27. Eeg

    Maybe the real girls who are running should all agree to not start the race with the transgender
    “girls.” Then they wait 15 seconds or so and have their own race. Some of these girls might be looking for a college track scholarship and this would give college scouts a fair look at them.
    Try as hard as you want, but you can’t argue with biology and the transgenders are men who are running with the girls. They can have their own (hopefully humiliating) race.

  28. Gilbert Scholtz

    I Saw a message suggestion For The Women Athletes To “WALK OFF” “QUIT”
    I Agree Wholeheartedly!

  29. Andrew Elias Stradis

    Nature, evolution, God, Goddess, Jesus Christ, The Known Universe, Earth, Mankind, Faith and that means all Faiths, and plurals of those mentioned, call it whatever you want, has generated all living things, creatures, craters, animals, people, vegetation and all else. Amongst the humans we have just TWO – yes 2. I say again – 2 sexes, Male and FeMale. or Female and Male. End of. Get over it please and stop these crazy trends.
    Get a life.

  30. Joe

    This is such a stupid turn of events for the USA. Baby boys are born with certain chromosomes, baby girls another. This difference will never, ever, ever change no matter how many blood tests are given. No amount of plastic surgery, injections or breast enhancements will change that fact. When a boy identifies as a girl it does not change his chromosomes, for God’s sake! To allow a boy to compete in girls athletics is beyond stupidity.

  31. Bonnie

    Of course you’re going to beat the girls, you have more male testosterone and physical strength than they have. Stop cheating! Mens’ physiques were designed by nature as the Hunter and Protector, while women’ physiques were designed for Gathering and breeding. Your Identity has been deliberately confused by Marxist indoctrination. Stop seeking your Id and acceptance from outside yourself, and start looking inside and accept yourself for who you are.

  32. Dianna

    Almighty God made 2 genders – MALE & FEMALE – MAN & WOMAN! God didn’t make “transgender”! it’s not FAIR to women to complete against MEN! transgenders should have their own competitions! men & women are built differently! can these “MEN” win against men? or do they want to compete against women so they win race?
    “Lord JESUS, open our eyes to see we have to take back our country & restore it to follow you LORD!we’ve got to get back to our foundation & keep Almighty God our highest priority! JESUS stop this “invasion” of muslims trying to take over our country! We will not be defeated! Praise be to JESUS!” AMEN