Minor Attacked By Radical Liberal

Recently, a Vans store employee in Kansas had no filter while talking to a young boy wearing a MAGA hat and his mother.

The hateful liberal employee needlessly screamed “F*** you.” to the child whose only crime was being a fan of the president of the United States.

As first reported by The Daily Caller, the video of the subsequent exchange between the mother and the employee does not show the employee’s actual remark, but it does show the mother confronting the employee, who does not deny having made the remark. In the video, the mother says, “He did nothing to you. And what did you say to my son, to my fourteen-year-old son?”

The employee responds, “I’m sure he’s heard it before.”

The mom takes charge, saying, “Where’s your manager? Let’s go,” and heads for the store’s manager. She turns back and says to the employee, “You touched my child.”

The employee mutters, “I’m not touching him …”

The mother continues, “Let’s go. Let’s find your manager now.” Once she reaches the manager, she asserts, “My son walked into the store. That gentleman first told him, ‘Take off your hat.’” Referencing her son, she continues, “He said nothing to him, a fourteen-year-old child.” Referring to the employee, she says, “Then he said, ‘F you’ to my son. My son said nothing to him. Did nothing. That is a disrespectful punk right there.” Referring to her son, she concludes, “He did nothing.”

The Daily Caller reported that the employee was fired, which was confirmed by Mediaite.

A spokeswoman for Vans stated to The Daily Caller, “Our focus is to provide the best customer service experience. We did let this employee go. He is no longer with our company. The actions and comments from this employee at the Oak Park location is in contrast with our values and beliefs.” She added, “We have taken care of the situation.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Monday, a married couple wearing MAGA hats was accosted in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday by a man who allegedly pulled a gun on the husband, reportedly telling him, ““It’s a good day for you to die.” The husband later recalled, “My wife was at Sam’s Club shopping Saturday night, and as we was walking up to the check-out line, a man approached us and flipped us off. I didn’t see the initial act; I seen him bringing his hands down and my wife had said, ‘Did he just flip us off?’ And she hollered at him, ‘Hey, did you flip me off?’ And he turned around and he done it again, and he said, ‘Yeah, I flipped you off because of them explicative hats you got on.’”

The husband continued, “And when he said that, I went after him. And I went to him and I said, ‘What’s your problem, buddy?’ And he started screaming at me, so I returned the favor to him. Next thing I know, he drew a .40 caliber and stuck it in my face. Told me, he said, ‘This is a good day for you to die.’”

The man who allegedly pulled the gun was later arrested for wanton endangerment first degree.

source: dailywire.com

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  1. Jean Shelton

    Way to go mom !!! WE STILL leave in a free country and can wear Any Hat we want !!!! If we don’t wake up , Dems will take over and you WON’T be able to wear what you want or own a gun !!! We might be the “ Deplorables “ but DEMS are “THE
    INTOLERANT “!!!!

  2. Susan

    The liberals have turned into a terrorist group with Big Mouth Maxine Waters at the helm! And she is a sitting member of Congress that we actually PAY to do this to supporters!! Is this Fair to Republicans!? We should file a class action suit against this crazy mentally unstable woman!! She needs brought before an Ethics Board before this gets violent again!! She is your main Cause!!

    1. D S

      As far as I’m concerned she doesn’t represent, My state of California.
      My town was 59 0/0 for Mr DONALD Trump and I proudly voted for him and I’m going to do it again….

  3. Maryg

    Where is the outrage pulling a gun on 14-year-old where is the outrage where is the media ! they only believe in black lies matter’s

  4. Foster Normand

    The tables are going o be turned on day soon and some Libtard is going to get an extra ventilation hole in their stupid body!

    I BEG someone to do that to my Son.

  5. Betty Echols

    Why can’t liberals just live and let live. I’ve worn my Trump 2020 red hat and my Trump sweatshirt all over my city, and no one ever seems to notice.
    Macon, Georgia

  6. dpk54

    These idiots aren’t any Americans I would open my door to…I wouldn’t give any of them air if they were in a jug!! This is how low Dems have stooped…to verbally assault an adult in this manner is bad enough, but kids????? I guess freedom of speech only applies to a filthy Democrat….Absolute chaos, ignorance, hate and HYPOCRISY are the only things that exist in this organization…..I despise everything they represent!!! If they are so unhappy with everything here, why aren’t they packing up and going to Afghanistan?? As far as I am concerned THEY are the enemy and should be treated as such. I have absolutely NO REGARD for any of them……

  7. jim bryant

    I am going to buy and wear a MAGA hat just to show liberals that they can’t have their way. I also want to wear it to show support for my fellow Americans who share a clear vision for Conservatives. Trump 2020.