Trans Athletes Called Out By Tennis Legend

As more and more trans gender athletes debut in competitive sports, tennis pro and legend Martina Navratilova is speaking out while calling for new standards.

Specifically Navratilova referred to the practice of transgender biologically-male athletes competing in women’s sports as “insane and cheating.”She claimed that accepting the practice allowed men to switch genders so they could “win everything in sight.”

This isn’t the first time Natratilova shared her opinion on the subject. In late 2018 she tweeted, “You can’t just proclaim yourself female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”

Of course, both then and now outrage quickly followed suit from those who claim absolutely everything must be entirely inclusive. 

One stand-out critic was transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon, who at the UCI Masters Track World Championship won in the women’s division. McKinnon labeled Natratilova as “transphobic.”

Given that Natratilova was one of the first premier athletes to come out (she revealed she was bisexual in 1981) and has been a champion of LGBT rights ever since, it doesn’t seem she would be “phobic” about any related issue. 

Really it seems McKinnon is worried that the rest of the world will wake up and see that they’ve been had.

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  1. DRLJR

    The “trans-gender” claim is nothing but a mental illness. And these men, pretending to be women, do not belong in women’s sports. The “Feminist” movement helped create this problem and know women need to stand up and help stop the mental illness and deviant behavior routine. And the flip-side applies to women pretending they are men. Human gender is determined by genetics not thoughts.

  2. Gail

    I agree with Martina . It’s obsene and distructive to women’s sports . Women imply a vagina not a penis . That’s a fact that can not be denied . Men’s muscles and strength are more than females no matter what women want to believe . Muscles and a penis and a set of testicles says you have testosterone! Taking testosterone is illegal and having it to begin with also says you don’t belong in women’s sports .

    1. Keith

      Here you go try wrapping your head around this one. “A man’s penis becomes a female penis once a man declares himself to be transgender, says Indya Moore, one of the players in a transgender-themed TV show on FX network.
      The declaration is built on the transgender claim that men who say they are women are actually women. But once the men are women, their bodies are women’s bodies. So men’s penises become female penises.
      Moore extended the “female penis” claim by declaring the existence of ‘male vaginas,’ which are presumably carried by women who are living as men.” See entire story here:

      1. TK

        This reply and reasoning is a demented lame excuse for transgender men in the female world. Either lose the package and actually completely change or stay out of woman’s sports. Just the mere fact that they have testosterone flowing in the bodies is a cheating fact. Testosterone is the main factor that men carry to enhance muscle. If they are still male “acting’ the role, then they are still biologically men. It’s a sad world we become. Soon people will marry their pets in order to gain health insurance and benefits if it dies? Hello liberals-you’ve gone too far with this one!

    2. Joseph

      She is right and this will open a can of worms and allow more men who can’t win against men to win in sports that are for women. This whole thing about fluid genderism is just a made up thing by Democrats to destroy our culture and history. Men and women are different by design and no matter of drugs and surgeries can change it. The simple solution is to create sports events for trans people and let them compete against others of their species.

  3. Wanda Graham

    She is right. I was one of the first 3 women to go on field training exercises in Army ROTC . When it came time to help an “injured” male counterpart off of the field I could not physically accomplish it. It was the Vietnam war time and I did not want the burden of maybe being responsible for the death of a fellow soldier. The men on the team could easily accomplish the task. If those men wore dresses, they’d be able to out lift a woman as well. It is unfair to let men compete as women.

  4. Martin Dyer

    There are 2, only only 2 biologic genders. Sexual orientation and gender identification are separate issues and should not be introduced into biologic gender-specific sports. Anyone with an ounce of common sense cannot argue with that. If they do, then they are morons, and most likely liberals. Saying that a person who “identifies” as transgender is that biologic gender is similar to saying “all morons are liberals, but not all liberals are morons”. I know, bad analogy, but had to get a liberal dig in somehow(LOL).

  5. Bianca

    I’m glad this issue is coming out to light more and more. I’ve been fighting this in Connecticut for about one year now when one high school athlete was competing as a boy for 3 season only to be “a girl” few weeks later. And ever since this “girl” has been slaughtering her competition and being awarded with wins and records in track and field. Because according to CIAC, the high school athletic governing body, you can change gender identity with the pen and a paper anytime. Nothing else. We have two trans in CT now and my daughter just missed qualifying to New England championship because the two of them and her school lost the State Open title beyond them. So if you think this is wrong please sign my petition at No rude comments please as it will hurt and not help.


    As LGBTQ insanity is foolishly sold as a civil right, it has become an “oil and water” example, in reality, proving that nothing has changed in either the moral or spiritual realities, and in the case of Transgenders trying to squirm into real Female athletic clubs because these men claim to be women which is so non-reality in every sense of the word, and that really isn’t fair to the hard working real women athletes when wannabe women steal their exclusivity- that’s bullshit! sanity has to prevail here, and people need to put the breaks on this ridiculous insanity and leave women athletes in their own space because they don’t need these same-sex wannabes in their midst- that’s total insanity, and people need to wake up and correct this nonsensical farce!

  7. Thomas E Hall

    The fact is,transgenderism is a psychological disorder not a biological one.the fact is Navritalova is exactly right,the disorder is being employed so these individuals who couldnt win against men could finally win

  8. jim Clayton

    Whatever happened with Renee Richards? What I see is that a HS boy can just claim his transgender self for the purpose of taking showers with women. That is simply not rational.