Paedophile Weiner Released From Jail!

It’s an outrage that this monster was released so soon!

Disgraced former congressman — and convicted federal sex offender — Anthony Weiner, was released from prison this morning after serving 15 months for sexting a minor across state lines.

The New York Daily News reports that Weiner has left the minimum security facility he’s called home for the last year, the Federal Medical Center in Devins, Massachusetts, and is now “in a reentry center,” working to acclimate back to normal life on the outside.

It’s not immediately clear if Weiner is a free man, however. He is either in a halfway house, the outlet reports, or he is under house arrest. He is being closely monitored by the Federal Residential Reentry Management Agency, according to the New York Post. He will not be officially released from federal custody until mid-May, though he managed to “shave about three months off his sentence,” the Post says, due to his good behavior behind bars.

Additionally, the Post reports, Weiner will “spend three years on supervised release and will have to pay a $10,000 fine as well as register as a sex offender.”

Anthony Weiner has been in and out of trouble over his “sexting” problem since 2011, when he was first caught messaging a woman who was not his wife, photos of his private parts, using Twitter. After first claiming to be hacked, Weiner was forced to resign his office and begin a public “rehabilitation.”

A few short years later, Weiner made a second foray into the public eye, this time running for mayor of New York City. Like clockwork, though, Weiner was again revealed to have engaged in Twitter sexting, this time with a Democratic campaign worker in Ohio named Sydney Leathers. Weiner’s texts and direct messages revealed that he had not changed his ways since leaving Congress, and that he often used the bizarre and hilarious pseudonym, Carlos Danger, when communicating with women online.

In 2017, as his wife Huma Abedin was serving as a top advisor for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Weiner was busted yet again, this time for sending lewd photos to a woman in North Carolina, who turned out to be a 15 year old girl. “According to the feds, Weiner sent her ‘adult pornography’ and repeatedly convinced her to strip naked and fondle herself while he watched via Skype and Snapchat in February and March 2016,” the New York Post reported at the time.

Weiner’s laptop was seized and his communications investigated. Eventually, federal agents charged Weiner with transmitting lewd content to a minor across state lines.

Abedin filed for divorce as soon as Weiner was officially convicted.

After pleading guilty to the federal charge in the hopes of getting a reduced prison term, Weiner was hit with a sentence of 21 months in federal prison. When he is released from federal custody, he will have served two-thirds of that term in a facility, and around one-third of that term at home, under federal supervision.


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  1. Stephen Weiss

    and this is the guy, whose wife Huma, used his computer to download sensitive e-mails so it would be simple and easy for her to print them out…….so Weiner’s computer was likely as secure as Hillary’s private other words, NOT SECURE….but dats O’tay, he’s a Democrat and the FBI doesn’t investigate anything associated with the Clintons….Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Rothstein…all deemed the Clintons to be off limits..nothing to see there folks , move along…………disgraceful

  2. Gail

    Why not ! The democrats are set to destroy all of America with illegals and killing innocent American babies . While they fight to keep the borders open so our enemies and all the drugs and children they intend to use like this pervert does can be readily available .

  3. Harvey

    The Dummicrats have no agenda other than to try and stop Trump from doing anything to keep this country safe. Kind of makes you wonder how much Cartel money was used to pay off Senile Nancy and her support puppet Little Chuckie Flip Flop to try and keep those borders unsecured and open.

  4. james kearney sr.

    Sure, in security we refer to this as “hardening the target” which increases protection of co.s assets.