This State Makes Strong Stand Against Abortion

As state’s like New York advocate for the murder of infants by endorsing abortions up to birth, at least one state is taking a strong stance AGAINST abortion.

Lawmakers in Mississippi’s state Senate and House have passed “heartbeat bills,” bills that unmistakably bans abortion once a child’s heartbeat has been detected. A heartbeat can usually be found around the sixth week of pregnancy. 

Now the bill needs to be signed into law to take effect. Gov. Phil Bryant has already signaled that he would sign the bill. 

One of the bill’s author’s, Sen. Angela Hill, gave an impassioned speech which the Clarion Ledger reported on.

“Times are changing in this country,” Hill shared. “We can see more of what’s happening in the womb. … We can see that heart beating with those tests and I’ve had those tests and they’re not so bad.”

“I see in this country that we protect sea turtle eggs and we protect other endangered species of animals with a greater degree of scrutiny and zealousness than we protect a child in the womb that has a beating heart,” Hill added. “The womb should be the safest place in the world for an unborn child. I’m asking Mississippi to be different.”

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  1. George L. Randle Randle

    I have been saying that since 1983! Also we have lost 65.4 million, who would be citizens and some taxpayers, these would have been our future. Economy would be worth 3 trillion dollars more than it is today.

  2. Beth

    Praise God that Mississippi is protecting the baby in the womb! I pray daily that Louisiana does the same and that other states will follow!

  3. Thomas Liang

    A simple mother’s blood test can yield a mixture of DNAs from the mother and the baby. Perhaps they can inch towards before the six week baby’s heartbeat by determining both mother and baby DNAs. By elimination of mother’s DNA, they can obtain the baby’s human DNA, and thus his/her humanity! Every human has a unique DNA, right?

  4. Jerald Padfield, O.D.

    It is nice to see a few people in politics still have a mind. Thank you Mississippi be proud of having a congress that still has morals and is not all about themselves like so many of our legislatures do.

  5. Daniel

    Why don’t the government make it a federal law that anyone having a abortion that is done when a heart beat has been found then they should be charged with MURDER and then be sentenced to death themselves ( I am referring to those MURDERING S.O.B’S IN NEW YORK AND ANY OTHER IDIOT THAT AGREES WITH THE MURDERING S.O.B’S IN NEW YORK )