Spy Charges Against US Traitor

Federal prosecutors have leveled espionage charges against former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence agent, Monica Witt. 

The 39 year-old Witt, who now goes by Fatemah Zahra, was found to have been working with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to spy on American counterintelligence officials. 

The indictment itself reads, “WITT conducted research for the purpose of creating target packages against US Counterintelligence agents, and did create such packages in order to enable the Govt of Iran to target US counterintelligence agents.”

Born an American citizen, Witt enlisted with the Air Force in 1997 where she had access to both secret and top secret intel. In 2008 she left the Air Force to work for the Defense Department as a contractor.

However in 2012 Witt converted to Islam. It was around this time that she began delivering information to Iran.

Even though the U.S. has charged Witt with espionage, the traitor is currently at large. She is suspected of remaining in Iran and there is a warrant out for her arrest.

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  1. Jes

    How can you trust these people in any government position. All they have in mind is to kill us every chance they get. Send them all back to the sand box.

    1. Gerald Ladd

      Mike, the DemonRATS just elected two of them. We all know the only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim.
      Remember, Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy as her driver for nearly 20 years.

    2. William J Vital

      You are TOTALLY Correct. They live by Sharia law which is TOTALLY against America. Any judge who considers Sharia law should be dis-barred and thrown in jail.

    3. petemo

      I think you are absolutely right. They are here for a reason; to take over. Also, think Brennan when you think Muslim traitor.

    4. Marsha Rachford

      We have several congress people who will be on committees that get highly sensitive briefings. We also have a da in Minnesota who not only have sexually assaulted several women but now has the ability to decide how to assess actions in the state – ie: do they prosecute for female mutilation? sharia law? abusing women? He can respond to “cultural issues” with great latitude.

  2. DonRS

    Once again, our CRACK “Intelligence Community” is a day late and a dollar short in protecting the U.S.

    What a SAD BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT BOZOS! They are certified members of the “Gang That Couldn’t SHOOT STRAIGHT!

    1. Dave Veselenak

      They are hardly incompetent; they are part of the NWO-elitist ghouls that besides orchestrating a coup against Trump and his supporters they are using Islamic terrorism and the illegal alien fiasco as their Trojan Horse – come on “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMEIKA” WTFU already!

    2. petemo

      They are too busy trying to undo a duly elected President. In other words, they are taking it upon themselves to install a leader of THEIR choice. A Coup. Our CIA, FBI and DOJ are corrupt. But I could have told you about the DOJ years ago. Corrupt.

  3. Marty

    Oh, and DonRS what is your experience? My Dad was a USN Capt, SWO, Intelligence Community.
    I think it’s best that you hold your tongue.

  4. Prairieman

    DonR5, You should see what they were BEFORE! Between the CIA, FBI and their interconnection with thoroughly compromised and penetrated British intelligence, a Russian Major who defected after the fall of the USSR offered that the KGB knew Everything the U.S. was doing in the post war period. He said that we would have been better off in the cold war with no intelligence service at all.

  5. Ernest Husbnd

    There is a policy called vetting and all of the ya whos are always calling it a bad thing and here is what u get if u do not look for the right stuff called vetting and make damn sure u r getting the right stuff in the 1st place and u will not have this a day short and a dollar long period!!!!

  6. Pascal Lambert

    I agree, Muslims’ allegiance will always be to Islam and that is what their book the Quran dictates and that is where the concept of jihad stems from.

  7. Greg Woodcock

    Wake Up America!!! There are Traitors among us!! This “Woman” should be heading to Prison as soon as our government gets their hands on her

  8. dee Nelson

    i would say that is treason and she needs to be hung . sorry but we can not afford to continue with this garbage . A traitor is a traitor . no matter what level it is . rather it be in congress, past politician, or military or even a past president . anyone that commits treason needs to be dealt with accordingly . they have done wrong to our country

  9. Stella Beard

    I am very disappointed in the intelligence agency for letting this happened. Such actions puts this country at risk, especially with a country like Iran. She should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Can’t blame Trump for this, but I sure have a few people I can point fingers to.

  10. Jaron Joyner

    I don’t think we need Muslims in our Government.Were having trouble Already-With a Congresswoman who is a Muslim.-And Hope They’re able to Catch the Female Traitor Witt-Who was in our Military.

    1. Roger

      Good we have some free berths in Guantanamo!
      Waterboarding was practically invented just for people like her — followed by a short rope!

  11. dpk54

    They used to hang traitors…too bad we won’t get to see that!! Maybe a firing squad???? I have NO regard for this woman or her life……she forfeited any compassion when she turned traitor…….. I learned EVERYTHING I would need to know about MUSLIMS and ISLAM on 9/11!!!!!

  12. Bill

    I lived in Saudi Arabia and worked directly for King Fahad for 3 years, I actually lived right out in the city with the locals to get the flavor of their culture the right way as a participant instead of an observer like the CIA. I quickly learned, two (2) vitally important lessons, 1) You can never believe one (1) word a Muslims says and 2) There is no such thing as a good Muslim. If I need to explain these two things to you then forget it, you are to stupid for me to deal with. The third thing I leaned concerns Shera Law, it is a law conceived in the minds of mentally ill perverts, homosexuals with tendencies of child molestations, they hate all women and espouse beating and killing them. Don’t believe me, thought as much, because you are a damn fool. Why do you think the Holy War between the Christens and Muslims lasted 168 years straight running. Our European ancestors had more then enough nonsense from Muslims and finally realized the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. Hey, don’t blame me for saying that, the old Europeans are to blame not me, but I just happen to agree 100% with them. There ought to be no mercy shown to any Muslim, they need be run out of our country today, before they destroy us from within. Just my lowly opinions.

  13. Bob

    The other significant question is…how many more are out there like her, destroying the USA…. as the Dem, continue to exonerate them.

  14. MJ

    Unfortunately the last administration and presentday Dems are allowing this with their social justice bleeding heart for all people…even the traitor invaders, drug importers, child molesters,gang members, etc. And they always blame Trump for everything…what a joke.

  15. Wayne Henderson

    When someone converts to Islam that is a big red light even bigger that a Muslim itself. Also it looks like her conversion made her uglier.

  16. Kenneth F. Workman, US Army-Ret.

    You say she enlisted, but it is obvious from her uniform that she is a commissioned officer, which makes her treason even worse.