Ex-Aide Digs Hole Deeper, Sues Trump

Some people just don’t know when to quit. That’s certainly the case for disgraced former White House communications aide Cliff Sims. Who has decided to sue the president.

Sims first drew national attention when he penned and released his book Team of Vipers, that allegedly revealed what it was like to work within the Trump administration. 

In response the Trump campaign filed an arbitration claim against Sims, saying the author violated non-disclosure agreements by writing the book.

Here is where things truly unravel. Sims legal team is now filing their own charges against President Trump. They accuse him of using his campaign to enforce  these non-disclosure agreements.

How could someone so entrenched in spreading scandal not have heard of Stormy Daniels or Micheal Avenatti? 

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  1. Connie

    Trump needs to turn it around and sue Cliff Sims and his attorneys. He has every right to fire this jerk. Some people never learn from other threats that have been made against our President. Maybe you should wise up and cancel your lawsuit before you are in debt up to your eyeballs paying your attorney. Don’t be stupid.

  2. Ronald

    The Democrats are sueing and threatening president Trump we are where we are because of the Bushes,Clintons and Obama’s and now we are dealing with Pelosi all the states that are run by democrats
    Are bankrupt and lieing to the people and don’t have the balls or brains to run this country all the democrats are fighting between them selves to brain wash you into believing how they think is for your best interests but its this kind of thinking that put us where we are today.
    They can’t keep any promises there all liers and thieves and will destroy the country…..

  3. Kaye

    Poor Cliff Sims just another pathetic loser. Some people never learn.
    He needs to get a life. Does he really think he has a case – this very foolish man

  4. Shelba Herring

    When sims loses his lawsuit hope the Trump lawyers make him pay court cost plus their fee for defending the president, maybe it will make the next person think twice about filing a ridiculous lawsuit that they can’t win, guess he didn’t learn a thing about the way the Stormy Daniels lawsuit turned out, maybe he feels luckier than Stormy and her lawyer

  5. Carl

    Gee, I can’t try to discredit, disgrace and otherwise try to take down the President of the United States from witing and retain my job! Poor baby! Maybe Avanetti can help you like he helped Stormy! Why not just slink back into your liberal hole.