Cartoonist Canned For Trump Insult

If you can’t say anything nice it’s better to not say anything at all. That advice was apparently missed by cartoonist Wiley Miller.

Miller’s syndicated cartoon Non Sequitur has been pulled from The Butler Eagle in Pennsylvania after it featured a vulgar message to President Donald Trump.

Miller misguidedly thought it would somehow be appropriate to write in, “We fondly say go f*** yourself Trump,” on the corner of his latest strip.

He even tried to hype the insult, teasing it’s release on Twitter.

Shortly after being released, Butler Eagle publisher and general manager Ron Vodenichar made apologies while stating that Miller had lost, “his place in the Eagle’s Sunday comics”.

“We apologise that such a disgusting trick was perpetrated on the reading public. The Butler Eagle will discontinue that comic immediately,” Vodenichar added.

While it’s good to see someone stand up against such unacceptable behavior, it’s unlikely that Miller will repent unless more papers follow Vodenichar’s example. Non Sequitur is currently featured in over 700 newspapers.

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  1. Sheri

    Non Sequitur can go in the Detroit Free Press,too, as far as I’m concerned. So can Mike Thompson’s editorial cartoons. I am so fed up with media bias!!!!

  2. Gail

    Yes it’s good he was fired . I don’t he would have been that insulting to Obama . He is theme reason we have braindead people in America . Especially young people who seem to think filth and some decorum is a mess art thing in a civil society . One can tell when it is a vile democrat. The “f”bomb is their choice of words . Apparently this person can only draw . He never learned learned there were thousands of words that were not as filthy .Influencing people with a so called cartoon ! Pathetic Especially those you are offending might be some who like your cartoons . But now care not for your work at all. Paybacks are heck . Move to a communist country . And see how far you get insulting the head of the country . If you were in Cuba you would never be heard from again. In America it’s called killing your own career!

  3. Shawn Fahrer

    There is a difference between an “insult” and requesting that Trump do an unmentionable act upon his person. An insult would be something like someone complaining about his “orange” hair; this statement would be more like someone saying he should kill himself BEFORE he is impeached…. (While you might feel he should RESIGN rather than be impeached — which I do not — I say they should have to DRAG HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE rather than give up the Presidency to the Deep State– at least it would be an opinion that would not necessarily be an insult in any sense of the term.)

  4. David Melvin

    Gail you say if we were in a communist country! well what are you people doing in this country censuring the freedom of the press? If the newsman (cartoonist) can’t speech his opinion are not on our way to becoming a communist country. Trump acts like he’s a dictator… Or just a spoil brat kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LMFAOTOO!

      Wait till your taking it up the ASS, when the MUSLIMS TAKE OVER ! You’ll wish TRUMP WAS BACK !

  5. John gianninojr

    Another idiot who is not very funny at all is Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau of the Boston globe. If He didn’t have Trump to write about he would be out of a job

  6. Franco

    What a classy guy!!!
    He sounds like that Fat Ugly DEMI who stated in the presence
    of her child “we are going to impeach the mother Frrr)

    are voting into Congress!
    I hope her child tells her to go FFFF herself if she
    disciplines him!!!!!

  7. tim

    I mostly enjoy Wiley’s contribution to the paper.s. His political slant for some period not withstanding, Admit failure to pull out crayons for Sunday’s feature. Bad manners and willful ignorance on this COMICS behalf no excuse. Pull him. The times have come to that. Leftists have destroyed all sense of humor and tit-for-tat. These were after all The Funny Pages. Thank you for your cooperation INDIANAPOLIS STAR ,once proud independent paper now part of Gannet combine.

  8. James Cerullo

    butler, pa. is filled with stupid deplorables. Morons. Put that condition on Trump and he would have to be silent for the rest of his miserable life.

  9. James Cerullo

    gail- you’re a stupid un-American moron. We don’t live in a communist country- that’s what freedom of speech is about you dumb bitch.

  10. Elliot Lincoln

    Since you are so concerned about foul language used against Trump- How do you feel about the endless
    language and vile comments made constantly by Trump?
    Did you approve of the descriptions by Trump of how he grabs women by their personal parts?
    Do you approve of his characterizations of women as “pigs” and worse?
    Do you approve of his denial of his own Intelligence agencies, while totally siding with our enemy Putin?
    How do you feel about how he brags about the love letters he writes to Kim Il Un of North Korea?
    What about the fact that Putin calls Trump his “useful Idiot”?
    Are you OK that he alienates all of our Allies and admires the murderous Dictators of the world?
    Do you approve of his calling Mexicans “Rapists & Murderers?
    OK for him to say Neo-Nazis have some really good people, as do White Supremesists?