Dem Congresswoman Threatens 16-Year-Old

Apparently attacking children in the media wasn’t just limited to Covington Catholic High Schoolers. Dem Rep. Nydia Velazquez is looking to turn it into a trend by going after 16-year-old CJ Pearson on Twitter.

The young man made a relatively benign comment following President Trump’s State of the Union address. He tweeted how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seemed to be distracted for the duration of the speech.

“The woman” turned out to be Velasquez. Not being recognizable by today’s youth seems to have set the congresswoman off as she tweeted back this foreboding reply. 

Twitter didn’t take long to react, posting over 22,000 replies at the time of this writing and a mere 7,800 likes. With most of the replies being in favor of Pearson.

Many replies defiantly pointed out that the public should never “fear” their elected officials or how political youth is the future of the nation and not an out of touch congresswoman. 

But Pearson’s own reply was probably the best and most promising.

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  1. Pete West

    This young man has more brains than this stuffed government leach, Cortes, Pelosi, Waters and Fauxcahontas combined. The lib future plans would ruin this country even more than what they have already done.

  2. Philip Simon

    Rep. Nydia Velasquez is an old version of AOC, just like Booker and Harris are young versions of Mad Auntie Maxine Watters and Booker is the young version of Jessee Louise, Louise Abdul Hakim and Rev. Al fatso-turned thin Sharpty Sharpton.

  3. GymS

    Typical of a demorrhoid: threatening a child. Though one of their major traits is to kill them at birth. Guess what lady, I’m not afraid of you, (what’s your name?), occasional-cotex or any other communist P O S on that side of the aisle. And I’m NOT a child, so come and get me.

  4. Marina

    CJ is an awesome young man; I enjoy reading anything he posts and I don’t fear the future with many more CJs running our country.
    Nydia Velazquez – who’s that? Never heard of her and don’t miss that lack of knowledge.

  5. Chris

    This lady thinks she’s better than us “common” people. That seems to be the attitude of the democrap party. These people think they know what’s best for our lives. They just need to leave us alone…

  6. Richard C Shaw

    What a popus jack ass, the only reason any one would have any fear of her is because she some how got elected to Congress, but hopefully that is a short term stop over. But she is so self certered and dumb, because if Polsie gets her way this young man may be the one vote that puts her in the right place, Out of Congress.