Elizabeth Warren’s Native American problem just got even worse

President Trump was the first person to expose Elizabeth Warren for her unhealthy fascination with the Native American culture. However, just how far she has ran with this might shock you.

For months, Elizabeth Warren has struggled to get from under the muddled — and occasionally contradictory — story she has told about her own belief in her Native American heritage, and whether she ever either claimed that background on documents or received any sort of advantage from it.

On Tuesday, Warren’s claims took a major hit: The Washington Post reported on a Texas bar registration card from 1986 in which, clearly and apparently in her own hand, the Massachusetts Democrat had written “American Indian” when asked to identify her race.

Neither Warren nor her office denied either the authenticity of the document nor that it was the senator’s signature on it. “I can’t go back,” Warren told the Post in an interview Tuesday. “But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.”

Here’s why this all matters so much: Prior to the Post’s report of this bar registration card, Warren had maintained some level of plausible deniability about claiming herself as a Native American. As the Post wrote:

“The Texas bar registration card is significant, among other reasons, because it removes any doubt that Warren directly claimed the identity. In other instances Warren has declined to say whether she or an assistant filled out forms.”

When the story initially broke WAY back during Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign, it was reported that Warren had been listed as a minority in a faculty directory at Harvard Law School — and had been part of the school’s touting of its diversity. At the time, Warren and her campaign insisted that she was unaware that her background was being touted by Harvard — and had never asked them to do so.

When subsequent stories emerged about Warren being listed as a Native American in a similar faculty directory at the University of Pennsylvania, the Warren team gave the same answer. She wasn’t aware of the listing — and certainly never gained any benefit from it.

A richly reported Boston Globe investigation concluded that Warren was correct in her claim that she had never gained professionally from being listed as a Native American. But the larger question over her heritage lingered.

The answer to that is still fuzzy. Last October, Warren released a five-minute video designed to settle the controversy once and for all — and before she announced for president.

But it did no such thing. First of all, it rehashed much of what Warren had previously said about her claims of having Native American ancestry — that she had been told by her family that her ancestors were American Indians. Second, it tried to hang the verification of her claims on a DNA test that suggested she might have had Native American ancestors six to 10 generations ago.

Not only was that something short of foolproof evidence, but it also angered the Cherokee Nation, which argued that defining ethnicity via DNA and bloodlines was a dicey proposition.

Last week, seemingly out of the blue, Warren apologized to the tribe for using the DNA test as an attempt to prove her heritage. That apology makes much more sense in light of the Post reporting on Tuesday.

What we now know is that Warren actively identified as a Native American as far back as 1986. This was not some mix-up or misunderstanding or someone who worked for Warren making a mistake. This was Warren’s doing.

That still doesn’t mean that she gained anything from her decision to call herself a Native American on some documents. The bar registration card is a simple formality, not the sort of thing that would somehow benefit Warren in some material way.

But what it does mean is that Warren’s efforts to clear all of this up before she officially becomes a presidential candidate — she’s in the exploratory committee phase now — have failed and failed miserably.

A big part of presidential campaigns is introducing yourself to voters who don’t know you. And the best way to do that is to tell them the story of your life — how you came to a place where you believe you are best equipped to represent a nation of more than 300 million people.

That back story is hopelessly compromised for Warren now. Every time she talks about growing up or her life before this presidential race, it will dredge up the (ongoing) controversy over why she claimed to be Native American despite very iffy evidence of that claim. She won’t be able to escape it. It will be in every story about her past — and in most voters’ minds when they think about which candidate to support.

Given that Donald Trump is President of the United States, nothing is impossible in politics. So Warren could somehow put all of this behind her, somehow, and be the nominee. But there’s no question that her path to the Democratic presidential nomination has grown significantly steeper since last October. And the incline got even more pitched on Tuesday.

source: cnn.com

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  1. Anne

    Another self-serving Liberal! So why is this any surprise to anyone with 1/2 of a functioning brain? Smarten up folks, just look around at the majority of Democrats, these days. Let’s not do anything like look at facts, nor expect them to actually respond in anything other than the normal Liberal “talking points”. When one attempts to rationalise much of what is going on in the current Democratic Party, it becomes quite frightening. I am glad that I am a senior, and hopefully will be deceased before our once Great Country, is totally destroyed. Because, sadly, I fear we are circling the drain!

  2. Richard Karper

    We The People need to know, did Warren fraud the taxpayer by claiming to be a minority (american indian) and receiving funds to pay for her College or any subsequent education or benefit???

  3. Carol Anne Brown

    This whole story is a continuation of Trump’s ham-fisted attempts to discredit a Senator who has worked hard and consistently to protect and strengthen the American middle class, against severe, crushing headwinds. If this is the only thing Republicons can come up with as a negative, it’s pretty weak.

  4. J. G. Grimm

    Every time and every place she claimed Native American status she did so to gain the advantages extended to people with protected minority status. The other half of her lie is that she never did this for personal or professional advantage. Au contrair, mon ami, that is exactly what she did.

  5. mary Evans

    HOW LONG WILL THIS COUNTRY ALLOW THIS MAN IN OFFICE!!!!!!!! Elizabeth Warren,i would vote for your honesty.

  6. Steve Howe

    THE BITCH LIED like Obongo did when he applied to college as a “foreign exchange student” from Kenya. DISBAR this fake injun!

  7. Leftshot

    This is much worse than CNN was willing to admit. We now know that for over 30 years Warren has lied about her race in situations where she could benefit from affirmative action laws, policies, and culture.

    In her own words she has admitted that her family stories included ONE American Indian several generations ago. We all know that does NOT define your race. She appropriated American Indian as her race. This is as bad or worse than Stolen Valor.

    No doubt if we saw the applications she submitted to universities for entrance as a student or professor, documents she has been unwilling to release, we would find she put American Indian as her race. Same as she did on this card. This against the law. She probably did the same on scholarship and grant applications.

    Even to leftists, combining her ‘white privilege’ with the affirmative action privileges afforded minorities is an egregious offense.

  8. Lisa

    Someone should ask if Warren’s siblings, or any other family members, have ever written on an application that they were American Indian. Or was it just her?

  9. Roxanne hawes

    Didn’t she get special financing due to her ancestry? I call that fraud, if nothing else.

  10. Carol A Weaver

    Can we be absolutely sure Elizabeth Warren was not trying to fraud the government for money, as in university scholarships, and it was money that should have been paid for truly American Indian students worthy of this money?

    What about the ‘bar registration card from 1986, ‘ and claiming to be an American Indian? Did others in her family go around doing the same thing? Should she lose her ability to practice as a lawyer, at this time? She had ‘NO PROOF ‘whatsoever, and yet she was studying to be a lawyer…So she should have known by then, she would have needed ‘proof’ much better than hearsay from her mom, who evidently told her this about her heritage. ” What her mom perhaps thought was the truth about her being in some part ( American Indian) was not enough to have her go as far as she did without facts. She really does not have enough to even consider it to b true. Most have more DNA to prove it and never tried to get scholarships for University, or placed it on official documents. No one has any idea how much she has gained from saying this and trying to deceive people if that was the case. ( She certainly does not look Indian) *American Indian* in any way.

    She owes the money back to the government for the scholarship money if she received it for her college, as she did receive this, according to my understanding of what I heard on the news, and so would need others to ”check on this though.”

    The ‘bar registration card from 1986’ with her signature says a lot of how easy it is for her to take advantage of using the description of American Indian, to identify herself and yet most people of the color and light shade of her eyes, would never even dream it would be true. As a lawyer, perhaps she needs to be ‘taken to court’ to see if this needs to be taken away or what does need to be done in order to make this all right again? She has ‘deceived’ many, whether it was done on purpose or not, we cannot truly know for sure at this point. She did not take time to get to the “truth” and she would know better as a lawyer. Saying it could not have been done on purpose, because her family just told her that she was American Indian, is not for anyone to really know as true or acceptable for someone who has gone to law school. So at this point, what she knew or did not know, we cannot know for sure.

    Justice needs to be done with Democrats, as it has been done to Republicans, and we cannot allow this kind of thing to continue to go on and for the few words of ” I am sorry,” to just brush away lies or deception, when Democrats speak. They know much more than we give them credit for and we cannot continue on this way.

    Definitely no one who has deceived people in this way and from my understanding did get a scholarship for university (?) needs to pay it back, and with all that she has done she should “NOT” be allowed to run for President of the U.S.. as this has come out ahead of time and it will leave a dark shade over her. People will think of deception when thinking of her. She never did anything to really try to make it right and just go with hearsay from her family. People do get minority status when trying to identify with certain people and it can benefit sometimes in ways we know helps them. It can be monetary or ever just a better chance of getting into certain positions.

  11. Bob D.

    Since the Senator took money she was not eligible to receive and probably displaced a qualified native American, do you believe she should repay the $Thousands she received to University studies and special placement?

  12. Edward Mack

    Sen Warren claiming American Indian (Cherokee) heritage on a Texas bar application is not simply a funny mistake that should be overlooked. A registrant swears that all information provided on the application is true and correct. Given this, Republican National committee chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, a Texas bar member herself, has charged Warren with an ethics violation, as well she should. Will there even be a peep heard about Warren’s obvious lie? Don’t hardly think so. First of all, Warren is a demorat and a woman, thus nearly immune from criticism. Secondly, we’re talking about a bunch of lawyers policing themselves. Ha, give me a break. When do lawyers convict one of their own for ethics violations?

  13. DonRS

    Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontus” Warren’s bid for the White House is over before it began! Only far left loons in Massachusetts could (and do) love this FRAUD!

  14. Terry

    Any discount or consideration she received should have to be paid back to whatever schools she attended & because it’s been a long time they should tack a 10 percent interest for each year the lie was on their books.

  15. James F M Baur Jr

    It may well be that the ONLY way she could have gotten herself admitted to Harvard was to falsely claim her ancestry as Native American, or some other oppressed minority. The evidence clearly shows that that is exactly what she did.
    Ms Warren would most certainly have derived a distinct advantage over other
    applicants by telling this lie on her entrance application form.
    I am no paragon of virtue myself, but her actions absolutely needed to have been called out. I, for one, am glad they were. This is just another of the many reasons politicians are called high priced whores.

  16. Bill Lockman

    (1) the initial Native American claim was family lore, nothing more; (2) the DNA test was to verify whether it was in fact true, probably because out of her own personal curiosity. Right wing obsession with this topic defies logic, except as a political ploy.