Liberal Media Protects Montel Williams Despite His Call For Violence

It’s another case of double standards in the media after Montel Williams suggested police use violence against conservative Laura Loomer.

Williams comments came as a reaction to a peaceful protest Loomer conducted outside the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Loomer erected a small canopy as a sanctuary camp on Pelosi’s lawn, writing “Immorality” across the top and adorning it with images of individuals who have lost their lives to illegal immigrants.

Of course, while Pelosi may insist immigrants be given access to our country, that doesn’t mean she wants them at HER home. Loomer and her party were quickly escorted off the premises. 

Which is where Williams plays into the story. Williams sent a tweet to his nearly 200,000 thousand followers encouraging them to “RT [retweet] if you think Napa police should tase Laura Loomer… I’m tired of this child.”

Of course Twitter has had nothing to say on the matter and at the time of this writing Williams’ Twitter account is still active.

Which contrasts starkly with Loomer’s Twitter account, which was shut down merely because Loomer frequently spoke out and exposed the actions of far left Democrats.

It’s starting to appear that conservatives need to find a media platform that has some semblance of integrity. 

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