Fake News Claims No Racism At All In The Left

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace announced that there wasn’t a “strain of racism on the left” when reporting on Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) racist statements.

Wallace stated, “In the same way that the “Access Hollywood” tape, grab them by the bleep, set Republicans back a generation with women, I think Republicans are back twice that. I mean, you look at the images of the incoming, you know, I don’t know that there are many, but the incoming members of Congress on the Republican side, all white, all men. You look at just the incoming members on the Democratic side — they look like America. What is the Republican Party?”

Adding, “This does not have a parallel on the left. It doesn’t. There isn’t. There isn’t a strain of racism on the left. So I think that this gets brushed under the rug. People sort of tolerate, it’s been normalized. Like you just said, they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they attach to the Republican Party. The Republican Party doesn’t have to let them. How do Republicans sort of get back to doing something decent?”

What are your thoughts on these comments?

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