CNN Calls Trump A Drug Dealer

Former Obama administration green jobs czar and network contributor Van Jones recently stated on CNN that President Trump was a straight A-student who is selling meth out of his basement.

When speaking about how the good economy might effect the midterms, Jones stated, “I think Republicans have to kook in the mirror here. If you have a kid with A’s and B’s on their report card, doing well on trumpet lessons but is also happened to be selling meth out of the basement you would say ‘Hold on a second, I can’t just talk about the good stuff I got a problem with this kid.’”

“You already got your tax cuts,” he added. “You already got your Supreme Court. You have to look in the mirror and look at the rhetoric and the tone that this president is setting and the poisonous division and hatred he is stirring up. This past couple of weeks where he was going after the migrants in a way that was despicable, you can’t say there is nothing wrong here.”

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  1. 7littleangels

    These asshats get more and more desperate by the day!!! And Van Jones has been a democrat beast of burden for many years. He transports all the lies and attacks his little back can handle on a daily basis!

  2. Priam Figs

    Aww what’s the matter Van Jones. All the heroin trade routes you and your former boss Obama set up getting eliminated? Every time a Democrat makes and accusation they are usually guilty of it themselves. Lie and deny until you die right Jones? Just because you don’t like Trump’s rhetoric does not mean yours is any less divisive you fool.

  3. Stephen Howe

    The Demwit Crybabies cannot keep from PROJECTING their foibles onto Trump. Sorry…the only violence and hate I see is from the Left. Since when did Trump supporters wear antifa masks and set cars on fire? NEVER!

  4. Albert L Biele

    CNN, whom today had surfaced as a democratic support team has, subjectivity become a deceptive arm of the new fanatical democratic socialist party, favoring a totally democratic controlled of the people, subordinate of the party, in lieu of our constitution that gives the power of government to the people, i.e. of for and by the people. Trump has restored right of the peoples as a sovereign power of self governing. Choose Wisely.

  5. scorpian

    Time send in US Marshall’s arrest officials at CNN and shut down the CNN News Network!
    Other President’s have done that before, and rightly so.
    CNN should be charged with Conspiracy to remove a sitting President with False and Fake News. These news networks are out of control. They don’t report news they Falsely speww hate and anarchy into our country.