Maxine Waters Vows Revenge

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) proclaimed to voters that payback is coming if they Democrats do indeed win back the House.

Waters stressed the importance of the upcoming elections.

“[W]e have an election November 6,” Waters stated. “This is big. This may be the most important one that you’ve ever had to experience. This is the midterm election and, often times, people only vote in the presidential election because they don’t think this is important enough. But this is absolutely important.”

“First of all, if we take back the House, most of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus will be chairs of the committees of the Congress of the United States of America,” Waters said. “I will be the first African-American, the first woman to chair the powerful Financial Services Committee. That’s all of Wall Street. That’s all the insurance companies, that’s all the banks. And so, of course, the CEOs of the banks now are saying, ‘What can we do to stop Maxine Waters? Because if she gets in, she’s going to give us a bad time.’”

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  1. texdrd

    As a retired professional healthcare provider exec and to have had the pleasure of working with many African-American Nurses, Doctors, and Aides one would hope that those given that elected responsibility from the Black Caucus would aspire to the same level of integrity and so far Ms Waters and others have not done so.

  2. samnigromd

    She is a racist snarling bitch corrupt politician like most abortionists at war with every one who will not kneel in adoration….She is an old time Soviet, like Joseph Stalin…has no idea of the Founders Principles….

  3. wvweights

    Well my question is: Why has she not been brought up on charges for what she has suggested many times about what I would consider the violent overthrow of our Country? Why has the useless ryan not brought it up on ethics charges for bring disrespect on the house (as if they did not deserve it) by its actions? So why do they treat it with kid gloves….OOOOOOOOO wait. it is a loud mouth negro, and is a women, and a liberal/democrat at that. So that explains whey the likes of her and others like the hill da beast get away with it.

  4. John M

    The only option to save the country from this nightmare is vote the Dems out of existence.
    Notice I said VOTE. Not get in their faces.
    Tuesday is the turning point.
    Remember to vote!!!

  5. old_salty_dawg99

    If MAD MORON Maxine gets in power it will spell the end of America. She is only slightly behind Nutsy Pelousy in her INSANITY and HATE of this Nation. If GOD forbid the Democraps regain control of either the House or Senate America is DOINED to more of the IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY we had shoved down our throats under that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo. Waters who is FILTHLY STINKING RICH because of her spot on the Banking Committee will get richer by giving her Hisband business she should NEVER get because she is on that very Committee. She should be tossed from office for her dirty dealings while Obozo was in power.

    1. GymS

      She was never tried for the most heinous ethics violations in history. Oblamer swept them under the rug because she’s a negro.

  6. GymS

    President Trump was right again; they are ‘mob’ like. When they lose Tuesday be ready for terrible violence perped by the looney left. Auntie Maxie is definitely racist.

    1. Sam

      Where racism is concerned she make Bull Connor, Robert Byrd and George Wallace look like choir boys!!

  7. Charles Sroka


  8. Joan

    Egotistical, self serving, divisive, mob promoting, loud mouthing, over the hill democrat ever, is not good for the country. Heaven help the people if she gets in any committee! She is a good example of term limits for congress!

  9. 7littleangels

    Surely all the people in this idiot’s district do not agree with her! She is a wild-eyed lunatic that needs to be put in a home far, far away from civilized people!