Kavanaugh Allegations Begin To Crumble

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) explained how his committee would deal with sexual misconduct allegations directed at Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh when Christine Blasey Ford appears before them.

“If I have a question I’m sure I’ll ask it,” Graham stated. “But I want to turn it over to the person who has more experience than I do. I’m trying to tell people that this bothers me. I voted for their nominees. I never would have thought to do this to Sotomayor and Kagan.”

“These allegations are collapsing,” he added. “The second allegation couldn’t even make it in the New York Times, and only God knows what Avenatti’s going to say. Everything in this man life screams that he’s been respectful to women when he’s been in charge of women and their careers. They have nothing but great things to say.”

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  1. Babsan

    I have a question:Is there anything more EVIL and repulsive then today’s Democrats/Communists?Don’t remember the Democrat party being this lawless and America hating when I came to the America.Is this a result of the Muslim FRAUD’S destruction?

    1. Wayne Clark

      I live in Australia and as a nation in many ways we are ahead of America, in that we have just a Royal Commission (an inquiry with full powers to compel anyone to answer in public) on abuse (physically and sexually) of children by people in institutions, church organizations and alike. This WAS AND IS whole heartily supported by both the left and right political parties.

      The biggest thing apart from the appalling stories coming from people now in their 50-80’s who were abused when in their teens (so you are talking about up to 50-60 years ago) was that most had not spoken about what happened to them. Many who spoke were doing so for the first time and it is due many reasons. They would not be believed, the abusers had power over them and exact revenge on them, they just wanted to forget about what had happened among many other reasons. It

      I am appalled by Mr Lindsey Graham’s comments in the senate hearing which completely dismisses the comments by Prof Ford almost calling her a liar and completely accepting Judge Kavanaugh’s bluster as fact. I am certain Mr Graham’s best friend (perhaps the tears he shed were crocodile tears) Mr John McCain would be rolling in his grave at the shameful and unfair performance of Mr Graham yesterday. Mr Graham should reflect on his school-boy performance and apologize to Prof Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, his peers in Parliament and the American nation. He will not do that as he is a ‘ONE DAY A WEEK CHRISTIAN’; ie he goes to church on Sunday seeks forgiveness and then goes out and acts like an UNCHRISTIAN thug the rest of the week.
      The reference to the FBI Investigations of the past giving the Judge a clearance is spurious as no one had raised the allegations in the past. The FBI can only investigate if something is raised. The people who have now raised these issues should be treated with respect and the allegations / issues should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI as should the denials of Judge Kavanaugh. The timing of when the allegations are made is irrelevant even if they were raised 20 minutes before the vote to decide as it has taken a lot of guts for these people to speak out. As Australia found out during the commission of inquiry held.

      Perhaps if the politicians of both sides actually worked together rather than playing partisan political power games.



      1. Babsan

        The so called Professor Ford is a Democrat Anti America Anti Trump open borders activist.Her allegations are being dismissed one by one,this was a smear campaign started by Democrat party.This is also a wake up call to all men ,young boys and fathers from here on.Any SLUT can drum up a complaint and you are guilty until proven innocent.

        1. Wayne Clark

          You may well be correct about Professor Ford but until there is a full review by an independent group and not just rhetoric coming from a partisan tribe/s. Further in her testimony she said she has never had affiliation with any political party. No one or group who is independent has dismissed any of her allegations even Mr Graham, Judge Kavanaugh and the President.

          So is it correct to infer she is a slut because she has brought up some uncomfortable allegations? These need to be dealt with in a lawful and transparent manner.

          We saw the same thing in here when the inquiry focused on senior Roman Catholic priests who were considered ‘pillars of society’. Some are now doing time in the bin. The 3rd highest priest to the Pope, Cardinal Pell, is about to stand trial in Australia for child sex abuse on both boys and girls going back 30-40 years. Australia actually changed the laws so there is retrospectivity for this type of abuse regardless as part of the inquiry recommendations. There are teachers, scout leaders, police, and others of both sexes who are involved.

          Who would have thought that Bill Cosby (I enjoyed listening and watching him on TV when I was young) could have done what he did and it was “sluts” as you so eloquently put it that finally had the guts to speak up.
          As a nation you are likely to hear more and more about these things in the future. Your so called “WAKE UP CALL” to males is not new it has always been there. It is just that the abused have rarely spoken up but in the last 2-3 years this has changed. No person male or female has the right to abuse another person.

          THIS WHAT I MEANT ABOUT YOUR POLITICIANS ON BOTH SIDES BEING IMMATURE. They do not know how to handle the change from the ugly stain of partisanship and to work together to build the country. Are you actually saying that nobody on one side of the political fence has any good ideas and all the people on the other side have all the good ideas? If that is the case what shocking indictment you have on your country and half its population.

          I and many others outside of America would like to think that some good will come out of this. In that many of the people of America will unite and say enough is enough of this divisive partisanship and the childish politicians on both sides will be voted out. I am not holding my breath though.

          1. Wayne Clark

            I have followed America and other countries around the world for some time as Australia is geographically isolated. I do not believe any of the main American parties are truly communistic or evil in nature. I have found a good definition of what Communism is about for you to think about.

            “Communism is a political and economic system in which
            the major productive resources in a society—such as mines, factories,
            and farms—are owned by the public or the state, and wealth is divided
            among citizens equally or according to individual need.” In Russia the commie political system is so perverted that it has been and is really an Oligarchy; i.e. a few people in power use it to enhance their own wealth and the rest get the crumbs. (Putin is worth hundreds of billions $). Even the western countries have the issue of riches and power held by a few. The Koch family is an American example, they pay large amounts of money to whoever they believe will favor them.

            It is the over exaggerated and disparaging use of the word in America that people’s perception of Communism has been distorted. The Commie word did not exist before the 50’s and the McCarthy era. What a piece of work he turned out to be.

            I believe your two main political parties have a difference of opinion along these simple lines. One party believes only private industry or ‘the market forces’ can do very much everything and government is wasteful and should be kept small. The other party believes that government should support people and industry. Industry is there to do the things it can do really well. They believe that industry has a role to help with the development of society also.

            It was company executives and boards who closed down factories in America and here in Australia and elsewhere in the world. They went to China and South East Asia because they could get their goods made using cheap labor for $1.00 – $2.00 per hour. The extra profit many companies made was never passed onto the share holders but was to the senior executives or owners. We all thought it was good to buy our products cheaper also. If we think that these industries are going to come back we are seriously mistaken companies will go where they want and will be driven by costs / profit only.

            As wages in China are now rising many companies are now looking elsewhere i.e. India. There is a huge cheap educated and skilled labor market. Your Levis jeans which may wear are made in Bangladesh / India for about $1.00 a pair. In Australia, Nike have a branch and sells a pair of runners for say $100.00 a pair. Their costs of $30.00 are for manufacture, transport, marketing etc. Another $51.00 is sent out of the Australia to the Singapore hub and then back to America to avoid tax. The Australian Tax Dept gets 20% tax on residual $19.00.
            Australia has what Ted Cruz and Marko Rubio refer to a socialistic health system.

            We have a public and a private system. Anyone paying tax pays 1.5% levy of taxable income for the family. So if you get sick you can go to a hospital and are treated for a minor to life threatening illness ie heart replacement. This is for every Australian citizen. If you wish you can also have private health cover which is about $700.00/ month which covers your choice of hospital, doctor, surgery, drugs implants etc. and most dental physio therapy etc. So for a year an average family earning $85,000 after tax deductions would pay $1,300 medicare levy and $8,400 for private cover.That is it. For drugs we have what is called the PBS which subsidizes expensive drugs. One of my family has Leukemia and a new drug for the rest of their life is available here for $38.00 / month which will cost you $10,000 / month.

            So for someone who is not very financial they can get full health treatment free or for a few thousand if earning and if very well off for $10,000 /year. You guys are probably struggling to get anything for $10,000. There is also no major issues with “preexisting conditions” also. We have had this system since the mid 70’s and it has served the country well.

            The reason for the rant about all this is that things that are said to be “socialistic” or commies are not all bad or evil. So perhaps you could use the internet to read news about the world which is sourced outside of America i.e. Britain, Australia, Canada mid east. This may help give you a broader outlook on life etc and see that there are lots of different ideas than just what you see in America whether it be Fox, Conservative news, CNN, PBS etc. Many of these play to a narrow audience. Some other news sources can help broaden and shape your perspective.

      2. Babsan

        FYI,I was born and raised as a neighbour to USSR so I need no info from you about Communism and or Socialism.

  2. Daniel Chappell

    The Democrats are not trying to be evil for evil’s sake. It is just that the hey think they have a better idea for the future of the nation and the world. They want to replace your worn out ideas of personal responsibility and personal property with community responsibility and community property. This is obviously better, therefore, the ends justify the means. A little lie (e.g.: Vietnam service) here and there a little trickery here and there and a little delays and harassment everywhere is fair tools to change the world. Just think of all the good that the government can do if it had all your property.

  3. MaryKatherine Ann Keller

    I find it amusing how often and easy Europeans and all are so critical of the USA. Mind your own business.
    Our President is doing a great job as his performance to date attests to.
    So until you have walked a mile in his shoes, stuff it