Are Kavanaugh Accusations A Left Wing Conspiracy?

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway who was recently interviewed by CBS, reacted to the second accusation of sexual assault by Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Conway said it was “starting to feel like a vast left-wing conspiracy.”

“The New York Times says that they interviewed dozens of people over the last couple of weeks trying to verify this second accusation, and they couldn’t go forward with the reporting, not because they are supportive of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, but because they have some standards and they could not come forward,” Conway stated.

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  1. JDWemhaner

    Anytime things are not going the right wing way, they automatically FEEL like it is a left-wing conspiracy because it takes all responsibility from them for any failures. Most Trumpettes are conspiracy cultists, with such made up stuff like “Uranium One,” huge voter fraud causing Trump to lose the popular vote, and some non-existent entity, like a ghost you cannot locate, the DEEP State.”
    Did Neil Gorshak have issues of misleading, if not lying to the Judiciary, did the last conservative nominee have ONE allegation of sexual assault while Kavanaugh has several and maybe more to come?!? Conway and Sarah Sanders are just spin doctors, and like Giuliani, believe truth is not truth so you can spin anything as long as ignorant people chose to believe you. P.T. Barnum said a sucker was born every minute, then they get registered for the GOP. . . .

    1. cathy rauwald

      Are you tripping or something? A little education for you……
      ….. Barnum did not say ”there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  2. Dexter L. Wilson

    Remember every one of the people that support Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez are Socialists, Democrats, and non-Christians. Anyone who actually knows Kavanaugh personally supports him and calls him honorable, trustworthy, honest and a man of great Character. All of those who condemn Kavanaugh are atheists, socialists, and do not mind any lying propaganda. to destroy anyone who is a Christian, Conservative, and or Republican. We know that these accusing women are Democrats and progressives.

  3. Stephen Howe

    I had hoped against hope that after the November 2016 Election result that the Leftoids would slink off with tail between legs, just as MILLIONS of true Americans did every time BO went into the (once, and blessedly once again) White House. Imagine the GOP simply handsitting when a Communist Muslim Racist sat in the Oval Office for TWO TERMS, sucking in a second income from Soros…but no…

    Let me propose 2 scenarios that a decade ago would have been utterly unthinkable, but evidently more likely to happen today:

    1) Schumer declares he has concrete evidence (that’s classified & reacted) that Kav is an alien from Alpha Centauri…and must be examined via anal probe at once to confirm or deny his humanity. The NYT beats the drums incessantly that Kav should have nothing to hide…

    2) Pelosi squeals like a demented sow while shooting Kav in the Senate Chambers, while on public TV. The MSM either ignores the story, or says Kav deserved it. Pelosi is not even arrested.

  4. kenmarx49

    It does have that feeling. It was never intended to present facts. It was always a stall tactic designed to destroy the Advise and Consent function in the Senate. If successful in stopping the Kavanaugh confirmation, it will have serious damaging effects on all future nominations of highly qualified individuals. At that point, no good people will put up with such abuse ever again.