Do We Need Checks And Balances?

Former Vice President Al Gore believes Trump’s base is “worried” and think “checks and balances are what they need right now.”

Gore stated, “These are not normal actions or statements by a president. We all know that there are a large number of Americans who don’t want to get into the arguments about Donald Trump, but they are quietly very determined to go to the polls this November, because if there was ever a time to activate the checks and balances that our founders put under the Constitution, now is that time.”

“This experiment with Trumpism is not going well in the view of most people, and you know, in science and medicine, some experiments are terminated early for ethical reasons. But to the answer the question, I think that resilience is in the American system than we often give it credit for. We have gone through worse times, and we have bounced back before. We have seen for example in the wake of Watergate, the re-establishment of norms of ethics and behavior that restored our equilibrium as a country. And in the wake of Donald Trump when whenever that comes, I think that we have an excellent chance to see the re-establishment of what the real spirit of America ought to be. I know that there’s polarization and disagreement in the country, but I also think that there is a growing number of among Donald Trump’s base of support who are really quite worried now and beginning to worry and thinking that checks and balances are that we need right now. So these elections this November may turn out to be the beginning of a course correction.”

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One Comment

  1. Robert Zraick

    Al Gore thinks something? When did this happen? His comments are pure projection.

    It is the “progressives” who are worried. The course correction actually already happened in 2016. It was called “enough is enough”.