Trump Accused Of Loving Himself Over America

Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View,” insisted President Trump loved “himself more than the country.”

Behar stated, “The people gathered for [Sen. John McCain’s] funeral — they sang ‘God Bless America.’ This was an incredible moment for me.”

“I was there singing ‘God Bless America’ with President Obama, Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, who I had such criticism when he was in office, but I thought, this man loves the country.”

“I don’t want to say anything bad right now. I’m trying to take the high road. I don’t feel the present administration loves the country the way these people do. I just don’t. This president loves himself more than the country. The people that were there were the opposite.”

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  1. Gary Oplt

    Yea! So that is why he has accomplished so much for our Country in the short time he has been in office. Only truly fools make up such stupid headlines.

    1. eclemensen

      gary Like What, yes you got a tax break, but you will be making it up in five years three fold, Look it up. His trade deals have all but killed the Lobster in Maine, the shrimp fishermen in the Gulf are also in deep trouble. Not to mention the soy bean farmers. You will pay an extra two thousand dollars for a Harley from now on and the rest of the car companies will charge more Including Toyota and Nilsson. don’t get sick you are no longer covered. Yes you have elected a fool , can you say North Korea, their still building Nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them with, even though Trump let Putin decide to shut down the Military exercises. Look it up

  2. JDWemhaner

    it is one thing when a couple of aids say Trump is “off the rails” but now we are moving into the dozens and have a LEGION of people working with the special counsel, Mueller. That includes his former lawyer, the Chief Financial Officer of his company, Gates, Papadopoulos, David Pecker of the Enquirer and dozens of others. Like with guy who ran Fox News, Roger Ailes, when enough people keep saying similar things, about how Trump is impulsive, a moron, an idiot, off the rails . . . you have to begin to see something must be going on there – – plus how Trump spends most of his time praising Trump rather than the country.

    1. olmstra7

      yes, something is definitely going on: There is a rolling coup by the swamp, led by muller, to override the last presidential election. 65 million+ of us say President Trump is doing a phenomenal job, that vastly outnumbers the few dolts you listed off in your comment.

      1. eclemensen

        olmstra, two republicans , both Trump supporters are now indicted for fraud, In San Diego, you don’t find a republican ever being arrested, unless he is dirty that everyone in the area sees it. The Trump appointed EPA leader had to resign because of his discretions, Trump himself took a bribe from China to give them high security telecommunications. Trump’s sceptic tank is far worse then the swamp. yes Trump is doing a phenomenal job, No longer have we laws against seeing the air we breath, Giving Putin the ability to tells when we can have military practice. and even giving North Korea the go ahead to keep building Nuclear weapons. We won’t stand in their way. that is just some of the Trump accomplishments as to date.

        1. olmstra7

          Bullshit. Our air is cleaner than ever and will continue to improve due to technological advances. The rest of your comment is also nonsense

          1. eclemensen

            Yes olm you are full of it, our air Is still cleaner now, but Trump cut back on the Epa regulations that would force automobiles to continue to follow up on said technological advances. Not to mention he also will allow factories to once again dump waste into our rivers, Look it up.

  3. eclemensen

    That is why he demands loyalty to himself over country. From Sessions, to firing Comey. He loved the country so much he would not defend her fifty years ago, and is selling her out to her enemies today over, discarding both her allies, and her veterans. From purple heart recipients, to Congress people that actually served, when he wouldn’t.

  4. StevieD

    That is simply LUDICROUS!! Most of those participants she was with are trying to destroy America! By trying to collapse the Trump presidency! And they care about America more than the Donald?? NOT HARDLY!! They are the ones guilty of tearing this great nation apart!!! It is clear that Trump cares about America First!! Look at what he has accomplished; with these A-ho’s nipping at his heels every time you turn around…
    Besides who cares what Joy Behar and the View say anyway????? They should be taken off the air for their slanted, bias anti-American/Trump rhetoric. They are just as guilty of “disruption” as her heroes she got to sit with, ? Obama, Michelle Obama,? George W. Bush.

    1. eclemensen

      Yeah Stevie, like when he would not defend her fifty years ago, or how he treats purple star recipients or did you notice the first time he pledged allegiance to the flag in public Melania had to tell him which hand to use. go look at the video.