Proof Trump Has Never Used A Racist Word

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski aggressively defended against Omarosa Manigault Newman’s claim that President Trump used the “n-word.”

Lewandowski stated that after spending extensive amounts of time with President Trump, he never “heard him use a racist word.”

“I have been around President Trump a long time, thousands of hours,” Lewandowski stated. “Never have I heard him use a racist word, never have I heard him use a racist phrase.”

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    1. Gillian Grannum

      But THIS does!

      … a recent admission by an African-American reporter. Darren Sands … Sands admits what many liberal reporters won’t: Trump was quite popular with the African-American community in the 1990s, specifically in New York City.

      SANDS’ TWEET 1: FWIW, when these rumors of the tape of DJT saying that existed, I called lots of people in the NY hip hop industry that revered and hung with him in the 90s, including Russell Simmons. None had heard him say it.

      SANDS’ TWEET 2 This was to determine if he’d casually said the word nigga in jest or in conversation with friends, to determine if it would have been acceptable for him to use it. To the people I talked to, it would not have been.:

  1. GymS

    Well, we all know this was another attempt by the looney left to try and degrade our President. Clinton used the n word hundreds of times. Obama made racist slurs constantly, and in Oct 2008 made the statement “no more White boy politics.” You lefturds need to get over it. Hilldahag lost in a landslide.

  2. olmstra7

    Great job Mr. President, keep the Trump Train rollin’!! Direct quote from Odumbo’s book, describing his mother: “a typical white person”. Guess that was fine

  3. William Brummett

    that still doesn’t prove anything. and hillary did not lose in a land slide she won the popular vote by millions. you all will just post one lie after another. I know why you do because trump is the biggest liar ever put in the white house.

  4. John H

    William Brummett you must have drank the Obama and Hillary Kool Aid right from Obama s faucet hanging low and Hillary’s toilet the only ignorant jackass on this site is you. So why don’t you shut your dumb pie hole and see if you can grow a brain people like you are what’s wrong with America

  5. John H

    Also I lived in Los Angeles for 18 years I saw illegals voting and not having to show any id to vote where as whites blacks Asians had to show a state id or a drivers license so like I mentioned earlier try and grow a brain william

  6. George Jetson

    He’s not beyond using profanity and neither am I and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he did. He’s somewhat in the frame of mind when it comes to comparing him to President Nixon who made slurs against Jews, Liberals and Blacks. Sound familiar?